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March 16-31, 2004
"March 16, 2004"
Brisbane Excited about your Australian tour. Will see you in Brisbane and twice in Byron Bay!! Wacko!!! Have raved about you to friends and family members so they're all lining up too. Thank you for your words and music. You're loved.
Perth Send me an e-mail when you come to Perth and pop round for tea.
"March 17, 2004"
Wisconsin I've seen Richard five times. Twice in Milwaukee and three times in Madison. Looking forward to the Summerfest gig in summer 2004
Texas Richard you need to make a swing through Houston. Venues like The Mucky Duck or Anderson Faire would be perfect for your music.
"Reading, Berkshire" "Great website, a maginificent service "
Bath "ABSOLUTLY AMAZING! Seen RT 3 Times in concert - Bristol and the Warwick Arts Centre. Twice with the band, and once without. Perhaps without the band is better because you can hear the true tallent of RT. I will be trying to get up to Warwick Arts Centre on the 16th may - but its my GCSE's :( LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!"
"March 18, 2004"
Connecticut Life without the music of RT would be a dull experience indeed.
Tennessee Love his concerts!
West Virginia "Just saw Richard liove for the first time in Charlottsville, Va. Absolutely the best concert experience I have ever attended, and that includes many great names over the years since the early 70's. I have never heard a guitar played like this before and the voice Richards voice is unique to haunting. i almost talked my wife into going non up to annapolis for the next show. looking forward to june in cleveland, ohio."
Maryland "My boyfriend - who is a fan of Richard Thompson - treated me to a wonderful concert last evening (3/18/04) in Annapolis, MD. Incredible, awesome, enlightening, happy, soulful! Talent, personality and positive energy was amazing! Thank you. I have now introduced my 18-year old son to RT's music. PEACE!"
"March 20, 2004"
North Carolina "Richard mentioned in a recent interview that he was upset by someone's comments that he used clichés. If that persons remark was intended as a complement (and I believe it was), I might be able to better express this point. Richard has a tonal vocabulary. He also has a unique palette of accents. Combined; this makes for a distinct and recognizable language (and a delightful one at that). Anyone with a discerning ear can hear the accent and vocabulary, and say to him or herself, ""Oh, that is in Richard Thompson"". This is much as one can identify French or Italian when one hears it. There is nothing dull or clichéd about that. Any formal language has so many possibilities for expression. Richard's is no less rich!"
Tokyo hey ur music is really cool love ya
Scotland "If there is such a thing as genius, then he has it. Long may he continue.Any chance of playing the Highlands of Scotland at some point?"
Hawaii Lovely site. Come to Hawaii soon.
"March 21, 2004"
NSW Thanks for 32 years of pleasure Richard
Massachusetts I started listening to Fairport convention when I was 17 or 18-soon after got into Richard Thompson.
"March 22, 2004"
New York "Just home from seeing the Albany, NY show. Phenomenal, I especially enjoyed the Janet Jackson ""tribute"" and the song made up on the spot, ""The Three Legged Horse"". Rock on, Richard!"
new hampshire He is the finest songwriter/guitarist/performer in folk/rock music. I worship him. Just saw him in Manchester NH; best concert I've ever seen. My husband agrees with all above.
Cardiff Wales Keep going please
Florida "An old friend made the comment to me that Richard was,in his opinion, one of the TOP guitar players of this age and an extrordinary rock and roll icon. He was right!!"
"March 23, 2004"
new hampshire "I saw Richard Thompson live for the first time on Saturday and I was thoroughly amazed, touched, satisfied. When he ended with Beeswing, the very song that first endeared him to me, tears rolled down my cheeks. It was deeper than I could've imagined. And, I give him lots of credit for that hilarious Janet Jackson satire. It was current and clever. Thanks so much, Richard!"
Maryland "Just saw him at the Ramshead Tavern - wonderful of course, wonder why he didn't play anything from Old Kit Bag. "
"March 24, 2004"
"Glasgow, Scotland" "Richard...I went to your show in Glasgow in late 2003, and since then haven't been able to stop buying anything you've done! Thanks very much - you're a great lyricist and a brilliant musician...thankyou for inspiring me."
Oregon "The story about ahnlt is amazing, even if allegorical. I first saw you at The Ark in Ann Arbor with Gregson and Collister. I had no idea what I was lookin' at, metal thug I was. I look forward to seeing RT sometime soon."
Vermont "WOW WOW WOW. What an incredible show at Higher Ground. To be honest, I never listened to Richard, but heard David Gilmour do Dimming of the Day and fell in love with the song. Now I'm kicking my self in the ass for just now discovering the magic and beauty that is Richard Thompson. Thank You for a great show!"
Vermont Richard's Music has enriched my life in a profound way.
"March 25, 2004"
Helsinki Keep on the good work !
Ontario "Having worked with a multitude of Daves myself over the years let me say that usually it is the NON-Daves who are the most confused. Once I had coffee at a table with 5 Daves in total, only Rick couldn't figure out which Dave was which. "
Ontario "I had the opportunity to see Richard for the very first time just last week when he played in Manchester, NH and now I am hooked!! Thank you for a wonderful show Richard."
granada PEACE I remember you nicely and my best desire of all sorts of goods...I allways liked your music and appressiate you as person.
California Keep doing that good thang!
"March 26, 2004"
Connecticut "Saw live shows in Huntington, NY last November and tonight in Tarrytown, NY. Really impressive. Obvious immense technical skill, but, more interesting, such great musical intelligence. I love the choices made: the interesting intervals and the microbends and tasteful ornementation. The literate songwriting. I get the impression that RT has developed and uses everything he could possibly get out of his musicianship."
