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April 15 -30, 2003
"Tue Apr 15, 2003"
North Carolina "Richard is my favorite musician. I can think of no one else who is so accomplished at musicianship, songwriting, singing and performing. To do one well is noteworthy; to be so talented at all four is other-worldly!"
Nebraska "Richard - Thank you for the wonderful performance at the Music Box . Hope this is not your last stop in Nebraska! Please visit us again. Just get your kester back here in Nebraska so I can see you again. In closing, for spiritual inspiration, visit Toadstool Memorial in the Northwest corner of Nebraska.Thanks again for the Music!!!"
"Wed Apr 16, 2003"
Sydney TOKB is going really well! Love it - also have picked up a couple of Euro Tour t shirts - excellent!! Wonder when the Aus tour will be? Best aim for the warm season - I reckon November/early December would be best - then you could get some cricket in also!
Oslo "When ""Mock Tudor"" was released, I thought this is how good he could possibly get. Then came ""Old Kit Bag"". I had to buy a new stereo in my car today, for cryin' out loud!"
Dublin "As someone who has been shouting out RT's name for more years then I'd care to remember I have a query which maybe he might be able to answer. Did Sandy Denny ever play in Dublin either with Fairport,Fortheringay or on her own. Both my self and a mate don't think she ever did however I was in the State's for a year in the late 60's so if she did she did it then. The reason I ask is that an aquentance has a great memory of seeing her in the Stadium [a well known Dublin venue of the 60/70/80]. To make it worse she thinks that it was with Fairport [your only configeratipon that I've never seen live]. God I even bought an antique from you when you were going to through your hat at it in the late 80's after those great years with Linda. So please let me out of my misery and tell me one way or the other. PS ""Banks of the Nile "" is playing as I wright excellant real back to the roots stuff keep at it."
"Thu Apr 17, 2003"
North Carolina Jerome? Now Danny? Will Pete be the next to drop out of the pack? Who is standing in the wings for you? Makes me a little nervous when early geezers like us start pooping out while the Stones seem to keep rattling on. Take care and get your naps.
Mid Glamorgan S Wales What a sheltered life I've led. 43 Yrs of age before getting hold of my first RT album. Sorry. Looking forward to the 6th July 2003 though.
New York "Great site, like the Song-o-Matic especially, very complete...hope I can catch RT on one of the OKB tour shows! I bought the CD during a 3-month stay in London, really intense album."
Radwan Can't believe I missed your music over the 70's and 80's More power to your aching elbow!
"Fri Apr 18, 2003"
Michigan "Greatest"" moment came at the Majestic Theatre in Detroit. I attended with my my girlfriend, quite tragically afflicted with low-blood preassure and an affinity for fainting after standing for long periods of time. So, towards the end of the show, the room thunders with the first chords of ""Shoot Out the Lights"" and right on cue, there she goes. I carried her out with the help of a bouncer. He told me to stop by the next day and Richard and the band had signed a promo poster for her. I'm proud to say she's soon to be my wife and there are no scenarios in which we would miss a show in the Detroit area. Thanks for your efforts to keep making terrific music."
Tennessee I love his music! Please come back to Nashville! I saw you at 12th & Porter. I sat on the stage and listened and felt and was inspired. Come back to the country. We can pick blueberries in July!!
California "nice website Richard...small but tasteful! Alas....wish you'd do a gig up here in the redwoods again, I still have fond memories of your performance in Arcata, Ca. supporting Mock Tudor release...Cheers!"
"Sat Apr 19, 2003"
California reissue house full
"Washington, DC" RT -- Love the new CD. Can't wait to see you at the 9:30 Club May 5!
Northamptonshire "Saw you at Warwicks Art Centre and you on fine form , Danny has the best bass sound I've heard since the late great John Entwistle , and have you ever thought of doing 'London Calling ' as part of your live set I think you'd do it justice if you tried ?!Health and happiness to you and yours"
"Sun Apr 20, 2003"
Hertfordshire "Excellent gig at Cambridge Corn Exchange 10/3/03.Hope to see you there again, next year?"
Norfolk Is there a cure for this sort of thing?
"Mon Apr 21, 2003"
NSW "Still discovering. Sitting with my 2 year old son on my knee, so he is discovering too."
Colorado Looking forward to an electric show @ the theater! have not seen RT plugged in since the old Coast place on Baseline.
California I can't wait for the new tour.
New Jersey I love Nancys tours she should do small groups to see Richard.
Aberdare Wales As good as it gets!
Maine Looking forward to the new cd on May 6th. Have a great day
Ontario Long time fan.Will see Richard in Ann Arbor Mi. April 28.
