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April 1 -15, 2003
"Tue Apr 01, 2003"
Madrid Madrid audiences are very much into folk based and British Isles music. I saw R and Linda at the crucible theatre Sheffield in 1979? Long break without seeing Richard since . How about a Madrid gig?
North Carolina Best wishes to Danny Thompson (no relation). Hope your ticker is ticking well. We will miss you on the US tour.
"Wed Apr 02, 2003"
Michigan "I just bought a ticket for Richard's concert in Ann Arbor Michigan, on the 28th of this month. I have previously seen Richard twice, here, touring for his ""Rumor and Sigh"" and ""Daring Adventures"" albums."
Montana won't you bring your band to montana?
Maryland "I got turned on to RT by a friend in England. He sent me the three CD set ""Watching the Dark"" and I've been hooked ever since. I am excited to finally see RT in concert in May 2003. Big thrill for me!!"
Georgia Can't wait to see you in Atlanta!!
Paris wish i had known there was a paris concert!!!!
Massachusetts WHERE HAVE I BEEN? I've always been in Emotions. I've always been in Tom Waits. Thank you to my friend Hugh for putting me into Richard. Mm Mm Mm
Nevada "5,000 crazed Strawbundians frothing at the thought of RT ending the festival plus 1st time to hear the Strat ringing over the meadow! Can't wait!!"
"Thu Apr 03, 2003 "
Hawaii "Absolutely LOVE the version of ""Season of the Witch"" on the Crossing Jordan soundtrack which just came out. 9 minutes of pure Richard with screaming solos!!! Amazing stuff."
Nevada "This first time I saw RT was in Portland Or on the Rumour and Sigh tour with Shawn Colvin opening. My friends and I drove up from Eugene and rushed to the hall we walked up and asked if the show was sold out to some guys hanging around outside. RT turned around and laughed ""Hardly sold out"". What a loss it would be to never hear a guitar played by RT!"
Virginia "I wanted to wish Richard a ""Happy Birthday"" today and hope he has many more."
Ireland hope to see cork soon?
Northamptonshire The Old Kit Bag is excellent and the recent concert at Warwick Arts Centre is one of the best shows of Richard's I've ever been to. I hope the comprehensive tour of the UK isn't too long coming. I've been getting withdrawal symptoms for RT concerts since the Mock Tudor tour.
British Columbia any vancouver dates in 2003?
South Wales "Just heard that you will be playing the Worldports Festival in Cardiff in the Summer. hope to get tickets soon. Will it be a solo show or full band? Whatever, it is wonderful that you WILL be bringing your music to Wales this year. Loved the Bristol show on 12th March but PLEASE play 'The King of Bohemia' in Cardiff! Peace.
"Fri Apr 04, 2003 "
Wisconsin "I've been following the RT digest for several years and lately have even been contributing. When you finally got this site up and running, there was much rejoicing. Finally...Happy Birthday Richard...the music world would be a much more pallid place without you. Here's to many more B'days! Cheers and Peace!"
Nebraska "Looking forward to hearing you in Hastings, Nebraska at Hastings College on 4/23"
California Today is Richard's birthday. Happy Birthday Richard!
florida Tour FLORIDA!
Pennsylvania My wife and I would to see a RT DVD release! Nice web site.
New York "Are you planning on playing again at the IMAC Theater in Huntington, Long Island, New York, again? Your following on Long Island is very large and we'd all like a chance to hear you play locally. Last year when you played at IMAC, the show sold out almost immediately. Also, during that show you played a beautiful version of the song ""Shenandoah"". Are you planning to record and release this on an upcoming live or studio album? Thanks for all those years of great music!!"
" Sat Apr 05, 2003"
Connecticut "What a nice birthday present, to let us all celebrate by giving us that great Donovan cover -- it definitively ROCKS. If your gift-giving has not been exhausted, can I ask another favor? Please think of giving us another News From Home installment -- I know you might feel its silliness inappropriate for the times, but really, as our only other news options these days are all harrowing and bleak, your humor would be really very welcome, if you could see your way clear..."
Germany We hope to see RT live on Tour in germany
Colorado Looking forward to seeing you again on 4/21. Too bad Danny won't be along for the ride.
