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April 1 - 15, 2005
"April 1, 2005"
Massachusetts Enjoy the site! THANKS
"April 2, 2005"
Indiana "Someone who had never heard of Richard Thompson recently emailed asking if they should plan to attend an RT concert next month. I got a kick out of my husband's reply, maybe you will too:

YES, go to the Richard Thompson gig! He can be very funny between songs added to which he just happens to be one the world's greatest guitarists and that's not being said just because we were born 3 months and 11 miles apart and once frequented the same bookshop. Sorry to say that there the similarities end, apply yourself and you turn out like Richard Thompson, do not do so and you end up like yours truly."

"April 3, 2005"
Dorset "Happy Birthday Richard! Enjoy the Day!Best wishes"
New Jersey "Happy Birthday Richard!!! It's my birthday, too!! Have a great year! Hope to see you at a venue near Philadelphia soon! Thanks for all the music."
Maryland Happy 56th birthday Richard!
Massachusetts "i found a cd in my truck and no one has claimed to own it, and that is what got me hooked to richard's music"
"April 4, 2005"
"Little Chalfont, Amersham" Useful to have your e-mail/web address on the site.
Cork "when is richard coming back to ireland, preferably cork?"
"April 5, 2005"
"Plymouth, Devon" Great site. Whens RT planning to visit Plymouth again??
"April 6, 2005"
Pennsylvania Richard Rocks
"April 7, 2005"
Perth "A great website! Saw Richard play in Perth 2004, a truly amazing musician :-)"
New Jersey i am amazed by his music
"April 8, 2005"
England Keep going
"April 9, 2005"
north carolina Sometimes I wish I still lived in the Boulder area since RT plays there more often.
"Ely, England" Great site - as you'd expect
Stockholm Thanks
Minnesota "More and more people should hear Richards music, he's highly reccommended by alot of people and critics."
"April 12, 2005"
California "Any chance of releasing older concert material, like the bonus cuts on the Island reissues? Thank you."
Oregon "You have spoken to my life's emotions again and again. Have seen you 3 times in Portland and look forward to oyu rnext visit to the Alladin. When the Spell is Broken. Many thanks for your artistry!"
"April 13, 2005"
Washington "i discovered richard thompson's live side in harrisonburg, va, at a small theater/venue--still one of the best shows i've seen. hope to catch him here in seattle some day soon…"
New York Want to know about obtaining fan club cds should they be not generally available.
Illinois "What do we need to do to get you to play at the beautiful, new small pub in Evanston, Illinois, called the Celtic Knot? Owners are an Irishman and two Liverpudlians. Would love to know if this would ever be a possibility."
good old northants A big hi
"April 14, 2005"
Canberra First heard 'Persuasion' a few years ago and have been hooked ever since. Looking forward to another show at Tilley's.
Virginia "I just saw the Live in Providence DVD last night with a surround sound system... WOW... it was the best concert I've ever seen including ones I've actually attended (sadly, I've never seen RT live in person). RT is amazing on stage (and the rest of his band is incredible too!). Thanks for the site, the free downloads, the info and most of all - the great music."
Colorado "A man for all seasons and a sound for all ears, a chameleon on a tartan plaid."
"April 15, 2005"
Wales Please come and play in Wales!
Maryland Love his music and his persona.