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March 1 - 15, 2006
"March 1, 2006"
Hampshire "So, have the first 5,000 box sets sold out yet?!!!!"
"March 2, 2006"
Leiden it's fine as it is
"March 3, 2006"
Brussels "other comments? learning to play king of bohemia gave a new dimension to my life. other than that...well... I could go on..."
California "Had the great pleasure of meeting RT at the 2005 Kate Wolf festival, but neglected to get my poster autographed! Any chance of getting it done way after the fact?"
Hillingdon The finest composer guitarist the UK has ever produced.
whitley bay "Your new box set is worth every penny. Indulging in your new box set, I have encountered Grace Notes wonderful cover of Withered and Died. I have ordered a copy of their Red Wine and Promises album. Thank you again for all the pleasures to be found on RT: The Life and Times of .... I would very much appreciate it, if you could pass on my comments to Grace Notes."
London Thank god for Richard Thompson... any chance of a few guitar tabs for the last few records please sire?
"March 5, 2006"
Yorkshire Respect.
"March 6, 2006"
California Fan-damn-tastic...You come to Strawberry Music CA some time soon okay?
"March 7, 2006"
New Zealand Spending a lot of time listening to the new RT box set ... it just gets better and better. Full of fun and surprises and sends me back to listening to the originals as well. Great!
Ohio I just bought the boxed set. Great music! Thanks for all the years of joy you've brought your fans!
Scotland come back to Scotland!
"March 8, 2006"
adelaide hills fantastic performance at norwood on 6 3 6

" P l e a s e  Richard listen to my prayer & book a date at 'The Robin' R&B club in Bilston, nr Wolverhampton. If you need a glowing reference just contact Colin Blunstone, who is a regular there with the zombies & thinks the place is the bees knees. It is made for you, being a small venue with a club-like atmosphere, capacity around 700. A clientele who will know your music & a great pa which caters equally well for both electric or acoustic. I was at your gig at the 'Mac' arena in Birmingham last year & handed your engineer a copy of the Robin's playlist for 2005. The venue is a haven for guitar, with the likes of Robin Trower, Jan Akkerman, Leslie West, John Martin, Tommy Emmanuel & Nick Harper all playing to packed houses. Bands vary through The Damned, The Beat, The Strawbs & Incredible Strings to The Christians & the likes of Paul Jones Blues Band, Elkie Brookes & Maggie Bell. Pretty please? "

NSW "Hi, RT's concert at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney last night (8/3/6) was fanmazing. I brought some RT-unfamiliar friends who loved it. The songs, sound and guitar were amazing. I was fascinated by the subtlety of his effects. He played a whole swag of new and old tunes. We loved Beeswing, I Want to See the Bright Lights, Bathsheeba's Smile, When the Spell is Broken, Wall of Death (which I yelled out for 2 years ago in Byron Bay - thanks for getting round to it), a new one about loving smart women (my wife seemed impressed by that), and many more. His stage manner was as usual prickly and ironic: he seemed to congratulate us for recognising songs, and pointed out when we didn't. We got three sets of double encores, so left feeling pretty satisfied. Thanks, and have a good time in Australia"
California Keep the great music coming!
"March 9, 2006"
Melbourne "saw richard tonight at the athenaeum - absolutely beautiful music. i also souvenired his song list (via his roadie), which i'm very chuffed about"
Kentucky "Come see us in Louisville, KY again"
Paris "Richard, keep playing concerts in Paris. I could watch you play live every night of the week!!!! "
Maine "When are you coming back to Maine, Richard ???"
California "Looking forward to your upcoming California shows. Got a laugh when I checked out the venue for your May 13th show in San Luis Obispo Never thought I'd be seeing RT play a club that has ""college hump night"" and a drink called a ""purple hooter shooter."" I guess the times are changing!"
Sydney I don't suppose anyone has the set list from the March 8th show at the Enmore in Sydney?
