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APRIL 1 - 15, 2007
"April 1, 2007"
Kanagawa I would like Mr. Thompson to come to Japan.
Illinois You are a god! I wish I were half as intelligent as you.
Berlin Richard, you are missed in Berlin, we are waiting for another visit.
Wan Chai I've lived in Sydney for the last 3 years and seen Richard at the Enmore - just brilliant. Why don't you come back via Hong Kong?
Washington I have been trying to put the song For the Shame of Doing Wrong on my site but there is no link. Can you help?
New Jersey could we please have sheet music for piano?? i have a bonnie raitt songbook and the only good song is The Dimming of the Day. I want more! and I'm not a guitar player, or very great at playing by ear, but I like to sing. And you are the best! thank you and look forward to the princeton concerts every year
New Jersey I've been listening to his music since 1972 (early high school); I'm 50 years old!
Australia note change of email address-delete the other two
"April 2, 2007"
Massachusetts Thanks for all the gloom and hilarity.
Arizona My husband and I fell in love at a Richard Thompson concert in 1994 or 1995 in Scottsdale at the old Rockin' Horse (not long before it burned to the ground))o: We fell in love all over again when we saw him this March at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix. His talent and spirit are nothing short of stupendous. His music literally took my breath away. No matter how many times I hear a song of his, it's a new, whole heart, body and mind experience. When he asked for requests, after folks stopped shouting I tentatively called out ""Bees Wings"" and lo and behold, he played it!! I know it wasn't 'for me' but it may as well have been. Gave me extra good goosebumps. Arizona sometimes gets a bum rap in terms of consciousness or lack thereof but there was no shortage of completely 'engaged' listeners in the house on that spectacular night. Richard's new song about the soldiers in Iraq ought is turning into an anthem. There were several sons there who were lucky enough to have returned from Iraq who were blown away by his empathy when they heard the was definitely 'their' song. BRAVO Richard. BTW this is one of the best websites I've ever seen. What a treat!
New Hampshire Thank you for the music, Richard.
Missouri Recently heard your wonderful solo acoustic concert at the Pageant in St. Louis!
Maryland From "If I Had a Ribbon-Bow" to the present, RT has always been one of my favorite guitarists, singers and song-writers. Here's to many more years of magic.
Texas What a lovely show in Dallas, thanks. I couldn't wait to convert my husband. He was a fan of a band that used to play a cover of Walking on a Wire. When he saw RT his comment was, now I've seen the master! Thank you Richard, now my husband knows I when I speak about music to listen and you've gained a loyal fan in my husband. He can't stop telling everyone how brilliant RT is and believe me he's a talker!
North Carolina An old lover introduced me to RT. The relationship bombed, but I'll always be greatful for the music learned.
Hamburg Hope he's coming back to Hamburg soon.
Wisconsin I've been playing guitar since 1965, and am a big fan of Richard's guitar music. He's among my favorite guitarists and I would appreciate any tips on tone, technique, etc. Just saw 'Grizzly Man' and loved the feature on the soundtrack recording session. I've got to get the Grizzly Man CD...AWESOME MUSIC!
Massachusetts more of a treat to listen to than ever
Hampshire Can't wait to see RT again at Cropredy
"April 3, 2007"
Pennsylvania Richard IS the best in my book!
Weymouth happy birthday
Wirral wish you'd come to the north west UK 2007! missed you since manchester 2006.
New Jersey HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICHARD!!! THANKS FOR ALL THE MUSIC!! (it's my birthday too, yeah!)
Massachusetts Just the best!
Texas Happy Birthday!
North Carolina Don't know how i missed this excellent music for so long.... Saw you in Greenville SC at the Handlebar this Past fall - Truly the best concert I've ever been to!
"April 4, 2007"
Massachusetts Wonderful Guitarist.
"April 6, 2007"
Cork keep up the good work!looking forward to midlands festival.
"April 7, 2007"
Arizona Thanks. Great site, by the way.
Maryland When will he be back in the Washington DC area??
Alaska I just got Front Parlor Ballads. I never can get over your phrasing of your own songs, the way you turn a couple of consonants into an entire syllable on their own. Anyway, seeing you in concert is definitely a lifetime goal - BTW, if you're ever in Alaska and want to visit some really great country, give me or the wife and kids a shout.
NSW "I've been listening to your music for around 2 years now, I can't remember how I first discovered you - I think it may of been your anem in the Rolling Stone guitarist list. Either way, it has been a pleasure listening to your wonderful music and hopefully when I get a decent job, I can further explore your catalogue. Can I have a guitar?"
"April 8, 2007"
Essex "I just love all richard thompsons songs ,particularly the dark ones.Keep them coming.Love mock tudor!"
"April 10, 2007"
North Carolina He is the best of the best. I have followed Richards career from early Fairport to toay and am always amazed by his music and songs. He is one of my musical inspirations.
Edinburgh, Scotland Great to hear the old bugger is releasing/touring with a band again! Will he be coming to sunny Edinburgh this year?
"April 11, 2007"
Pennsylvania Thanks!!
"April 12, 2007"
Colorado Richard Thompson is the soundtrack of my life: funny, sad, furious, thoughtful.
"April 13, 2007"
Tennessee I just got to see Richard play for the first time in Nashville a few months ago and it put me off concerts for a while. Who could compare? I lived and worked in Orlando, FL for many years; I would play Richard's DVDs at my workplace, a fairly popular guitar/music shop which would be met with cries from co-workers and patrons alike of "Who-wha..? Oh jeez, that guy's pretty good, huh?" I would say, yes.
"April 14, 2007"
Ohio Is it possible to buy a t-shirt w/ Richard Thompson's image on it?
"April 15, 2007"
New York visit us at the egg in albany again soon.....
Florida Marvelous guitar playing, sincerity and lyrics make up for the voice! Approaching 80, I empathize with the white beard too!
North Carolina I first heard Richard on Fairport Convention`s great first album. My personal favorite is the double album, Richard and Linda Thompson.
New York You are the greatest! Love you electric & acoustic.