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March 1 - 15, 2007
"March 1, 2007"
Iowa look forward to touring with Richard Thompson someday soon!
Austria So far I saw 12 RT live shows - 11 in the UK and just one in my home country Austria (1985!!!). Austria needs RT too!!!
Louisiana I saw the show 2/28/07 at House of Blues in New Orleans. I've been a fan for over 30 years, but he continues to amaze. Simply put, RT is the planet's best guitarist/writer/singer.
Louisiana He still rocks!
Ohio Richard, It was such a great pleasure and privilege to see and hear your recent performance in Kent. What a great lot of fun and good licks. My life partner treated me to your concert for my 45th birthday. Your music sustains me more than you can know. I can't wait for your next visit!
Ohio Dear Richard, I met you Sunday night after your show in Kent, Ohio, and my heart hasn't stopped happily skipping since. You had every woman in the audience fumbling around in her purse for a pair of glasses after your proclamation of love for smart girls. Thanks for the opportunity to talk to you and shake your hand - it was very exciting for me, and the photo turned out great. I plan to upload it to my Myspace.
Sydney When is the tab book going to be released? The reports that the first volume is finished leaves us mediocrities hoping that it won't be too long away!!!
Missouri Loved your St Louis show.
Ipswich Even my 14 year old son wants to i-pod you or is it mp3 you! along with Tenacious-D, and others. Oh how must it be, to be keep with cool company! Can we see and hear more of you in the U.K.? My lad & his mates want to see you as well. He's just about at the age when I first you at the Festival Hall with Fairports in '68 I think it was! HELLLLLPPP!
Massachusetts Finally saw R.T. live. It was at the Opera House in Lebanon, NH on 5 Nov 06. Fantastic show!! Can't wait until he returns to New England with the band. Any timframe on that event? Looking forward to the release of "Sweet Warrior"!!!!!
"March 2, 2007"
Ohio just saw him in kent w my sister. my brother dave and his wife risha are long time fans. just starting to enjoy it myself. the kent show was great.
Texas My first exposure to Richard Thompson was "Rumor & Sigh". I played some guitar, but I bought the cassette basically just because I liked the picture (drawing) on the cover, never having heard a note from Richard before. What a lucky discovery that turned out to be!
New York We await your return to IMAC in Huntington!
Texas Thank you for everything you've done. You are a major influence in my music today. Tonight I will see you at the Crighton Theater. As a musician myself, I know you will break my aspiring heart with your masterful guitar technique (as you did at the International Festival in Houston. But the irony and poetic beauty of you lyrics will make it all worthwhile. I'll tip a pint to you tonight, no doubt.
"March 3, 2007"
California a friend just sent me a compilation tape of his favorite richard thompson songs. brava! i recall van morrison mentions richard thompson in a song too
Lincolnshire Fabulous!! I've converted others on my degree course, Old Kit Bag just divine.
Texas we will see you tonight Richard ! I CAN`T WAIT !
Langford Recently purchased the box set and find it excellent throughout. i like most forms of music and found it interesting that richard plays a diverse set. Have leige and leaf and was bought to his tallent through that alban. come and play at hitchin folk club richard....please
"March 4, 2007"
England I love your music, Richard.
California Thanks for all the great notes. I will see you next week at the Belly Up Tavern. In the 20+ years I have been a fan you have always surpassed what I had expected from a evening's performance and I must say that I do have very high standards. Stay in tune.
Norwich Knowing Richard's love of post war ephemera, I have a trading card from Kings Laundry, Walthamstow from the 1950's of a Vincent Black Lightening (no. 7 of a series of 25 cards. Bizarre for a laundry to do). I'd be happy to let him have it if he wanted.
Texas We had the best time last night at the Union Ballroom. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening.
Texas Amazing show at the Crighton Theatre in Conroe. Better than the Beatles!
Texas Great Show, Hope you like our cut of Tearstained Letter, keep singin da blues
orihuela costa 1st saw RT live at cambridge ff hooked ever since,cropedy a must go event 4me,glad RT on 2007
Texas aw ya at the Cactus last night, you were gr8!
Alberta love the music any canadian tours?
"March 5, 2007"
Texas After ten years of wanting and hoping, I *FINALLY* got to see you at the Lakewood in Dallas last night! I was stoked all day and the show exceeded my expectations! I cannot wait to see your show again, and thanks to tonight's show I think my new sweetheart may be a convert to your music too. :D
Texas Wish to forward in e mail form a review I wrote of his march 4 Dallas show for your archives as well as Richard and his sound man Simon who both were very hospitable to me. I need to also request his permission to include a filmed comment he gave me after the show regarding a Nick Drake 8 track tape for inclusion in a documentary I'm making about the 8 track, Spinal Tape. I will not use the segment without his permission, as it was spontaneous, off the cuff, filmed at the merch booth. I will respect his wishes.
