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March 16 - 31, 2005
"March 16, 2005"
Michigan It's Just The Motion
"March 17, 2005"
Pennsylvania "Well, it's come to this. I've worked my way down to the ""T's"" on my list of semi-famous musicians to invite to dinner. Having only succeeded with Mariah Carey (the early years) and Pat Fish, I'm hoping that Mr. Thompson will break this dry spell the next time he visits the Northeast. There was that false start with K.C. of the Sunshine Band, and it's too bad that a restraining order was required, but I am willing to lift the restriction if he promises to behave. At any rate, please pass along the invitation with all due pomp and flourish. I promise a culinary experience a notch above that usually encountered when dining with the local public radio jock or venue promoter (intern)."
New York Richard Thompson is awesome!
Mannheim "Best Song: Keep Your Distance. Saw you live at the Cambridge Folk Fest; great music always."
Idaho I really enjoyed your show at the Egyptian Theatre in Boise last year!
"March 18, 2005"
Connecticut Wouldn't Newport Folk Fest be a great rendevous w/ the one & only RT...?
California Thanks for the many downloads...I'm enjoying Treadwell No More right now.
"March 19, 2005"
ohio Persuasion is in my personal top 5 for songs released in the last few years.
"Yamba, NSW" "Thanks, I would like to be informed of new releases, esp.DVD and tours. Best Wishes "
Virginia I like beeswing
Clitheroe Nice site. All my compliments. Greetings.
"March 20, 2005"
Cambridgeshire The guy has given me unmeasureable pleasure
Pennsylvania "When are you coming to pittsburgh, pa?"
England Just thought I would pop in again - love your site - you've done a WONDERFUL job - will be back often.
Maryland Big longtime fan.
"March 21, 2005"
Carlisle Cumbria Look forward to hearing you at Brampton Live in good 'ol North of England!All the Best
ohio Richard is King!
New Mexico Next visit to New Mexico?
California "Enjoyed San Luis Obispo show.Wanna hear ""Hots for the Smarts"" again."
Oregon Wot a lovely web site can't wait for new box set ! cheers
" March 22, 2005"
Glastonbury "Favourite hobby at the moment: working out standard tuning arrangements of RT songs and singing them to anyone who'll listen. Thank you so much for these beautiful, healing songs. All the best!"
Okayama "I went to Richard's live in Osaka on 02/24/01. It was marvellous!! Please come to Japan again."
Maryland I love the way Richard plays the guitar. I love to watch his fingers move and I love the way he stomps his foot. He is a wonderful performer. I wish he were playing more often in my area.
England Fairport came first. Logic lead me to Richard. I'd always been aware of '...Bright Lights'. Saw him at cropredy - they played 'Crash the party'.Took a friend (who plays guitar)to see him solo last year. My friend )had not heard him before) could only utter one word. Genius.
Muenster "looking forward to new dvd's and box set by free reed. live in providence is just what i was looking for"
"March 23, 2005"
California Thanks Richard
New York I've loved Richard for many years. Can't wait to see the gig with Willie Nile - love him too.
California Can't wait to see RT back in San Diego or Orange County or LA if I have to travel that far! I've done it before.
Oregon "Good site...disappointed that RT won't be in our area this year -- wife & I always catch him here, but looking forward to the ""new"" releases."
Dublin "Richard that DVD has never been off my set since Christmas. Even my dog wants 2 know when are u coming back again seems a long time... did I miss u I wonder? Anyway keep up the great work"
California "Recently saw RT in concert for the first time doing the '1000 Years of Popular Music' show and was amazed at both the musical talent and the musicology, not to mention the wonderful British sense of humor. If he stops touring he could be a professor or a stand up comedian."
"March 24, 2005"
"Melbourne, Victoria" "thank you Richard Thompson for making sense somehow of the mad irony, tragedy and comedy of life, love and cross-dressing - you have been a good friend! and PLEASE come back to Melbourne soon, your acoustic shoes break my heart (yes, I am a sodding star struck fan - please don't tell anyone)"
Florida Richard Is a Master of his craft and a World Treasure.
New Jersey "I have been an avid listener of Richard's music since his days with Fairport Convention (1967-). He is, in my opinion, an international treasure!"
California "describes life,limbs and all the emotions of love"
"March 25, 2005"
New Brunswick "First saw RT play in Ellsworth, ME. in 1999. Awesome solo show! Love to have Richard play in here in Fredericton, NB sometime ... Soon"
Massachusetts I really like your site and I enjoyed browsing through it. thanks for this wonderful site!
Kansas I have yet to experience what three friends say is the ultimate musical experience: listening to RT live. I'm working on the solution to that!
Belfast "i love the live stuff, it blows me away"
"March 26, 2005"
Edinburgh Scotland Have now purchased several cd's from this website and all have been top quality. More power to your elbow. PS When is RT in Scotland next ?
USA I suppose it's his honesty (or seemingly so) that first attracted me to his music. Soundtrack to the human conditon!
California "I would love Richard to consider performing at the Osher Marin JCC Center Stage venue, in San Rafael Ca. This venue has hosted David Grisman, Loudin Wainwright III, Janis Ian, along with cabaret performers. RIchard has a great following in the Bay Area, and it would great to see him in Marin County.Thank you for wonderful music.!"
Illinois one of my favorite musicians
"March 27, 2005"
Massachusetts Thank You.
Brescia "Love your music, Richard"
Tullinge "I've been able to listen to RT only twice in Stockholm, where the last time - at The Gröna Lund theater in 2000, right after the Mock Tudor release - was just unforgettable. When's RT going to be back here I wonder."
Kent Looking forward to Cropredy
"March 28, 2005"
Washington He's God!
California "Longtime Thompson fan. Got into him around the time of the albums w/Linda. I dug back into the Fairport Convention days and have stayed faithful ever since. I've seen Richard live once back in Florida and got the chance to talk with him. What a great guy, remarkable musician and songwriter."
Arizona My god. I wasted so many of my early years not having RT in my life!
New York just want be a part of something in my life that I love... yes you are rare!
"March 29, 2005"
Bavaria I`m waitin`for a tour in Germany!!!!
Kansas Play Kansas on the solo tour. This is not a request.
"March 30, 2005"
West Midlands Keep it coming Richard!
"March 31, 2005"
Minnesota Please send announcement of any RT tour dates in Minnesota. Thanks.
Maryland "Life long fan! Looking forward to seeing you at the Avalon, in Maryland this May. My mother is 86 and has most of your solo cd's, she will join me, god willing. "