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APRIL 1-30, 2010
"April 1, 2010"
Queensland i saw rt brisbane in 2006 great show, but very hard to find his cd's here
"April 3, 2010"
Massachussetts RT's music has given me many many hours of sheer unadulterated pleasure - long may he play!
"April 5, 2010"
Georgia I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, and many, many more! Thank you for bringing the L&R show to Atlanta, we can't wait to see you have at it!
"April 6, 2010"
Victoria I hope you and Loudon tour Australia again some time soon
Oregon I live in the middle of the forest and would appreciate tour information. Richard live is the best way to hear him.
"April 7, 2010"
Edinburgh, Scotland I guess I'm to blame for the Burach 52 cover.....
California If you are within 100 miles I make the show. Richard you have never disappointed me only me wanting more (and from Teddy too)
"April 8, 2010"
North Carolina music makes my life better and Richards' music makes it REALLY better!! keep on giving us a slice of your soul!!!!!
"April 9, 2010"
London This seems to be quite an impressive site!
Massachussetts I've seen RT perform many times and listen to his collection constantly. Don't know what music would be like without his contribution! Thanks RT!
"April 12, 2010"
Kotka almost wanted to give up playing guitar because of your playing, Richard, but i struggle on! and i sing a good number of your songs when i play gigs. and - hoping you don't mind - i linked a youtube vid of Meet On The Ledge on my Facebook page, in memory of some dear people who are no longer around to hear that beautiful song. thank you for that! best wishes from one of many fans you have here in Finland
Massachussetts about 8 years ago, at a show north of Boston, in response to a call for requests, I yelled, "Wheely Down!" and you called me a "joker"! It later became one of my daughter's favorite bedtime songs, so if I ever get to bring her to a show, I'm going to call for it again, and this time....
"April 13, 2010"
Massachussetts Look - it is more than 2 years since there was any news from home - this in spite of the promise of something coming soon. Been waiting - well, it seems like forever, and as I am 67 years old, I may just be running out of time. Will I ever see anything new?
"April 16, 2010"
Co Laois Sick as a parrot to be informed this morning (16 April} of the RT Meltdown in June 2010 and to discover there are no tickets available. What a congregation of talent headed by Richard - I think I will set aside June 12th as a day for weeping & gnashing of teeth! All the very best on the day and the remainder of the tour.
"April 17, 2010"
Kent looking forward to see you in concert again soon!
"April 19, 2010"
Nottinghamshire I suffer from arthritis and don't get about much so, Richard's music helps a very great deal.
North Carolina going to see Richard tonight
"April 20, 2010"
Illinois Just saw Loud & Rich at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Stellar performance by Thompson; some of the most original and beautiful guitar sounds I've ever heard. Kudos!
Pennsylvania Whenever he gets within driving distance I go.
"April 21, 2010"
England "I'm trying to score "Sloth" and "Walk A While", but can't wait until June for the song book. any suggestions?
"April 23, 2010"
NSW Thanks for Beesweb - an invaluable resource. I'm looking forward to the songbook, and of course your next visit to our sunburnt shores. The Meltdown program looks great - best wishes to all involved.
"April 24, 2010"
Maryland I am Richard Thompson's ambassador to Hyattsville, Maryland!
Pennsylvania WHEN are you going to come to Pittsburgh?
"April 25, 2010"
Milan Thank you for your music.
"April 26, 2010"
Ireland Hope to get to the Meltdown in London this year. Best wishes
"April 27, 2010"
Manitoba first listen coming up- Take Care the Road You Choose
"April 28, 2010"
Essex I've just ordered the songbook. I've been watching a webpage with updates on the songbook for a couple of years now and I missed the opportunity to get RT to sign the package because of this. Am I too late? I play RTs stuff and it would mean a lot to me.
"April 30, 2010"
Tennessee First hearing and feeling your music was love at first sound! What a powerful concert in Charlotte! Where have you been all my life?!