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March 16-31, 2003
"Sun Mar 16, 2003"
Oregon My boss hauled my sorry ass to The Ark in Ann Arbor to see you in the Gregson & Collister days. I see that the current tour does not include Portland. Geez this text box is sooo small.
Northamptonshire "The Cambridge gig on March 10th was fantastic. Our 8 year old daughter, who is a huge fan, came along too and enjoyed it enormously. Her slight diappointment at her two favourite songs not being part of the set (Sibella and 'Jimmy Shands', of course)was tempered by delight at 'Wheel of Death'! (If you were there, you'll understand...)Come back soon, love the old kit bag"
"Mon Mar 17, 2003"
New York "Four years ago, a fire destroyed 98% of all my earthly possessions, including many Thompson CDs and the biography that was released sometime in the mid-90's. Is this book still available or even in print? (I'm afraid I have forgotten the actual title.)"
California "you may be interested to learn that i have done ""killing jar" several times in a ""blues jam"" or ""open mic"" environment. usually as a four piece, two guits bass and drums. and have been able to mesmerize the audience each and every time. i can assure you that this is not due to my performance abilities, but to the power of the composition. just thought you might like to hear (from another angle) that the piece has powerful popular appeal!"
Delaware Thanks for all of it
Kerry "Just back from Dublin. I loved your concert. First time seeing you Richard. Please continue to rock regards to you and the band!"
California Truly one of the very finest guitar players on the planet.Always look forward to his shows and will drive many miles to see one!!
Tani "My little daughter Caterina (she is born on 3 february 2003, the day of ""Old Kit Bag"" release) smiles when I put ""Dimming of the day"" on my CD player. She's on the right way!"
Liverpool "Just have to say that the Leeds gig was up there with the best of them. The new album is also a classic and it was great to hear so much of it live. Ignore the ""Self indulgent"" jibe from the Grauniad. Clearly the author has never before seen or heard such a talented musician interpret his music with such feeling or power. We were with you every step of the way and it was magnificent. Thanks again for such a great gig."
"Wed Mar 19, 2003"
Warwickshire "Seen RT on a number of occasions, just recently (March 03) saw him and band at Warwick uni. It was a very good concert, even tho the acoustics in the hall tend to muffle the sound somewhat (they always do)"
Oslo "Please take the time to sign a few autographs when you tour Norway with ""Kit bag"", which hopefully will be very soon! Good luck!"
"Fri Mar 21, 2003"
lincolnshire "Just keeps on getting better.Love the new album,shame about the cover."
Wa "Thanks so much for the music! Come back to seattle soon(or even better, Mt Vernon)"
isle of wight "I thought the concert at Basingstoke was outstanding,a memorable evening of sensitive ,powerful music. Thanks very much."
"Sat Mar 22, 2003"
florida "come back to TAMPA,FLORIDA..."
NY a dabbler in your world - but love your work. a music maker myself.
basingstoke "It's been a long time since my guitar left its case. My fingers hurt! RT's a truly inspirational performer. Thanks to Richard & Co for a fantastic night, not often one of the worlds best plays B/stoke. Don't leave it too long. Any chance of a DVD release? "
Cambridge "Richard I saw you on the 10th of March at the Cambridge Corn Exchange with my dad. It was excellent. Why did you not play Cooksferry Queen its my favourite. Is Cooksferry a real place? "
"Sun Mar 23, 2003"
"Minneapolis, Minnesota" Richard - just heard you were playing minneapolis on April 24th . Looking forward to seeing you.
Hamburg When will we see the fullRT-Band in Germany again?
"Mon Mar 24, 2003"
Handen Sweden next.
"Portland, Maine" "As a musician myself(Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter),Richard has been an inspiration to me for close to 30 years. His musical vision continues to be strong and focused and it was a wonderful experience to see him play with his son Teddy here in Portland several years ago at the State Street Church. I wish him nothing but the best of health, happiness and continued good fortune as he continues his musical journey."
