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APRIL 1-30, 2009
"April 3, 2009"
Netherlands Richard 60 today!!! Happy birthday! Last night: several richard's songs on the Dutch radio to celebrate his 60th bithday
Florida Richard - just wanted to wish you a very happy 60th birthday. Please come back to Florida soon - hopefully you can make it down to Fort Pierce!
New York Make a wish and may all your dreams (good ones only) come true, Happy Birthday!!! Hope it's a great one. From your number 2 fan.
Hessen Happy Birthday, Richard. The best wishes for the next 60 years.
"April 4, 2009"
Berlin Thanks for great music
Angus Thanks for the music; more visits to Scotland please!
Texas I saw RT again in early 2009 and he was GREAT!!
"April 5, 2009"
NSW I hear that RT is planning a band tour to Aus and NZ. This is good, this is very good! My friends will be happy and I believe the PM is a big fan ... well, he's a fan of everything else so RT must be on the list! Rock on.
California I love your music and song writing
Texas saw him in austin a few years back...incredible!
"April 7, 2009"
England I'd love to buy Live Warrior but I'm not about to restart collecting 20th century media. How can I buy it as MP3?
Virginia I so appreciate your music in every way. Your singing, guitar playing and songwriting is awesome. I recently got to go to your concert in Charlotte, NC. My husband and I enjoyed it so much. Can't wait to see you in concert again and buy more RT music! Love this site, it is great. Do you ever give autographs? That would be so wonderful. Thanks for your gift of music!
"April 8, 2009"
New Jersey Please come back to NJ...extenuating circumstance has kept me from you for too long…
"April 9, 2009"
Connecticut PLEASE come back to Connecticut soon!
Washington Truly RT is one of the finest musicians to call this filthy ball of dirt home. My ears are so much happier because he tinkledy-tinkledy-twwangs-twwang-twwangs. Yes, hmmm?
Voldyn I am glad I went to your website, it is very interesting
Brisbane even the koalas suck wine while listening to you play
"April 10, 2009"
California I love his music. It inspires me.
"April 11, 2009"
Colorado One of the most original and finest guitar plays I have ever heard.
"April 12, 2009"
Victoria Saw him play solo at the hardly strictly bluegrass festival in San Fran and he blew my mind. Amazing musician.
"April 13, 2009"
North Carolina since i've learned how good of a musician i've bought 24+ cds and lps and box set. thanks
"April 14, 2009"
Minnesota I always want to buy tickets for friends who haven't seen you when you're in town! Too fun to not share!
Ohio Hey man, When are you gonna come back to the mid-west as in America? I live in Ohio. Haven't seen you for severeral years. In fact, IT'S BEEN TOO LONG! LOVE YA MAN!
"April 18, 2009"
California unless I get another chance I have two regrets involving dickie t. one a little more bitter than the other. I missed rt play in a little town called paradise near chico, ca (; it was probably a small venue and I would have been in heaven. the other-same thing-rt played in jacksonville, or outside medford, or (s.oregon)an ampliteather. I love rt, a lot. unfortunately, I couldn't get anyone to go with me and well, I needed a ride. I hope to get another chance to see you in a small place where you know, not necessarily near me here in n. california but maybe I will be near where you are wherever that is playing out a gig in a small place (a little pub?). I heard rt on david dye's world cafe several years ago, and I knew I wouldn't be disappointed either in his music and who he is. I wish I had a brother like him or just a friend...instead I have his music. I listen to all kinds of music and musicians but dickie t. is w/o a doubt one of my lifelong alltime best ever make life all that much greater to be around. thanks-sometimes your music blows me away.
"April 19, 2009"
Cumbria Loved the 1000 years concert in Salford. Great evening.
Wisconsin Thank you Richard. Just, thanks.
"April 20, 2009"
Adelaide love your music love your songs please come to adelaide again SOON
Yorkshire Thanks for playing us the song in Glasgow!
"April 21, 2009"
New York Wish you'd play in NY soon!! Once saw you back in the 90's twice in one night at Bearsville Theatre in Woodstock!
"April 23, 2009"
Napoli Hello, Richard! Good fortune to see and hear you for the first time at Cropredy Festival 2002 and many thanks for the great electric gig last year in Milano ... Sweet Warrior? A new masterpiece! Best regards
California I play a bit of music around my little town and I do a few of Richard's tunes. I sat up front at Richard's HSU performance a few months ago and had a religious experience. Richard, you are so amazing, you make me very grateful that I'm not completely deaf. Your songs are extraordinary. But you already know that, of course. Deep gratitude for your creative genius.
"April 24, 2009"
Ohio thanks for the 'easy' security graphic. 'preciate cha!
Massachusetts Life is better for having this music available.
"April 25, 2009"
California love it!!!!!!
"April 28, 2009"
Maryland Hi Richard, Such great work for so long. Thank you.
California I'm moved and thankful to listen to someone who is able to express himself so well.
"April 29, 2009"
Bangkok cool site.
Sussex No one else even comes close!
"April 30, 2009"
New Jersey Just wanted to say that 1952 VIncent Black Lightning is a work of genius. Fantastic song. Can't even tell you how many times I have listened to it. Thanks for creating such a great song.