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April 1-15, 2004
"April 1, 2004"
Minnesota "My husband has a copy of Henry the Human Fly, and would love to have it autographed. Does Mr. Thompson ever meet fans before/after his shows for autographs?"
New York "No offence to your web designer, as their design is fantastic. However, as I amapproaching my middle 50's I have to protest the use of black type on dark brown background in some of the pages, such as Q&A. The eyes are going, man! Loved the Jackson song. Keep up the good work."
Wisconsin I've never seen its equal!
New York It has been a pleasure!
California "Hey, If you are ever in the Occidental, CA area and need sewing or emergency alterations give me a call! "
Drøbak Should love to see ya in Oslo this year - I'm sorry i don't have neither time nor money to go to Vienna (should have loved to see Bonnie Raitt as well) Good luck to ya and take care!!
"April 2, 2004"
Ohio "Oh dear Richard Thompson, Thank you for the wonderful song about the real use for Janet Jackson's breasts. I am on the ""titty committee"" (I am a La Leche League Leader, a volunteer who helps women breastfeed their babes). So nice to hear a man who ""gets it!""Thank you!"
Florida "Richard Should come to Florida some day. I'll make sure the venue is filled! My brother once had dinner with Richard through a mutual friend - Best Regards"
Massachusetts I wish someone would make a concert video of RT now.
"April 3, 2004"
Connecticut "RT's, quite simply the best living guitarist!!!"
New Jersey "Happy Birthday, Richard!!!!"
California "Put ""Dog Eat Dog In Demark"" on a CD!"
british columbia Certainly my favourite guitarist with great songs too.
Washington Please come back to spokane great show
Brisbane Richard - Happy 55th Birthday today! You're in my town getting ready for your concert at The Tivoli on Wednesday and then Byron Bay Bluesfest. Might run into you in the street! Can't wait for your 3 gigs here. I'm a lucky duck! Hope you're enjoying this beautiful Queensland weather today.
Ontario Please come back to Toronto. Have been a fan since Fairport Convention.
Cleveland I first heard R & L T when the single 'I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight' was released. I have heard most of his work since then and seen him playing live three times.
Leeds the finest live act around!!! best british song writer alive today and guitarist
Ohio "first heard""vincent black lightning 1952"" by a bluegrass band then by chance found richards version on a web site ""great sounds"""
"April 4, 2004"
Massachusetts "happy birthday richard ! hope you get some!!! cambridge mass, manchester nh shows both great! Thanks"
"April 6, 2004"
Arkansas "Hey, R.T.,have you ever thought about doing a small tour with John Haitt,Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe perhaps??Just a thought...Keep up the excellent work!!"
Massachusetts "I,ll let you know,if I ever get this janet jackson thing downloaded."
"April 7, 2004"
Queensland "Saw RT play in Brisbane 7/4/04. I've been waiting 20 years for the stars to align properly to get to an RT gig. Definitely worth the wait. Please please please bring the band next time."
Texas Honi soit qui mal y pense!
London I loved the Janet Jackson song!!!!!
oost-vlaanderen what a music-man!
"April 8, 2004"
Queensland "Great show in Brisbane April 7....(maybe you shouldn't have written so many songs!!!) I liked the checked shirt too....that black check on a black background still looks terrific !"
Kansas myself and many friends hope RT will come back to liberty hall soon! bitchin' web site
Pennsylvania "Richard has always a great Player/Songwriter.....Way back to the FC days. WXPN 88.5 from Philadelphia should be recognized for having the good taste for playing his music on the air !!"
New Delhi "There are not many guitar players from the 60s and 70s who can stay at the ""cutting edge"" playing-wise for as long as Richard Thompson has, and continue to still surprise listeners with their chops."
South Australia Looking forward to the Adelaide show 17/04/2004.
Washington Please come back to spokane great show
South Australia Looking forward to the Adelaide show 17/04/2004.
"April 9, 2004"
South Australia "One of the most innovative guitarist/songwriters going around. Can't wait to see him in concert again soon. Would love him to tour Australia with a band, but suspect he won't. Please persuade him otherwise!"
