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March 1 - 15, 2005
"March 1, 2005"
Ontario Hi Richard. Last week in the Q&A section you mentioned a short Canadian tour in the spring. But the reference to the Canadian tour has now be removed. Say it's not so! Please tell me you're coming back to Toronto this spring - hopefully for a make-up date at Hugh's Room! PS. The new DVD is exceptional. Congrats.
oslo We need RT in Oslo....NOW!!
Washington "Great music, once saw you solo in MT. Vernon, WA. It was supposed to be you and Danny Thompson, but he was ill. You were absolutly outstanding by yourself!"
Bristol Makes me want to pick up my guitar everytime I listen to R.T.!!
"March 2, 2005"
Ontario "Richard , your music has been my soul music for over 20 years. Thanks!!! Two questions. I worry the much anticipated songbook will be geared to the more accomplished and dedicated musicians in your fandom who will be keen for note to note transcriptions to play it like Richard. Will allowances be made for lesser talented fans such as myself and chord diagrams be shown as well? Also, how much extra hassle is it for you when you have gigs in places like Ann Arbor or Upper N.Y. to cross the border for some gigs in Canada that would seem logical given geographic distance? Thanks."
Herne Bay Any news on a new studio album? We (including grown up kids) looking forward to Cropredy 05.
"March 3, 2005"
Alabama "It must have been destiny. RT just kept turning up, first from a friend playing songs from a live lp then finding a promo of ""Henry"" in a pawn shop and then finding ""Shoot Out the Lights"" in the throw aways at a college radio station, I guess it was just meant to be."
"March 4, 2005"
Germany "I have forgotten how many times I have seen Richard in England with Linda,Fairport,Danny and solo with different line ups. Brilliant!"
Texas Richard is one amazing musician - both live and in the studio. We love to see him when he tours Austin.
"March 5, 2005"
London As we're all gettting a bit older. Please avoid playing 'Mosh pits' like the Bloody Shepherds Bush Empire! I need a proper seat to enjoy your efforts after a hard days work!! Cheers
New Mexico "Came to RT through the side door, i.e., Bluegrass and Del McCoury's recording of VBL 1952. Richard's dialect emotionally touches my Celtic heritage and I hope to see him perform in person in the Great American Southwest soon."
Pennsylvania I first listened to First Light in 1976. I had it on cd in the early 90s but it vanished. I would really like to have another one. Can you please help?
"March 6, 2005"
Texas looking forward to seeing richard in texas in april
Maine When will your touring reach Maine Again?
Indiana "Richard's music is hilarious, heartbreaking, amazing, energizing, witty, profound and absolutely marvelous! I'm only sorry I discovered it so late in my life. My dad is 86 and still going strong, though, so maybe I have a goodly number of years of pleasure ahead. I plan to take good care of myself. You take good care of yourself, Richard!"
Pennsylvania "your abrasive attitude needs more exposure;definately a reincarnate of a guy fawkes rebel.seeing that you are semi planted in CA,I'd like to see you turn up in a Coen brothers film.A Fairport reunion DVD would also be an extraordinary get back to being artistic and all that"
USA RT is an intermittent obession of mine. (But always appreciated.)
Washington One of popular music's greatest talents. Would love to see you back in Seattle soon.
"March 7, 2005"
Edinburgh Scotland great website!
California hello
New Jersey See you in Cropredy
Bremen "Has anyone else bought ""More Guitar"" and is/was disappointed by hearing the CD. I mean that the CD is a bit sloppy produced in the CD plant. There are some stops between a few tracks on the CD I've received. Has anybody made equal experiences? The music is absolutely brilliant as always!"
"March 8, 2005"
London "Thompson is simply one of the greats, and long may his creative music issue forth. "
florida thanks for coming to tampa. i cant wait !!!!
New York Just getting into it and am grateful for the opportunity. thanks.
Maryland Thank you for a real good time
"March 9, 2005"
Washington "Saw you & Jim McGuinn in Harrisburg PA ~4 years ago. Please add Pacific NW USA to a tour! Maybe Columbia Theatre for the Perf Arts in Longview, WA?!"
New York I really like your site and I enjoyed browsing through it. thanks for this wonderful site!
florida Keep up the good work.
Indiana "Hope you some day come to South Bend, Indiana - hell, you've been to Texas; Indiana can't be that onerous."
"March 10, 2005"
Sydney "I love the site! Information is so easy to locate. THANK YOU RICHARD for the wonderful concert in Sydney, Australia in early 2004. I shall always remember it. All the very best."
USA Richard is truly gifted. I can return to his music years later and its as good as the first time I listened to it. Thanks.
Oxford "Richard - I'm sure you don't remember but you were loading up your car after the Unicorn gig (such a humble guy)- and I said hello and kissed you - twice! It was very nice. (PS: I've lied about my age, but the kissing thing is true!) When are you coming back to Abingdon? Bloody well hurry up, since you promised to play my favourite song, having heinously omitted it that night! To err is human of course, so of course I forgive you..."
"March 11, 2005"
Washington "Love him!!! Thanks for the great job on the site  - looking forward to the much discussed "" Short Canadian Tour"" !"
Oxford "Trying to find the song with the line...""heart/love has turned to brass"". June Tabor sings this live and would like to listen to RT's version."
"March 12, 2005"
Dumfries Scotland long time fan.been a doonhamer for over twenty years.good to hear that richard is a celtic fan .he should come play dumfries theatre royal the oldest working theatre in scotland with links to robert burns
Michigan "I saw Richard a couple of years ago in Ferndale, Michigan at a small club - best show I have ever seen!"
"March 13, 2005"
Brighton First saw Richard perform with Fairport at 1970 Bath Festival. Seen him countless times since.
"March 14, 2005"
Washington Classy and interesting web site! Would I expect anything less from RT? Looking forward to your box set and new albums... Keep em coming. Thanx!
Maryland "I heard an awesome acoustic version of ""She said it was Destiny"" on an NPR compilation CD (you can get it at I'm completely hooked on Thompson! "
New York "I'm not sure if i'm on your list, But I would like to be added. I'm a big fan!"
Dublin All Hail ! Richard The Lionheart (Guitar Playing Singing Songwriting)King Of England ! !
Devon Looking forward to Cropredy. Any chance of any other gigs in the south of England apart from the Birmingham one which I can't get to!
South Carolina Seen him 1/2 dozen times. One of the best live acts I've ever seen. Especially acoustic and solo.
London "always looking for london tour dates along with Loudon, Steve Harley, Ray davis etc."
"March 15, 2005"
USA i continue to be in awe!
Buckinghamshire Introduced to Richard by a good friend and since then spreading the word....his Gig in Basingstoke last year was great.
Connecticut want to catch live in concert
New York It is so hard to find an adequate way to say thank you for all the pleasure over all the years. The language is too small!
Antwerp "We hope to see you back in Antwerp, in the Park, this summer. It's been so long!"
Georgia "I visit this site regularly and buy the great fan CDs, but I'm not sure I'm on the mailing list. So I'm signing up. I've been listening since about 1969, not my WHOLE life, but over 30 years. Great site! "