Massachusetts Please let me know when Sweet Warrier becomes available for pre-order - Thanks (can't wait) :-)
Texas Wonderful show at the Texas Union Ballroom on Saturday! Thanks so much for bringing us those very special vibes.
California you are excellent .
Texas I saw you in Austin a couple of nights ago, Richard. Wonderful show! Hopefully you'll play Houston proper next time. You're the best!
Texas Saw the show in Dallas TX and REALLY liked the song about Smart Women!!!
"March 6, 2007"
California I am coming to see you next week at The Belly Up in Solana Beach. I used to be someone's special "redhaired girl", but he left me (thankfully not in the tragic way James left Red Molly), and I didn't even get a fancy motorcycle out of the deal ;-} I'm hoping to hear you play "Vicent Black Lightning 1952" which my love actually sang to me. At this point we both need to "Keep (Y)our Distance", lest we fall. I adore your music, your lyrics, your voice, your charming face....
Maine I'd love to see Richard in concert. Come to Portland!!
Illinois Richard is amazing! Just saw him at the Texas Union Ballroom, and I am so glad I did!
New Mexico The site is sweet! I am looking forward to seeing Richard in concert tonight in Santa Fe, NM.
Maryland Thank you
Hampshire I was introduced to Richard Thompson's music when I was 17 in my first band. He quickly became one of my favourite guitar players, but it wasn't until my marriage broke up & I hit 30, that I understood his songwriting. Genius!
California local radio station plays richard thompson..94.9kpig/ wanted to hear more
"March 7, 2007"
Arizona You're the greatest. Wish you were playing more than one show at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix. All sold out.
Keep up the great work!
Washington I am interested in how people look vs sound. I was surprised when I saw a picture of Richard. Not at all disappointed though. I have heard interviews with Richard and he is one of my all time favorites as a Great Human Being and absolutely awesome musician. The world is a better place because of him. (I do not get all of the message from "My Dad is going to kill me" it is truly "Art")
"March 8, 2007"
New Mexico Saw you, Richard, in Santa Fe last night. My life can be over now... THAT was a highlight. You can make that guitar sound like percussion, like a harpsichord (continuo and melody), and like 3 people playing at once. Your songs run the gamut from light (Brains over Hearts) to classical to folk to the depths of emotional turmoil. Thanks for making my year. Please come out here again... it'll keep me going another year.
Texas I loved the show in austin last weekend. perfectly beautiful!
California Once requested he play "End of a Holiday"...Simon Nicol's song I suppose...I'll never do that again.
"March 9, 2007"
California I saw himself at Montalvo on November 29, '06. Fabulous. Eagerly awaiting the RT songbook, although I am more of a guitar enthusiast than a consummate player. Thanks so much for all the music
Tennessee This brilliant and original artist has enriched my life.
Kitakyushu-city Today, I heared your song the Dad on air NHK most major Radio Station in Japan. Thanks!
New South Wales when's he coming back to australia?
England KEEP IT UP
"March 10, 2007"
Arizona I just saw Richard at the Rialto in Tucson, AZ. What a great show and you have 2 more big fans Thanks very much for a great night.
Massachusetts Just christened my iPOD with Grizzly Man soundtrack, a bulletproof reason for laying out the bucks. The movie was okay, but the soundtrack making doc sold me. How much of that was improvised on the spot and how much was penned before going into the studio? Fascinated by the creative process.
"March 11, 2007"
Alberta Dad's gonna Kill Me: Awesome!!
Arizona I have enjoyed everything I've ever heard by Mr. Thompson.
"March 12, 2007"
California Just saw the show at The Coach House. I am sooooo hooked! and my IQ is...adequate! :-)
Scotland I don't see those Scottish dates announced. Bad enough The Who have ignored us this year, but not Thommo too? And him a Celtic fan! Just a suggestion, but recently attended a show in Hamilton Town Hall (not my home town) which has an amazing acoustic, well used by a Chamber sized version of the RSNO. Or there's always the Barrowland in Glasgow for a change. Tell him to get up here sharpish.
California Show at The CoachHouse in Dana Point was excellent. Thanks!!
California We had a wonderful time at the Coach House concert last night. I took my daughter, son and 16 yr old guitar playing grandson who was blown away and so inspired. The good feeling persists today. Thank you, Richard!
Arizona Wore the signed pick (now) earrings today and got compliments. Thanks Simon and Richard for hooking me up with the pair. The Rialto was "awesome!!"
"March 13, 2007"
California Thank you for "Vincent"
Wisconsin Reading your lyrics posted in HTR was probably the most reprehensible dribble I have ever read. I am a mom of a soldier serving proudly in Iraq and you are not helping them. If you don't like the things your country does, may i suggest picking a different one!
Georgia I can't wait to hear more. Thank you for speaking up against the war. Somewhere in Texas a village is missing its idiot.
