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March 16 - 31, 2007
"March 16, 2007"
Connecticut Waiting for that songbook!
Maryland big rt fan i've him 7 times and he and linda too, all excellent
California Just saw you tonight in Malibu. Fantastic show.
Western Australia thank God i'm too old to get called up for these lunatics wars. ps is Ritchie coming back to oz soon?
Troon, Scotland I know your life is busy , with tours and stuff its hectic, but if youve any thoughts to spare, save them for the Celtic. Cheers RT
biarritz great idea richard ,those words putting out of abstraction the reality of all the war,and the fear of death instead of the classical hero sacrifice paving the way toward the next ""boucherie"".thanks and keep on thinking
Ohio water looks like vodka
Texas Mr. Thompson's show at the Crighton Theater in Conroe, TX was simply a wonder to witness. I'm a fortunate man to have witnessed it.
California Any way to get regular updates of his appearances in local clubs?
Tokyo I'm looking forward to song book!!
Texas the best guitarist I've ever seen; the best songs ever written
"March 17, 2007"
Maryland Own absolutely everything RT's ever recorded except Celtschmerz, and would love to get my hands on that! Been a fan since 1981. Saw RT in solo concert in Wilmington, Delaware last November--one of the greatest evenings of my life.
Massachusetts First heard of RT from a Time magazine article profile back around 1987, there was a review of his album, along with Tom Petty I think. Got hooked on it and saw a few shows, one in Ybor City, Tampa, Florida and at Berklee Performance Center in Boston. Have always leaned toward the sadness in life, so a kindred spirit of Richard Thompson.
"March 18, 2007"
"March 19, 2007"
Blackburn see ya at cropredy 2007
New Jersey The best ever. Please keep me advised when in NJ.
California keep touring so cal!
North Carolina i am hooked! i have been introduced to mock tudor. i'll be looking for you next time you come around. too bad i missed you at the carrboro arts center. i hope you continue to do what you do. thanks for sharing.
Ontario a guitar player's guitar player
"March 20, 2007"
Mississippi saw richard at a small theater in jackson,ms. several years ago. come back. the south calls.
"March 21, 2007"
Essex With King Tut coming to the London's Dome, Hows about releasing the song about his grandad 'My Daddy is a Mummy' it's humour might counter the inevitable twofold curse.
California Great show in Malibu last week!
California just saw rt for my sixth or seventh time in santa barbara and he just seems to get better every time i see him
"March 23, 2007"
Pennsylvania Keep 'em coming Richard. I am looking to buy 1000 Years and I found your website. Cool.
Michigan I wish that I could one day show Richard one of the guitars that I build!
Illinois Thanks for having such a terrific website
"March 25, 2007"
California Great new songs, thanks!
Massachusetts R.T., Read a lot of the negative comments regarding your new song, ""Dad's Gonna Kill Me"". I was an American Soldier for almost 32 years. Part of that job was defending EVERYONE'S right to free speech, yours and theirs. I wouldn't worry too much about small minded comments. I like the song and I love the fact that it views the war through the eyes of a soldier on the ground. You don't have to like the war but you have to love the soldier. Like we say over here, ""Hate the game, not the player"". If they're so hot about the war let them pick up a rifle and a rucksack and go over there. Keep making great music! Get back to Boston with the band soon!!!!
"March 26, 2007"
Ohio I made be a fairly new convert, but none the less devoted. RT is GREAT! I have already traveled 350 miles(one way)just for the thrill of being in his audience!
"March 27, 2007"
Idaho Stumbled onto Richard's music while checking out internet radio several years ago...have been a fan ever since.
Texas Richard Thompson, as I'm sure you know, rules! Finest song writer and guitar player I've ever heard.
Alberta At first I couldn't help but chuckle at the unusual deep baritone voice. Then I listened to the Mix CD again.. and Again and Again...Then I saw Richard Live at the Knox United Church in Calgary. From Unusual to Idol. I hope to play/write like you someday soon.
Essex Just started! Boy have I missed some good stuff!
California Really like what I saw/heard on the Sierra Nevada website! Nice, tasty pickin'
"March 28, 2007"
British Columbia heard bees wings sung at a celtic evening on saltspring island.sat beside randy bachmans partner. She had never heard it either. Sung by Derek Duffy. Standing ovation on my part. Reserving the song for my wake!Along with Leonard Cohens Last Dance and Van Morrisons Into the Mystic.
Wisconsin rt will always be one of my must have his music artists. i love it all. first heard him while visiting nick drake from the states when i was only 17! and several times again while visiting nick from 1969 to 1974. nick declined to join me on most occasions, lol...but i wouldn't let that stop me! i loved nick dearly but he could really dig in his heels about richard. and of course i've seen richard many times in the states, from coast to coast. but mostly in madison, wisconsin, my adopted home. please include it in your tour richard. it's been too long. and madison loves you!
New York Saw Richard for the 1st time solo acoustic at a little theater in Huntington Long Island called IMAC. Pure joy and amazement!
"March 29, 2007"
Angus, Scotland Will Richard be playing any gigs in Scotland this year?
Poole I only ever saw Richard live once, in Guildford. It was the best gig I saw that year and have been a fan ever since.
Pennsylvania I love you. Thanks so much for the music.
Dublin Just heard the song Beeswing this week. What an absolutely brilliant song. Looking forward to exploring the back catalogue to discover other pearls.
"March 30, 2007"
California When is Richard coming to the Bay Area with his band?
California Thank You
Texas I know I could play Beeswing, if I only had the sheet music (sigh). When is Mr. Thompson's songbook coming out? I WANT IT NOW!!! :)
Texas David Gilmore does a cover of your Dimming of the Day! An outstanding song on which I had to discover where it came from. I look forward in finding out all that you have become!
"March 31, 2007"
Washington A guestbook. How quaint.
Nevada All the best Richard. And thank you to all that help to keep this site up for us fans. Our Gift is that you have chosen to share your music with the world. It hits the mark in our lives.
New York Have enjoyed Richard at the Talkhouse in Amagansett a number of times. Always a wonderful time. I will always respect you as one of the most honest performers alive and hope to see you again soon. My 9 year old son is taking up guitar and I hope that I can instill some of that quality in him. Best Wishes Always!!!!