North Carolina Thanks for more fine shows at the Grey Eagle in Asheville and at our Arts Center in Carrboro (Chicarrboro). I especially enjoyed the show at the Arts Center since we got to chat/heckle you. Your'e mo' funner when on a rolling rant.
Ontario Worshipper of 'Calvary Cross'
New York "Heard of him of course but only just started listening. Yes, I have been living on Mars for thirty years. "
"March 27, 2004"
Illinois "RT is my favorite songwriter, an excellent singer, and one of my favorite guitarists. I can listen to him for hours on end."
New York The Tarrytown show was so much fun! Thanks!
New York "Truly enjoyed the concert in Ridgefield, CT on 3/19. It was engaging and fun. Wonderful how one man could fill a hall with such sounds by means of a simple guitar and his voice."
Pila Poland I'm send playlist from my broadcast. I will play music Richard is old music but I' have not new songs. I'm sure that my listeners will be happy listen new music of Richard Thompson…
"March 28, 2004"
New York "Nothing will ever replace discovering Richard Thompson and ""Amnesia"" while driving around Botswana in 1990-92 with the Peace Corps in Africa...nothing comes close!"
USA "Hey, just listened to some of ur music - Sights and Sounds of London, it's really great, keep up all the good work"
new hampshire "I saw the show in Portland, ME last summer - it was great. The solo show in Manchester, NH was most excellent. Thanks."
Slane Co Meath only just advanced from snail mail delighted to have found your site. tell the man to get his ass back to ireland soon (please)
"March 29, 2004"
North Carolina "Hey Ya'll, Yo Richard ,We really enjoyed your show in Carrboro NC, It was our 3rd time to hear U and what can I say? It was great. We've seen U twice at the Durham Carolina Theater ,solo and with your band. The Band show was a treat, giving that full sound while that location is a little big for a solo show. The Carrboro location is better simply because it is more intiment. I think that U could have sold out 2 shows there. Hope yer well,life on the road is a trial even on the good days so take your vitamines and come back. Yo"
"Jersey, C.I." "As a guitarist, I'm trying to learn, Vincent Black Lightning 1952. I'd like to obtain the Tablature if possible. Is it available, please? Any chance in the future that Richard will come to Jersey? I believe he's been here before. Best Regards"
Virginia Love to see a live CD of the recent Birchmere shows. Finally shows full of the vintage favorites and I had to miss them:-(
Vermont "the essays from home - hilarious. i made my sister finally learn how to use the computer so she could get on and read. we saw RT recently in our village here in Vermont - he was incredible and generous and looked tired afterward, so i thank him for his unfailing energy."
Vermont "Thanks for coming to Vermont Richard. We had a great visit with you at higher ground. Please come back to New England soon. Tell Dave & Dave to come as well. They can get married(or at least civil-unioned"" here. Come for supper next time. "
Illinois "missed richard thompson at fitzgeralds a couple of months ago. really pissed off i didn't get tickets in time. especially at such a small venue. if you ever get any info on upcoming ticket sales or info when he's coming back to chicago, i'd greatly appreciate it. thanks a lot."
"March 30, 2004"
Nevada Music for the soul!
New York "great site; very clever, lots of good stuff!!"
Florida "i'm a songwriter. thank you, richard. you've always been my favorite teacher."
british columbia "Thanks again Richard another great song ( Janet Jackson ) , ya had me laughing all day and it's not stopping . I must say You inspired me over many years , from your song writing skills to stage presence . I have been playing in a duo last few years and recently got on a web link . Having started to come into our own as of late ( in our minds anyway ) we are sitting almost next to you in the list , it's what got me to this great site of yours and I know it's alphabetized but ain't it about the company you keep or aspire too ? All the best to you all "
"March 31, 2004"
NSW "I play in an all girl original lineup, doing the folky thing, and I feel kinda related to you! Would you like to hear our music? Yes or No I love your music and you are an inspiration. Thankyou, you're the bees knees and my wings beat for you! Love xx"
Vermont "Still in the clouds from Mr. Thompson's appearance at Higher Ground in Winooski, Vermont. FANTASTIC! Can't wait for this summer's tour CD. My wish? Have Mr. Thompson over for dinner to talk music & history!"
Washington Introduced to RT by my good friend .
New York "Just saw the remarkable show at Higher Ground in Winooski, Vermont. Left me speechless for a little while, much to the happiness of the friends I was with. Please come back to the North Country sometime soon. "
California "I first heard Richard from a bootleg tape recorded in Chicago on WXRT around 1987-88. It really pissed me off that there was this great guitarist and I had never heard of him. Where was radio and the rock press, Hell where was I, that I never chanced upon him. Anyway, 15+ years later and 20 CD's purchased. Keep the authorized boots coming.
Washington "Three of the best shows I've ever seen have been RT. The first was solo at Bumbershoot in 1990. Just before the main set finished, someone in the crowd yelled out, ?Play ""Substitute""' or words to that effect. RT didn't miss a beat and replied, 'You've mistaken me for another bearded Englishman,' or words to that effect. Then for the encore, RT came out and played 'Substitute' note for note. The next time I saw RT was on my birthday at the Beacon Theater in NYC in 1992. We had fairly good seats on the floor. The last time I saw RT was in a smallish bar in Bellingham, WA in September in 1996. RT had been scheduled to play at a larger auditorium on the campus of Western Washington University. The promoter must have been asleep at the switch, however, as school wasn't starting for another two weeks. RT gamely moved the show to a bar. I wasn't fifteen feet from him."
New York Thanks for the great show in Tarrytown last week. It's great to go to see a performer who makes every show different and memorable!
Massachusetts just a big fan!