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April 1 - 15, 2006
"April 1, 2006"
Lancashire Please keep coming to do gigs in the Manchester (UK) area!
Maidenhead "First saw Richard with Fairport at ""Folk Meets Pop"" at the Festival Hall back in the late 60s. Remember that Ian Matthews had just left and John Peel introducing the show.......Al Stewart and Sally Oldfield also appeared. Been a fan since! Also caught Richard with Linda at Theatre Royal Drury Lane around 75/6.....Linda very pregnant at the time. Richard has provided one of the soundtracks to my life to date. Many thanks"
"April 3, 2006"
California "just listening to disc 4 of ""rt:the life and times of, and was moved to get some more knowledge, so here i am, and there i go…"
Missouri "I came to listen to his music at a late date. My introduction was the chance purchase of ""Watching the Dark,"" and I have not missed a live performance or CD since!"
"April 3, 2006"
Louisiana "So very glad I didn't miss you. I saw a picture of you and Michael Doucet...I know Michael and for some reason all I talked to him about was Gram Parsons....Now you..Amazing talent....Great website also…"
Weymouth happy birthday to you thanks for a great show at Aberystwyth in Febuary good to meet you at breakfast at the Belle Vue Royal
"Glasgow, Scotland" Richard played Glasgow Jan 06 thanks for a great concert and hope to see you again soon.
Lancashire "A quick wish of a happy birthday...although it's customary to present gifts on such an auspicious day, nothing could ever match the prodigious gifts you share with the rest of us. Many thanks for it all and hope to catch your gig at Ascott later in the year"
New Jersey "Happy birthday, Richard!"
"April 4, 2006"
Saskatchewan "I've just bought the Free Reed box set, and am loving every minute! Can't wait to get Disc 6. I've mentioned this before, but I'll repeat my plea for Richard to mount a cross-Canada tour some time. I notice he's playing Winnipeg this year, but there is so much more of this wonderful country to see (and RT fans in every corner...) Also...are there any plans to release the BBC documentary on DVD? The 2:30 clip on *Kit Bag* was nice, but it would be great to see the whole thing (I can store it next to my copy of *No Direction Home*) Thanks again for this great website. Hope to see Richard play my town one day."
California "I buy music for a major retail chain, and whenever I get frustrated with what passes for art nowadays, I know I can put on a Richard Thompson CD and know that some of what I do is important. If I can help one more person hear artists like Richard, or Van Morrison, or Townes Van Zandt, or Bob Dylan, I can have hope for our culture. Richard, thank you - I think one of the most profound things you can say about someone is that they inspire you, and I hope you know that you have inspired a lot of people."
"April 5, 2006"
Derbyshire I want to see the bright lights too!
West Midlands I've seen Richard solo many times. I would really love to see him belting it out on electric. Any chance of a UK band tour soon. Please !!!
"April 6, 2006"
NSW "We have had a massive Q&A from Beesweb and from Flip's site. A herculean effort by RT in giving us so many answers - thank you, indeed! I do love the Q/A sessions. And thanks to all the people who submitted the Qs. I think perhaps the Qs have all been answered now, considering that last instalment of As! Wonderful, thanks!!"
"April 7, 2006"
Nottingham "Just revived my acoustic thanks to Richard, wife very unhappy"
Pennsylvania just watched the grizzly man. what an intense emotional experience. richard's guitar work is beautiful and inspiring. loved the ideas richard worked out with such a fine assortment of worldclass musicians.
"April 8, 2006"
London "Just been hooked big time. You know how it is when you finally get the point you'd only half-got all these years. Love the stuff. Bought 4 Rumor & Sighs (special offer) for nearest & dearest. Son knocked out and texting me about this song & that. Saw Richard doing Industry live (at Blackheath, SE London, I think it was) and loved it. Buy that one now and just got Watching the Dark. How music like this lifts the soul. Please let me know when he's in these parts again or I might have to wing it to Winnipeg. Much love & grateful thanks, Richard!"
"April 15, 2006"
"Anglesey, Wales" What can you say genius