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APRIL 1-15, 2008
"April 1 , 2008"
Surrey Please do more gigs in the UK! Sadly I can't make 24 May at the RFH
"April 2 , 2008"
Pennsylvania Enjoyed your interview in the Guardian for Front Parlor Ballads. Imitations of others vs. the true self.
Sydney Congratulations on Sweet Warrior. Brilliant! We still love the idea of a band tour to the Antipodes. Safe travelling, Richard and break a leg.
"April 3 , 2008"
Minnesota Happy Birthday, Richard!!!!! Loved you when you performed in Grand Rapids, MN!!!!!!!!! Please come back!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oregon Happy Birthday RT Thanks for the great music.
Georgia Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns of the Day!!
California Happy Birthday and many returns of the day to you!
North Carolina Where the F have I been? Great music!
"April 4 , 2008"
Connecticut Really need the songbook! Love the entire body of work!
"April 6 , 2008"
Massachusetts My email address has changed. Could you please add my new email address to the Beekeeper's mailings? Thank you.
"April 7, 2008"
Illinois Your song, "Wall of Death" got me through a very rough time last fall, a major rift in my family. I felt the floor had dropped out from under me and things were spinning out of control. Six months later, life has calmed down, but that song still means the world to me. Thank you!
"April 8, 2008"
New Jersey Sorry to hear about the scorpion bite!! Not a very nice "post" birthday present! We're sad we won't get to see you in concert on the 18th, but hope you have a speedy and complete recovery. Best wishes.
Utrecht especially interested in tour dates and the release of the first songbook!!!
"April 10, 2008"
Michigan Please let me know when there will be shows in Ann Arbor, or the Ann Arbor area. Have a wonderful summer & Kind Regards.
Pennsylvania "Across A Crowded Room" was my first RT. And it just keeps getting better all the time. Whoa! That might make a good song. "Something... better all the time, hmm hmm hmm, something... something... better!" Run with it. See what you come up with.
New Hampshire We were supposed to see you tonight in Wolfboro and were so sorry to hear of your injury. It sounds quit unpleasant. Take care and we hope that you get well soon! We look forward to hearing you again in October!
Massachusetts feel better
Minnesota The web site releases, live recordings and recent box set are greatly appreciated. Any chance for a DVD release of archival performances?
"April 11, 2008"
Derbyshire Thanks for the music Richard. Snippet - I recently visited Hereford Cathedral- on a wall plaque was a list of cathedral organists. This is interesting -one Edward Thompson from 1714 -1718 (and despite the gap with no organistattributed) then followed by Henry Swarbrick 1720 - 1754. Did they collaborate I wonder? Cheers!
Michigan I met Richard after the second show at The Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1986 or so. He was touring with Shawn Colvin among others. Saw both sets courtesy of tix bought by The Honeybears, as Richard knew them through Nancy Covey, who they had met on a travel tour to New Orleans. Richard was polite as one might expect. Very gracious to take time to meet with fans. Now I'm rediscovering him on Youtube and look forward to getting some of the material offered on this website, like the 1000 years of music DVD. Thanks for all the wonderful music and wit, Richard.
"April 12, 2008"
Cape Town Introduced by David Gilmour
England Hi Richard, Have just been introduced to your music by a friend and I think 1952 Vincent Black Lightening is amazing. It gives me goose bumps! Keep up the good work old chap
"April 13, 2008"
Massachusetts Hope RT is feeling better. We were so bummed out his show was cancelled last nite in Newburyport.
Maine First became aware of Richard Thompson in October, and I now have more than a dozen of his cd's.
Wisconsin Just read about Richards scorpion bite, hope all works out, please come to Madison, it's been tooooo long!
"April 15, 2008"
Oregon I have been listening to RT for a little over 2 years and love every one of his songs. I am currently 6 months pregnant and my baby seems to be especially active when I listen to RT's tunes which I find amusing. I think I will name her Sibella if I have a girl. No matter the gender my fetus seems to prefer Richard Thompson to Bob Dylan and Captain Beefheart. I only hope her love of RT continues to grow like mine!!