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MARCH 1 - 15, 2008
"March 2, 2008"
Bergen What about Mingulay Boat Song in Bergen the 21.of May in Bergen. Well`be there!
"March 4, 2008"
Maryland I have been listening since before I was born! My father and uncle are hugh fans. Richard Thompson's music has been a part of my family's life. Can't wait till you come back to the Avalon in Easton Maryland!
North Carolina Keep on keepin on
Virginia Was pleasently surprised by the 1000 years show. Have been a fan since "2 Left Feet" Learned I had been listening for years and didn't know.Fairport, etc.
"March 5, 2008"
Northampton How about doing 'Wichita Lineman' in your solo shows or 2000 years of popular music extavaganza ?
New Jersey I've just discovered some vids on youtube that bring me to tears of joy!!! I'm hoping to get to Princeton in April…
"March 6, 2008"
North Carolina I regard your life's work as highly as anyone in this field...there are few who can play, sing and most of all, write with the power, intensity, versatility and stamina as you have exhibited. Thanks for your commitment and for continuing to hold the beacon.
"March 7, 2008"
Nebraska Have loved Richards music since the mid 1970,s.He is a global treasure.will see him in Omaha Ne, 03/13/08.Thanks for all the great music, Best Wishes.PS wonder what it was like to work with Nick Drake, Sandy Denny, John Martyn? Cheers.
"March 10, 2008"
Swansea, Wales Two things make me cry, my love for my children, and Richard's music. More UK gigs please!
Florianópolis I search for you in the internet because Peter Robinson's detective Banks loves your music and I was curious about. I loved to listen you singing "Woodstock" in youtube but I can't find the music to buy or to share, can you help me? I will tying to find more musics.
Illinois I found his music meandering through Borders Book store with a gift certificate and since then have purchased all the CDs I can find! I love his music/poetry and never tire of listening to his versatility.
"March 12, 2008"
co. tipperary need to see u in ireland asap!
Kansas Best musical discovery of my life. Just got back from solo concert in Lawrence. Please if you read this say hello to my sister at the Lutsen Minnesota concert. She's my sister and I got her hooked on the music! Thanks for the great experience.
"March 13, 2008"
Kansas saw RT in Kansas City 20 plus years ago, he was in Lqawrence kansas last night and was amazing, even better, than 20 years ago..Cheers!!
Kansas Saw Richard last night in Lawrence, KS. He played an excellent show and I apologize for the idiots in the audience. I really was glad to hear "Walking on the Wire" and "I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight." I felt fortunate to see a legend who's still making important music and not just living off his past.
Iowa I saw Richard tonight (March13) in Omaha and I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful show. It was everything I'd hoped for and more. Bravo, sir!
"March 14, 2008"
Nebraska saw Richard last nite at the scottish rite in Omaha. so cool. heard some great stuff. I love his voice and the more "english folk type" songs from a lot of the earlier music. There was a good mix of old and new but of course I did not get to hear all the songs I dreamed of hearing live. Impossible with the repetoire to choose from. Incredible guitar. I like the story telling style of songs best. Wonderful phrasing and inflection. Wish the night would never have ended. thanks for stopping in omaha
Missouri caught columbia and lawerence, wow! never more impressed. asked for calgary cross in lawerence, and got abused in front of my date. great humor, thanks!
"March 15, 2008"
Jersey Channel Islands I would like to buy Volume 1 of the Guitar tablature of Richard's songs. I didn't see it in your merchandise. Please ask Richard if he would consider coming to Jersey.Best Regards
New York longtime fan who has followed Richard's career since Fairport Convention to his days with Linda and Mock Tudor. Always interesting. Would love to take my guitar playing son to see Richard.
Massachusetts I cheated the grim reaper last year and I now cherish all the more the good things in life, including an exquisite "1000 Years..." concert in Boston a few months ago. Thank you, Richard, for providing a great deal of the soundtrack for my life!