California "You are a superb entertainer--A1 songwriter, guitarist, and comedian all in one."
"Tue Apr 22, 2003"
Oxon Thanks for giving me many years of great music.
Colorado "Just saw Richard last evening in Boulder (4/21). It was my 2nd time seeing him with a full band (who were magnificent, by the way) and fifth time overall. Thanks for a wonderful evening. Good luck in Hastings, Nebraska!"
Virginia "looking forward to seeing you @ 9:30 club May 2003, hope you are electric !! Last saw you @ Birchmere in solo acoustic set"
Colorado "Just saw Richard (again) in Boulder (last night) - great show. I've seen him a few times also in Rochester, NY (as a student). Keep on playing Richard!"
Colorado How do I purchase the CD's that RT has on tour with him?
Wirral "Great recent tour, but who shot out the lights at the Leeds Irish Centre gig? Also, why no gigs in the NW of England? Keep up the good work."
California "I first saw RT with Fairport during the ""Full House"" tour supporting Jethro Tull (1970, ""Benefit"" lp). This makes for 30-plus years of R. Thompson appreciation!"
Colorado "Last nights opening show of the tour was amazing! RT was in rare form and played for over 2 hours. Best news for fans, a new CD available only at the shows! RT played most of the new album and it sounded amazing. Best evening I've spent in a long time."
Vermont "hoping to see RT in Middlebury VT again(in the fall?) enjoying the website, I have it bookmarked. Nice job."
" Wed Apr 23, 2003 "
Colorado "Just caught his Boulder show 4/21/03 and really enjoyed the set. Sound was a little too loud at times, for it overpowered some of his subtleties. Have seen him twice before at Chatauqua and the acoustics were much better there. Would like to get his latest album, but would rather get all new material and not live previous tracks. Really liked the new material played, though the bass saxophone pairings brought former band Morphine to mind -- not a bad comparison. The dashes of world beat were a real treat. Long live RT!"
Ohio "I've seen Richard in concert only twice, both times at very intimate shows staged here in Cincinnati at Memorial Hall. The first time was in 1985 and I had never heard him before, but my wife and I went on the recommendation of a friend, who sat behind us at the show. Halfway through Richard's solo on ""Shoot Out the Lights,"" he leaned forward and said in my ear, ""What did I tell you?"" It was the greatest concert experience of my life, and I still consider it one of the great nights of my life, as it happened to coincide with other good things happening. I caught Clive Gregson's guitar pick and still have it. The following year, RT came back and the show was completely different, much closer to his English folk roots, and I appreciated this divergence because I had listened to his work fairly deeply by then. I've bought a lot of his music over the years and I must say it's hard to point to another guitarist whose technique so comfortably straddles the extremes of emotion and mindfulness. Greil Marcus summed him up superbly in his opening notes to the WATCHING THE DARK box set. In closing, I just want to say that I have the greatest respect for Richard Thompson as a guitarist, as a vocalist, and as a songwriter whose craft knows no lie and takes no prisoners."
Nevada Looking forward to a Reno concert some time.
California Wish I could see a live show.
Minnesota Looking forward to the show this week at First Ave. in Minneapolis.
Colorado "Your songs burrow deep into my being. I'm reminded of those twilights where the sky is ominous, frightening in its gloom - and yet a ray of dying sunlight from the west illuminates the landscape for a brief moment - you have that terrifying power to shine light on the troubled soul."
California RT is the master of time and space--at least lyrically and sonically!
"Thu Apr 24, 2003"
North Carolina "Are they ever going to release ""The Old Kit Bag"" in the US?"
Sao Paulo I love your music since Fairport Convention
Virginia "I'm the jerk at the Birchmere(in Virginia) whose always yelling ""Poor Ditching Boy"" and ""Substitute"" I'll be at the 9:30 club on May 5. If you hear me, please feel free to throw something at me to shut me up. Peace"
North Carolina "Having attended Cropredy's annual Fairport reunion from '86 to '92, and also seen R.T. in Canada, please let me know of any gigs near Charlotte! Fire in the engine room!"
Illinois going to see the show in chicago for #40
Minnesota "My wife and I enjoyed your last visit to St. Paul. Glad to see you are coming through again this week. See you then."
Nebraska "Saw Richard both solo and with a band for both his Nebraska dates this year. Am a long time concertgoer, two of the best shows I've seen, particularly solo. Thank You Mr. Thompson."
Minnesota Looking forward to tonight's show at First Avenue.
Minnesota Thanks!