New Jersey Richard, you mentioned in an interview that no great antiwar songs have been written lately. I have a huge respect for you, but I beg to differ on this point. I think Springsteen's "Devils & Dust" is one. Powerfully simple, it could be taken as the point of view of either side in the Iraq war. PS: Great job on "Dad's Gonna Kill Me"!
Berlin Heard your anti-war song, so I wanted to provide to a link for ours: "Blues Fo' Dubya & Baghdad" Enjoy, if that's the right thing to say in this case
Louisiana Please send me tour info,thanks
California You are one big slimeball. Making money off the war with your degrading so called song. How do you sleep at night? Have fun in the free world...NO thanks to jerks like you. My guess is this comment won't make it to the site. Free speech...yeah right. Not from the left.
Nevada Dad's Gonna Kill Me is incredible. Loved it.
Texas Good lyrics to all of your songs...just started listening due to Reckless Kelly's awesome cover of "1952 Vincent Black Lightning!"
Rhode Island I was brought up in the sixties, and well remembered The VietNam War amd lost many friends. It left an impact throughout my life. I always pray for peace. The Iraqi war views are many. There are too many extremists there. Personaly I do not not see any resolutions. Bring our troops home.
Arizona I recently watched your show in Phoenix and I was amazed that I never heard from you before , amazing performance !!
Texas Watched you with Hayes, Great Show. I guess I should thank Hayes for turning me onto your music.
Michigan Has quickly become one of my favorite artists. Have a vision that he sent me free tickets to a concert because he had a vision too where he gave me free tickets to a concert. Strange, huh?
New Hampshire Seen him live 6 times.
North Carolina rt is one of the greatest pleasures in my life.
Colorado see you at Cropredy
California You Rock my soul! :)
California A friend gave me a ticket to your show at the Belly up last night. I had never heard your music before that. You are brilliant. Bravo!!! I am hooked. I came home and broke out my acoustic and started practicing. Cheers!
New York I am looking forward to the next time that you are in the Buffalo, NY or Rochester, NY area
North Carolina I'm originally from West Virginia, so I first heard Richard on Mountain Stage. Love his stuff.
Indiana Dad's Gonna Kill Me, Great Song! Love the Song, How do i get album with song on it?
New York Actually haven't heard any music yet, but waiting. Hope I am pleasantly pleased?
"March 14, 2007"
Alabama Thompson rules!
New Jersey Love the music from Fairport to the present. please keep me informed as to live performances in the New York/New Jersey area!! THANKS
California I had to listen to Richard's music because my brother, Muredach Doherty used to date Liz, Richard's sister. But that was when I was in Ireland. Now I'm in America and l listen to Richard entirely of my own volition.
Tennessee I saw Richard last year in Knoxville, TN. I heard him do Dad's Gonna Kill Me that night and have been waiting a long time to hear it again. Thanks for posting it on the web site. Looking forward to the new disc.
New Jersey Always looking for show dates in area.
Tennessee I saw Mr. Thompson on Feb. 27. It was one of the best performances I've attended. Very inspiring, indeed.
Missouri A kindred spirit-In from the boonies
Georgia ridiculously good guitar player/singer/songwriter & have seen 3 times @ variety playhouse/atlanta. also quite friendly & accommodating to fans: has taken time to talk & sign paraphernalia after every show i've seen. great guy!!!
Virginia You anti war liberals are all the same! Anti-war, anti-military, anti-American and anti God/religion BUT Pro-ACLU, Pro gultless, hypocitical United Nations, Pro-abortion/death, Pro Hollywood millionaires/creeps, Pro alternative lifestyles, etc. Why don't you write a song from an aborted child's view? Here's a title for ya: Please don't kill me, Mama!
Heald Green Hi there, please keep doing what you do, It gives a lot of people a lot of Joy, mind you, Galway to Graceland is one of the worst earworms I ever did meet, cant stop humming it to myself somedays
Arizona Just saw the Phoenix show March 08, 2007 at the Rhythm Room w/ Eliza Gilkerson. Great show!!
USA awesome
Georgia I fall in love with his music everytime I hear it, all over again.
Hawaii aloha please see this article i posted on rt
"March 15, 2007"
California "Dad's Gonna" is a great song. Love the lyrics and the guitar is classic rock and roll.
California Love the tune
California Simply the greatest rock 'n roller in the world.
California I like what you have to say.
USA Friend of Niles and Debbie Hokannen....Niles helped produce our 2nd recording. I have always loved your music...thanks!
North Carolina I turn people on to RT every chance I get.
Illinois Powerful stuff
Ohio Really cool web page and tunes
Pennsylvania great song Dads gonna kill me
Georgia Love your new song! Happy to find your web site.
California Came to the site based on listening to "Dad's Gonna Kill Me" at Crooks and Liars. Keep up the good work, Richard!