Surrey just fantastic and a constant inspiration - live is always brilliant
"March 10, 2006"
NSW "saw RT in Sydney Two nights past 4th Time for me superb where can i get ""Hearts for the Smarts"" he threw in that set and i wonder will he ever play ""the woods of darney"" live again and bring a band anf his strat down under ??????????"
Broken Hill greetings and best wishes to all
Yorkshire "Thanks for so much pleasure over so many years - and, no doubt, for many years to come."
New York The passage in Patrick Humphries book about a rare occasion when Richard ate meat led me to do some reading up on kosher slaughtering practices. This led me to a remarkable woman named Dr. Temple Grandin whose work has contributed greatly to the humane slaughter of animals. Her work in this field led Dr. Grandin to her belief in God. I thought Richard would find this interesting. Dr. Grandin has her own website.
"March 11, 2006"
Washington DC Bought Henry the Human Fly in 1972 when Michael Tearson on WMMR in Philadelphia wished he had his own Henry the Human FLy disguise
Texas PLEASE Come to Texas!
Cornwall "saw richard live for the first time ever at cardiff, blew me away! "
"March 12, 2006"
NSW richard thompson is the most talented creature i have ever come across
High Wycombe "Can't think of anything incisive or witty, but cheers for writing such good songs."
New York "More Beeswing releases! We probably became aware of RT as a solo artist around '85-'86 (Across A Crowded Room), but listened to RT era FC since mid seventies. May have seen him with FC at Cornell Folk Festival, but have to find someone who remembers the year. Hope to catch him in upstate NY again sometime soon. Despondent to realize we missed him on the Semi-detached Mock Tudor tour in 1999. Can now check the web for dates, but Albany was just out of range for various reasons. Barely in selected age category if you care (and not at the low end). My wife is a big fan too, so chalk up one more female fan."
"March 13, 2006"
Sydney "RT and ST, thanks for a fabulous gig at The Enmore this week. Disappointing attendance numbers but be assured that you lifted our night beyond the norm _ we always find that it_s worth the wait between experiences. Of special significance was Crazy Man Michael _ thanks a bunch for playing that one, just a shimmering delight, fair carried me orf, it did. Keep on coming back to see us _ you are very highly valued. Hope the rest of the Aus tour went well, especially those little festivals at Katoomba and Port Fairy. New Zealand next time, too, please?"
Dublin Sheer pleasure to listen to.
"March 14, 2006"
Belgium Congratulations with the Lifetime Achievement Award!
Victoria " The Melbourne concert was just what I've always wanted - you shouldn't have. I saw people there that I hadn't seen for so long that I had no idea who they were. I was disappointed, but perhaps I understood, when I asked for 'I Still Dream' and you said, "No, not that one". My partner, however, was unforgiving and sulkily declined to see you the following weekend in Port Fairy. She was cross with me too for not saying "Well, 'Keep Your Distance' then." But I think you'd heard enough from us. Not so me from you in Melbourne though, despite two hours of sustained splendour from you. On your own, when loud you sounded bigger and better than the band on the DVDs; when quieter you were exquisitely fine and sweet. Two hours? - after two songs I was satisfied. The rest was manna. A generous performance which I think you noticed was greatly loved by everyone there. Thank you, and come back soon. Bring electric guitars and a band, even though you don't need one - just for love. (Have you ever brought a band to Australia? Hmmm?) Best concert I've ever been to. Miraculous playing. Good night."
Queensland "Looking forward to seeing him live again at Eumundi, Sunshine Coast on Thursday!"
"March 15, 2006"
Kangarilla South Australia "Wonderful concert in the Norwood town Hall Richard, the usual afterwards, they think I look like your brother and sugest DNA testing. Did your dad know a Nancy Glendinning of Boston Rd in Hanwell or was it my dad! Sadly I'me a poor singer and only my son plays music. Have a great tour. "
London Great site - easy to navigate and the first place to go for current news and reviews. Very fair prices for the merchandising too. Well done - please keep it up!