California "always attend the concerts when he's in the area, can't wait to get the new cd! Already have tickets to the show at the fillmore."
"Fri Apr 25, 2003"
Illinois "We loved your concert at College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, last year and hope you come back soon!"
Tennessee Hope to catch Richard at Rhythm & Brews in Chattanooga this summer
Colorado Where'd you get those fabulous shoes?
Kansas "What a treat! In a couple of weeks lucky Lawrence, KS is going to see and hear the Mighty Thompson for the second time this year! WE LOVE YOU!"
Helsinki "Fine,fine,fine"
Vermont "Northampton, MA next week. Yahoo!"
California "RT is the best guitarist and lyricist I have ever heard! Please inform me of upcoming conserts, I attend as many as I can up and down the California coast."
Missouri "My first RT show was your solo show at Toad's Place in New Haven CT, August 1988. Looking forward to seeing you in St. Louis next week. You must drop by more often! "
Crewe Just listened to RT on Andy Kershaw's BBC radio show - great as usual! Haven't seen RT live since Cropredy a few years back - must put that right in the near future. Any more dates planned for UK this year apart from the few shown?
"Sat Apr 26, 2003"
Illinois can't wait to see your concert in St. Louis MO!
West Midlands "Keep up the great work. Remember the Mere at Stourbridge back in the early 70's Just what are the lyrics to ""Outside of the Inside"" about? Probably one of Richards greatest songs."
connecticut It just don't get any better than RT
nova scotia i love his music its the best
South Dakota "Kudos to you, RT! After many years of listening avidly and conspiring to spread the word by grabbing unsuspecting visitors to my home, strapping them down in the dungeon and playing ""Pyscho Streeet"", instantly converting them to fellow devotees, I was finally able to attend the show in Denver last year - an awesome experience which inspired even greater passion for your music! The website is superb as well. I'm especially fond of Song-O-Matic and News From Home. I think I may have the perfect place for the shrine to disappear, should you ever have need of it... perhaps a substitution could be made in its stead of a Yellow-Naped Amazon parrot that sings ""I Left My Heart In San Francisco"" and practices scales and arpeggios? Just a thought..."
Iowa "Wow! ""Shoot out the lights"", Madison, 4-25."
"Sun Apr 27, 2003"
Paris "I've seen for the first time RT with the Fairport on french TV ( POP 2 I think )in 1970 and I have been, already at the time, impressed by the guitar play of Richard.Then I've lost his trace from 1974 until 1990 where I've discovered again this incredible marvellous and fantastic musician composer and guitarist.His music rejoys myself and I would like to thank him for all the pleasure and joy he brings to me!"
tokyo old kick back it's great! please come to japan!
Massachusetts "Am going to see The Richard Thompson Band with co-headliner Suzanne Vega This Wednesday, April 30th. Should be a great show! Would really love to hear his version of ""Season Of The Witch"" from the soundtrack. This show is in Northampton, MA."
Illinois I happened to have heard about four or five songs over my internet radio station and it made quite an impression. I then saw Richard was playing at the House of Blues last night (Chicago 4/26/03) and took my wife. We are now fans for life and a constant buzz in anyones ear about this seemingly unstoppable force of nature!
Wisconsin "RT played a 16th century song in Italian at Madison show 4/25. What's name of it? Composer? Mentioned ""world history of popular song"" show. Was he kidding?"
"Mon Apr 28, 2003"
California "Richard,you are an incredible musician and I have listened to you in other groups have seen you at Folk festivals in Massachusetts and so enjoy your view. I am a violinist with an A model 1927 Gibson mandolin and try to keep up to speed with some of your songs. Keep it goin' Mr. Thompson. I am proud to listen to you. "
Illinois "Hooked! I'm absolutely hooked! Where's the next show I can get to? I have loved Richard's music and voice for about 15 years now and for some reason saw him only for the first time on Saturday at the Chicago House of Blues and I wish the show would have gone on forever. Thank you and will see you whenever I can! Amazing, brilliant, & a ton of other adjectives :) "
New Jersey "Thanks to my Mum I was brought up on Fairport Convention, and have been hooked ever since! I follow Richard's career and go to see him whenever and wherever I can."
Ontario "Is it possible to add a 2nd show to your Toronto gig in May? The first one sold out in a few days, and most of your real fans were unable to get tickets. I personally know of about 10 people who would love to get tickets, and the club owner told me that he has enough people on the waiting list to sell out a 2nd show. PLEASE - consider a 2nd show!"
Prague Super!
Illinois Fantastic show in Chicago on the 26th. The band was tight and rocked all night!