Florida "I had always been a fan of Cajun music my whole life, and in my band we do nothing but folk rock and Cajun. When I heard Richard's guitar playing on a Beausoleil album, I had to check out his method of playing, Excellent work!!!!"
Ontario One of the best guitarists/singers I've heard
"April 10, 2004"
California "It's been 20 years I've been hosting a Brit./Celtic folk on public radio.Just wanted to say" "hello"" & I still love you."
"April 11, 2004"
New York I'm so drunk I couldn't care/if that's a wig or your own hair.....…
Texas I am a new fan!!!!!
California Keep me posted!
Edinburgh Scotland R.T. = Quality
Virginia Great website! I check it often.
"April 12, 2004"
Clapton "Hope to see you with the hurdy-gurdy at the Empire, dear Richard! Good luck on the tour."
Massachusetts "Well, sadly more of a criticism, of sorts. But understand, I greatly adore his music and his lyrics. "
Minnesota "The Wreck Of The Carlos Rey w/LL is another fine piece of work. Thanks, again.I do appreciate the work."
Newfoundland "Richard has a solid fan base here in St. John's, Newfoundland. He should consider playing here sometime! We'd love to see him!"
new hampshire "Great website. I'm interested in info about CDs (new and remasters) and concerts in NH, ME and Mass."
"April 13, 2004"
Toowoomba "RT - another wonderful performance for Brisbane fans, thanks heaps! I'd like to apologise though for the behaviour of some Brisbane fans who seem to regard you as a travelling juke-box - going over the top with the yelled requests/demands. This reached a low point for me when one of them shouted out ""Pentangle!"" as you were introducing a song with the words ""I used to be in a certain band long ago"". Groan! All handled with your usual wit, humour and style however(and the requests you played were wondrous). Cheers!"
NSW "I saw Richard at Byron Bay Blues Festival last weekend, and he was the highlight of the whole festival for me. I cant wait to see him again and hope he will come to Australia again soon. I just love his music."
Canberra "Just home from a Richard concert at Tilley Devines Canberra.I found it healing and I have been ill for a awhile, Thanks"
Maryland I discovered Fairport Convention when I first heard Liege and Lief around 1969; it was love at first sound so to speak. I've been listening to the music of Richard Thompson ever since. It's been a most enjoyable journey.
"April 14, 2004"
Missouri RT is one of the greatest lyricists and musicians I've heard in my lifetime.
NSW "He just keeps geting better...onya Richard & have a great time in Oz."
New York When is the next show in the New York area?
"Redditch, Worcs" Don't know why I didn't check this site out sooner. Nice idea to have exclusive CDs but why so expensive for us Brits? Will they be available on the forthcoming UK tour?
New Jersey "Along with Van Morrison & bob Dylan, Richard has been a constant companion in good times and bad. Love him live in all settings - most recently acoustic @ Collingswood, NJ (I was one of those few who sang along to ""Meet Out on the Ledge"" -sorry, Richard, due to American radio programming most of us only hear 'Tam Lin' or 'Who Knows Where the Time Goes?' by Fairport)Just before that saw him back to back with band: $55 seat at the Kimmel Center in Phila. & the next day $5 standing spot at the WXPN River Festival - both shows spot on, but I liked the latter better because I was closer. Richard, Age quod aegis. Cheers! "
Oost-Brabant "I would like to know when Richard Thompson is touring in Belgium, because I missed the last 2 or 3 conserts in Belgium"
"April 15, 2004"
NSW "It's always exciting to ""discover"" someones music & then continue to enjoy the new & past music."
Canberra Caught the shows at 'Tilley's' in Canberra this week...superb! Come back again.
Glasgow, Scotland How about doing a gig in Glasgow?
Wellington Hopefully your NZ fans will get to see you sometime - we're only three hours from Sydney.
Sydney Just got home from Richard's Sydney (15/4/04) concert - another fabulous musical experience.
California listening on IPod has gotten me obsessed . . . . also great music for walking.
Ontario I need him to come to Toronto again.... the SARS fiasco cost me a concert!!!!
Ohio Huge fan! Wish I had 'discovered' RT long ago. Plus he's a (slightly older) ringer for my husband.