"taos,nm" "i'm just a bit envious of my husband who will see rt for the 2nd time this year in lawrence,ks! he lives there & i live here in taos. come back & see us in the high desert!!! "
"Tue Mar 25, 2003"
Ga "Can't wait to see you for the first time in May. Not one, but two nights! North Carolina and Atlanta. You are my second favorite guitarist( Sorry, Jimi comes first). Ever done a Jimi cover? Any chance of getting back with Linda?"
Niigata "I'd like to order a copy of ""Semi-Detached Mock Tudor"". Why can't we order it from JAPAN ? Please let me know how to get ""Semi-Detached Mock Tudor"" from JAPAN."
Kingsbarns "Excellent gig in Edinburgh on the 6th March and I was sitting along from Malcolm Jones of Runrig who was watching RT intently thru-out! Gethsemane is a truly great track and t'was great to hear Can't Win though I couldn't remember which album it was from. Amnesia, of course."
Ohio RT is absolutely the best.
Boucher Mystified by the non availability of the Richard & Linda albums between 'Bright Lights' & 'Shoot Out' - any chance of a re release?
"Wed Mar 26, 2003"
Colorado "Looking forward to the show in Boulder. Is the band on the new record touring with you? Answering the questions above, I thought. Has it really been twenty years since I first bought ""Shoot Out the Lights"". WOW! Anyway, thanks for always making great records."
Antwerp "Hey Rich, how about taking a public stance on your site about this horrible war business ? "
Netherlands "Dear Richard Thompson, although I have written in the Guestbook a few times, I think this is my first real Question.

I have been wondering about the way you use your fingers and a pick at the same time while playing the guitar. After trying it at home, my impression is that it's not so much the rhythm that makes it difficult (it's very much like playing classical guitar, mainly a matter of lots of practice, I think) as the position the right hand gets in while holding a pick. Somehow my other fingers won't get a good 'grip' on the strings as they would when I'm only fingerpicking without using a pick. So my question is: how do you manage to hold a pick and still get a good strong note with the other fingers? Do you use your nails, as in classical guitar playing? If so, don't they break a lot, what with the steel strings on a western guitar? Excuse my clumsy attempts at writing decent English."

"Thu Mar 27, 2003"
Oregon "You may not BE God, but your damn close!"
"Paramus, New Jersey" "What the heck are 'Bonus' tracks?? Why do different markets get different versions of ""Old Kit Bag""?? Are they more deserving?? You should also note that I already have the new CD from CDWOW (no BONUS tracks). I'm curious wy different markets get different release dates. (Are they more deserving??) Thanks. (How's the gardening??)"
"Fri Mar 28, 2003"
Queensland "Thank you for your fabulously wicked muse. T'was great to catch your show in Brisbane a little while back. Come back soon!"
"Sat Mar 29, 2003"
Bournemouth "Richard is an inspiration to me and a reason to get up in the morning! His music justs keeps getting better - of any artiste I have ever listened to he is the one who knows the answers and turns the key. He is without question a most remarkable performer and highly underrated. His concert at the Brighton Dome this month will live with me for a very long time. Long may his work continue."
I hope you will be making an appearance in Kentucky soon. I haven't seen you live since 1998.
Brisbane "Have just had The Ol Kit Bag imported from UK and then saw it advertised in Rhythms magazine ""Oz release with bonus tracks coming soon"" Bugger! Will have to buy another copy - am enjoying it, but wish you'd mentioned Australian release on your web site. You could make up for it with an Australian tour soon. Luv ya"
New York "RT is my favorite artist and I am a ""very"" serious listener of many genres and musicians. His albums never disappoint, his guitar playing is jaw-dropping and he may be the finest songwriter in popular music today. The fact that he is not well-known to the mainstream is both perplexing and wonderful. I have seen him live many, many times and have always been dazzled by his virtuosity. A true musical genius. Thank you Richard."
"Sun Mar 30, 2003"
Auckland Seen and heard you many times at the Birchmere in Virginia. Have now moved to New Zealand - when will you be touring down here?
"Mon Mar 31, 2003"
Wiltshire It keeps getting better
Manchua Dynasty "Hey man, didn't you used to be Peter Frampton?"
New York Tour dates in the US Please!!!