Pennsylvania "I was looking on the net for a long time in order to find a place where I could buy RT Flypaper CDs. Now I finally found it!! Long live RT!"
Illinois "Just saw your concert at the Chicago HOB, 4/26. My seventh RT concert and it's hard to believe you keep getting better every time! Also, Kit Bag is an amazing cd. Kudos! WHen are we going to get a concert DVD? Peace!"
Michigan I've been listening for over 30 years and photographing for 9
Illinois Saw my first RT show Saturday night. It was a delight. Thank you.
Newcastle Upon Tyne "I first heard RT during a Fairport gig in London during 1968, bought everything and seen him 45 times since. I would like a copy of ""More Guitar"" when available."
Maryland Hope to see RT soon.
Illinois "Richard, to quote Joe Strummer, ""YOU'RE MY GUITAR HERO!!"""
florida A tour date in the Orlando or Tampa/St. Pete area would've been nice. Unfortunately a mid-week road trip to Atlanta just isn't manageable.
Pennsylvania My wife and I would love to see a RT concert DVD release.
"Tue Apr 29, 2003 "
Nebraska "i was on the production crew for a show on 4-23, and i still can't believe how amazing Richard's music is live(and I do this for a living!) thanks for the great music!"
Michigan "I bought ""Liege and Leaf"" in 1969. First saw RT in '83 in Ann Arbor. The love of my life was in the audience that night, but not with me. We got married in 1990.We just saw RT again for the ?th time at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor, and it was a killer show. "
Victoria "I rushed and sent off to the UK for TOKB, and now I see the US version (released last, hmmm) has a bonus disc. Phooey!"
Nebraska "I caught both of your Nebraska shows. Sorry about the weather in Hastings last week! Awesome show, though. I literally heard gasps from the audience during some of your solos, though I guess some of that was from me. Pete, as always, was fantastic. I had not previously heard Earl's playing (I've led a sheltered life!) and was only mildly aware of Rory's playing from some of the live tracks on Wathing the Dark... but these guys are amazing as well. A first-rate line-up! Please come back to Nebraska soon!"
Virginia "I saw Richard in Richmond, VA, in the 80's open for Bonnie Raitt. He did ""Valerie"" among others. I've been a fan ever since. peace and Jah love"
Illinois "Have listened to you for a number of years, but your style really kicked in for me at the Old Town School Festival a couple, three years ago. Keep up the good work."
Pennsylvania "WXPN turned me on to Richard. I, in turn did the same for my son, James. We attend concerts together since we are both dedicated fans to Richard's music. I am crazy about him and his guitar. Thanks."
Illinois "I see RT in the Chicago area at every oppurtunity. There's not a period in his career that's not good. Love the RT wit. ""Shoot Out the Lights"" is an unbelievable work of art. Anything else? Let's see...lots, actually, but I don't really know what I'd add right now. Later."
Manitoba Love your new material Richrad and am very happy that you are releasing More Guitar as well. Love how you are pressing forward. You have a great heritage though and I have bought all your live cds as well as the studio recordings. Any chance of posting mp3s of interesting soundchecks? Things us long time fans would love to hear? Any chance of preforming or recording East/West now that you have recently recorded Season of the Witch and performed the Joni Mitchell tunes? That could be a mreal blast.
Tennessee "Richard, Will you be coming to Tennessee (or Kentucky) in July or August? My schedule right now will not allow me to catch the shows in Atlanta or St. Louis. Please, please, please bring your ROCKIN' band to my state this summer. Hope to see you soon."
Colorado "Hopefully, you'll release in the us first next time."
"Wed Apr 30, 2003"
Essex "Consistently interesting and entertaining for the entire time I've been listening. Doesn't the constant lack of mass recognition depress you?- or do you like being a cult hero"
Indiana "Saturday's show at HOB Chicago was simply great, Richard. A four hour drive and worth it easily. Brought some friends and everyone left happy. Pete was in especially fine form on vocals (gotta lay off those cigarettes,Pete). Anyway, thanks and please come to Bloomington or Indy soon."
Maine thank you very much!
Wisconsin The music just gets better and better. Richard perfectly blends every intoxicating element of artistry for which I am extremely grateful.
Toronto "PLEASE! Hugh's room in Toronto is too small (because I couldn't get tickets, if I had them it would be just fine). Play the Phoenix as you usually do and bring the band. Cranky, longtime fan. "
Vermont Fantastic music
California Thank you!
Ontario I'd like to play a sax solo for one of your next tunes. (I'm not a good player-but that's besides the point.)