California just saw my best los lobos show ever here at the mystic theatre in petaluma(thursday) one of the many highlights was a smashing version of shoot out the lights!! any chance of any more bay area shows?
"Sun Apr 06, 2003 "
Oregon I feel so good that you will be at Strawberry Music Festival I think I'll break someone's heart that night!!!!!
Minnesota I saw richard in duluth.Wanted to hear him with his band but was knocked out by his acoustic show. I am looking forward to seeing him in minneapolis on 4-24.
"Tue Apr 08, 2003"
Maryland "Just taking a break from trying to teach myself fingerstyle guitar, so I figured I'd hit the website of the player who inspired me to undertake this thing!"
California "I've thoroughly enjoy every performance I've seen. I'm going to miss the one in Los Angeles in May 2003, however. The House of Blues is fine if you're 40 and under, but I'm pushing 50 and I just find the venue unpleasant. "
Leicestershire the man is quite simply the most sublime guitarist I've ever had the pleasure of listening to!!
"Wed Apr 09, 2003"
Wiltshire Loved Beeswing and also now love Jealous Words
Nebraska "Saw the show at the Music Box in Omaha, the finest live performance I have seen for many years, fantastic show. Peace to you and yours"
"Washington, DC" "Can we expect any more of RT's recordings to be released on SACD (Super Audio CD) or DVD-Audio formats? I know ""Rumor and Sigh"" is out on DVD-Audio. The sound of SACD's rivals vinyl, and is phenomenal on acoustic material (check out Jorma Kaukonen's Blue Country Heart on Sony). The sound improvement is so good (even on old recordings), I'm ready to upgrade my entire RT collection (which is considerable) if it is made available. At the very least, new re-issues should be on a hybrid SACD/regularCD disc to satisfy everyone. Maybe 1000 Years recording when made available could be mixed to SACD??"
"Thu Apr 10, 2003"
Sydney "The news of a possible future RT electric guitar instrumental album is greeted with glee here. Am I utterly alone in my admiration for the legendary German guitarist, Ladi Geisler?? The stuff he did in the late 60s with Bert Kaempfert was lovely. I have just picked up "Those Were The Days", a delightful compendium of tracks from that time. He played everything ñ acoustic, electric and bass Ö mando, too, I believe.
laval any chance of a french tour or a dvd????
Hampshire Any plans for a music DVD? I remember seeing a video on UK ITV covering a gig from the 'Shoot out the Lights' tour in Canada(?) Excellent!
" Fri Apr 11, 2003"
California hi richard
"Sat Apr 12, 2003"
Queensland "I moved to Australia 18 months ago, and one of my few regrets was that I might not get the chance to see you play live again Please reassure me that my fears are ill-founded! Thanks."
"Sun Apr 13, 2003"
Louisiana Old Kit Bag is just fantastic!
brighton "I have heard of RT for years since early 70's when i was really into Fairport stuff,but never really thought of buying any of Richards albums.It was only when i heard him being interviewed on Mike Harding's Radio 2 Folk music show a couple of weeks ago where a few tracks of 'The Old Kit Bag'were also played that i thought yes,it's about time that i finally should buy something of RT,and what a GREAT album it is too.I would really like to buy some more eventually."
California "Richard Thompson is a genius, great guitarist, great writer, and I think I've finlally grown to like his voice too. Bless him."
"Mon Apr 14, 2003"
Nebraska "Just can't wait to get the new cd....Richard Thompson's music is something to get excited about! I was happy to see Blender Magazine's high praise of the new stuff.
UK I just wondered if you have a bit of a soft spot for Tennyson and the Pre-Raphaelites.
Texas "Wonder if anyone else works out to Richard's music? I can't get it out of the discplayer while I do my elliptical training. The disc player's not broken. I just don't want to listen to anything else. Beats the stuff they play on the gym's sound system, by far."
"Tue Apr 15, 2003"
North Carolina "Richard is my favorite musician. I can think of no one else who is so accomplished at musicianship, songwriting, singing and performing. To do one well is noteworthy; to be so talented at all four is other-worldly!"
Nebraska Richard - Thank you for the wonderful performance at the Music Box . Hope this is not your last stop in Nebraska! Please visit us again. Thanks again for the Music!!!