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MARCH 16 - 31, 2008
"March 16, 2008"
Virginia PLEASE come tour in Charlottesville, VA! And rerelease more old LPs on CD (Sunnyvista, Strict Tempo).
Maine Great music. Top 20 guitarist? Bollocks! Top five!! See you April 11 in South Portland, Maine. Best regards.
Missouri I saw your show in Lawrence, Kansas on Wednesday. I stayed after to meet you and I wanted to apologize because I was wasted. I had been drinking in the afternoon and I tried to take a rest before coming to see your performance, but I was so anxious I came directly. When I did meet you, you seemed annoyed or disturbed and I'm sorry for that. I'm not that big a dick and remain a big fan. Thanks
"March 17, 2008"
Minnesota Great Concert in Grand Rapids, MN.Thank You!!!
Minnesota Thanks for playing Grand Rapids! We're embarrassed it wasn't sold out, but true to form you gave an inspired performance that had jaws dropping throughout!
Nebraska after loving his music since the first time I heard it in 1980 and never having a chance to see him live, I've been able to get to three shows in the last five years, including last Thursday night's solo acoustic show in Omaha. Thank you for doing what you do!
"March 18, 2008"
Massachusetts I am an avid tuba player, and Richard is one of my favorite people to play along with. Trying to emulate his guitar solos is a real treat.
Illinois Please please please - I hope the long-awaited RT Songbook is available soon!
"March 19, 2008"
Oslo Great fellow, great website.
Minnesota I was at the Grand Rapids MN show; the best show I have ever seen, bar none. I am amazed by RT's energy and playing.
Minnesota Saw Richard perform for the first time the other night. A KAXE benefit, simply put- thank you!
Pennsylvania love the electric guitar and the song writing. daring adventures and mock tudor are great
Montana Holy Cow, Richard. Thanks for such a powerful show in Missoula. It was doubly special since the last time I saw you was 1996 in La Jolla, California, as I was in the process of getting out of the navy. I had chills last night, brother, with "Dad's Gonna Kill Me." I know that feeling! Bless you and give a shout next time you're in the neighborhood!
"March 20, 2008"
Minnesota He should play a show in Duluth MN the Birthplace of Bob Dylan. We have a new music hall here designed by Ceasar Pellie called Weber Music Hall. It would be perfect for a live recording.
Staffs If he's looking for a bass player, I've been playing for nearly three weeks now.
Montana Saw R.T. the other night in Missoula, Montana for another great show. Finally summoned up the courage to briefly chat after the show to thank him for the inspiration and the passion of his work. Would love to chat some time about the Sufi influence in his work and some of the more philosophical elements of his music. And to learn more about playing technique, too. I'm too old to be writing on these fancy websites, but that's how much R.T.'s music has meant to me. Thanks again for your work and quality. See you again next time in Montana. Be well. Peace.
Somerset when is the tab book going to be published ther's some bit i just cant fathom and need help ta
"March 21, 2008"
West Midlands Keep up the good work
Glasgow, Scotland a joy to listen to
"March 22, 2008"
Texas "Love the music! Keep Austin,Texas on the tour list!! "
"March 24, 2008"
Western Province Introduced by David Gilmour
Michigan Love the site and the music. Any chance that you'll offer digital downloads of other live recordings? I lost my copy of Two Letter Words in a move and I'd love to get my hands on Live at Crawley.
Indiana Your music helps make life worth living! Rock on Richard
"March 25, 2008"
Missouri Loved the 1000 Years show in St. Louis! Beautifully entertaining!!
"March 26, 2008"
New York inspirational musician...glad to see he passed his good genes onto his son.
Michigan First saw Richard with Fairport in Belfast back in its ""troubled"" days and many times since, on this side of the pond. The playing just keeps getting better.
California Making my first trip to the U.K. this May and what trip to England would be complete without a Richard Thompson concert?! In the event that you'd like to make one fan very happy, I'd love it if you'd consider playing "Devonside". Thanks so much for the music. Your concerts and albums continue to inspire!
"March 27, 2008"
Norway Looking forward to seeing him again in Norway. Last time was the excellent concerts in Cardiff and Falmouth last year.
Indiana Great guitar work, Richard. Great variety of songs. I really enjoy your sound
Skovde "Hi, Great site this.I just read the latest Q's & A's.Astonishing ! In the meantime I'm looking forward to see RT for the first time rhis summer in Sweden"
New Jersey Loved Sweet Warrior, Hope to see you in Princeton!
"March 28, 2008"
Berkshire love it - please never stop. Please can I go on your emailing list for gigs/news
New York Richard, I would be most satisfied if you would play MGB-GT when you are in Rochester NY. My first car was an MGB-GT.
"March 29, 2008"
Yorkshire does anyone know exactly what richard was alluding to in his song farewell farewell. It would be nice to know what I am singing about.
"March 30, 2008"
New York First date with my future husband was at your concert in Madison, WI in 1986 - "Daringly Adventurous" tour. He still has the t-shirt, although it is threadbare. We are looking forward to seeing you in Rochester, NY at the German House - a small, intimate venue. See you in April!
Florida I hope Richard comes to Florida again for a tour!
Arizona My wife and I saw the show in Tucson in Sep 07. I believe it was during an extended version of "Hard on Me" when she leans over and says, "I feel like I've died and gone to music heaven!" Great show, hope you come back.
"March 31, 2008"
Dublin Richard I know I'm late in telling you but "Sweet Warrior" must rank as one of the best things that you have done..period. I saw this as someone who first heard of you on BBC radio in 1968 [you were with Fairport doing Cohen's "Susanne"]and have a fan ever since through all the good times with Linda but when I heard you in Dublin again during the summer I didn't realise that this album existed. What a stroke of luck. Thanks for the Memories and hurry back