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March 16 - 31, 2006
"March 16, 2006"
Berkshire wonderful guitarist who never ceases to amaze me
Brisbane "Saw you at byron 14/3/06 - beautiful show, hope you can keep going for a long time yet - can't wait till you come back to aus. Thanks richard"
"March 17, 2006"
New Jersey "Been playing guitar for 30 some years. Just enjoyed the DVD "The Grizzly Man"Thanks for some....etherial music. Awesome!"
California "I saw Richard at the Fillmore in about 2001. I yelled: ""Shut your festering gob!"" And I feel bad about it. I was just kidding, and showing off my ""British"" (Monty Python) accent. Forgive me. I'm listening to Mirror Blue right now."
Pennsylvania "I am looking for the title of the song - and the CD ""break somebodys heart tonight""???"
Brisbane "Just saw the great man again in Brisbane, entertainment to the max, will not miss his next visit. Not important but would be wonderful to see the band touring as well. Incredibly talanted lyricist and musician. Best Wishes! "
"March 18, 2006"
Ontario "Hello Richard - Been a fan since I heard Fairports' Unhalfbricking album in early 70's. Looking forward to your 1000 Years DVD, been playing the CD for friends for awhile. Best wishes for many more years of great work. Cheers "
"March 19, 2006"
NSW "I saw Richard at the Enmore recently and even though my body was in pain from sitting for 3 hours, my soul was smiling and my eyes were crying with joy."
Cambridge "The reason for entering my details here, is to urgently draw Mr Thompson's attention to the 1st May 2006, which is my friend Robin Mansfield's 60 th birthday celebration, here in Cambridge. Robin is an ardent and faithful fan of Mr. T., constantly trying to convert me to (what I think are the dubious) delights of ""Tommo's"" work.... I have been told that Mr. T. now resides in California (good move!), but just in case he happens to be in the UK, Robin would be completely cock-a-hoop if Mr. T. would come to his party at St Paul's Centre, Hills Road, Cambridge, 5-10pm, on 1 May, with or without Teddy and Linda."
New York "Richard was in Fairport Convention... this is news to me but his music is very seminal (is that intellectual or what??) It makes me think of ""old England"" like the Middle Ages or Chaucer (there I go again with the intellectualism) but it is very interesting indeed. A true balladeer."
"March 20, 2006"
Arizona "Was the song ""Persuasion"" performed with Tim O'Brien?. It sounded like Tim singing with Richard."
NSW "I know I know...56 and just starting!..2 hours of magic thank you very the Blue Mountains Festival / Katoomba...apart from the wonder of the music...guitar playing that took my breath away...the songs!!!!!!!!!!!!! and those angelic laugh pick of the festival..sheer wonder...a zillion thanks..""The Hots for the Smarts"" sending the lyrics to my daughter...she's a thinker..enjoys her brain..:-)"
Beckenham "I'm just a huge fan, for 30+ years, actually! I met Richard once at Island records decades ago when my friend Patrick Humphries was doing an interview with him."
"March 23, 2006"
NSW Thanks for the signature and kiss on cheek!!21.03.06- Yallah Roadhouse. So many words of loss and yearning yet you have such a smiley face full of light. Beautiful man you are indeed!
"Edinburgh, Scotland" Great site - very full and informative. And funny! Hope to see an electric-guitar-and-band tour hitting Scotland soon
Washington DC "Some of you may not know this but as a small child Richard found he was gifted with super human abilities. As the years went by, he honed these into weapons that could only be used for good or evil. Soon the ability to walk through walls, transmute lead into gold or read other people_s minds became quite boring to him. Richard was about to be reduced to stems and seeds by quietly secluding himself in a Sakya Buddhist Monastery in the tiny country of Baiya in Gonpa far beyond Palpung. The world could have suffered a great and tragic loss if he had not taken up the Guitar, becoming the most talented and creative genius that has ever lived"
New Jersey Wish to download if possible
"March 24, 2006"
Montana I am a huge fan. When are you coming back to Montana?
"March 25, 2006"
Illinois Grizzly Man soundtrack is some of the most moving music I've ever heard!
Somerset "Bought the Fairport's single ""If I had a Ribbon Bow"" back in 1968 and have been listening to you ever since. Used to be in a late 70's Indie band where ""Poor Will and the Jolly Hangman"" was a regular on the set alongside Beefheart and early (Sid Barrett) Floyd. A true great."
"March 26, 2006"
Nothumberland Great Site. Saw Richard at The Sage Gateshead recently. If possible he's getting better!!
Madrid play in madrid!!!!!! thank you for such great moments.
"March 27, 2006"
Connecticut Gorgeous guitar playing on Grizzly Man...I plan on buying more of your albums. Question: What model of Divided 13 amp do you use?
Scotland come back to glasgow
"March 28, 2006"
British Columbia "Finally, ""Substitute"" is available on CD! I've been meaning to scream for it ever since I heard you'd done it at ""Bumbershoot"" back in the early '90's. "
Wyoming "I saw RT at a bluegrass festival in Wyoming, Aug. 04. Great tunes! Got my pic taken with him and several autographs."
Massachusetts Richard Thompson is great. Please keep me informed about concert dates around the East Coast of US / New England.
Texas We need a show in the Fort Worth/Dallas area soon!
"March 29, 2006"
Bucks I used to be on mailing list but dropped off with ISP changes I guess!
"March 30, 2006"
New York "Richard: Listening to you has been one of the constant joys of my life since 1969. Introducing your music to my wife-to-be and her "getting it" immediately helped cement our relationship (now in its 29th year), and meeting you after your performance in Ocean City, NJ was a treat neither of us will ever forget. Thank you for sharing yourself so freely with us, thank God for giving you your talent, and bless you for embracing it. Like a fine wine or a good automobile, you only seem to improve with age."
"March 31, 2006"
Minnesota I work at a small nature learning center and we have a concert series. I know it is a do I get info on trying to book RT at our venue? Thanks for any help.