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April 16-30, 2004
"April 16, 2004"
NSW It was so good to see you in Sydney please come back to us more often
Brisbane "Richard - Tivoli Theatre Brisbane - fabulous show again. Thank you for my request ""Valerie"". You scored a number of new fans at Byron Bay. Next time hope the pennies add up and you can bring the band! PLEASE"
Sydney Great to see Richard last night. Haven't seen him since the Croperdy 25th anniversary reunion!
Leeds More! More!
Canberra Thanks for keeping up the trips to OZ. Looking forward to the 1000 Years show.
"April 17, 2004"
Canberra "I was at both of RT's concerts at Tilley's here earlier this week. Wonderful, wonderful stuff, please come back again soon!"
Adelaide Just home from RT show at The Gov in Adelaide South Oz and very happy. Richard played songs of journey with passion still. Very very good. Still one of the masters. Thank you.
Wisconsin One of the finest musicians and songwriters of any genre
Nevada "Been a fan since seeing a Fairport gig over thirty years ago. My first concert at age 13.......I wrote to complain a while back and feel compelled to do so yet again. The tour dates seem to be getting farther away from Las Vegas all the time. The six hour plus drives to your shows are beginning to get old, as am I. I'll go as far as I have to to see you perform but would appreciate a little help on your part. Seriously, thanks for all the wonderful words and music. I can't possibly tell you how much they have meant."
"April 18, 2004"
Illinois "Loved your show at Birdie's in Indianapolis. Please come to Champaign, IL some time! I'll take you botanizing!"
Wisconsin Would like to find more Fairport with RT.
California keep creating the great songs.
Melbourne Great to hear you in Melbourne again - especially the older songs not heard live before. Any chance of the band ever visiting Australia?
Scotland "Love the site ""Janet Jackson"" is hilarious - Could you perhaps cut down on the flashy stuff for us poor dial up users as some things are a bit slow to load - otherwise excellent."
"April 19, 2004"
Victoria "Really enjoyed last night's Melbourne concert. Especially new songs from TOKB. (and my fave Vincent Black Lightening) Also wanting to send message of support and good wishes to Dave Swarbrick and hope the benefit concerts go well. Wish we could be there!"
ACT "I saw RT for the first time (twice) at the Byron Blues Fest. Excellent. Wow. Fabulous website. Easy to use, lots of great information. Thank you!"
Quorn South Australia I heard Richards Amnesia album years ago then fell out of touch with his music. I recently saw him live in Adelaide South Australia at the Governor Hindmarsh just solo with his acoustic and was very much impressed so I'm now a born again Richard Thompson fan.
California "I think I got turned onto Richard Thompson from a review in Rolling Stone of ""Shoot out the Lights"""
Minnesota "I own all of his live ""web site"" cd's. It is so much fun to hear RT play his songs in a live format, with acoustic or electric. Please keep 'em coming!!!"
Massachusetts Thanks Richard!
Minnesota "I think it's fantastic that Richard takes the trouble to connect with his fans via a website--answering questions, relating stories, etc. I'm sure it's good marketing, but it's also nice for us fans. "
"April 20, 2004"
Victoria Last Sunday Night's Melbourne concert was superb and I apologise for my son showing his dislike for the Britney Spears song :-))) Great Show!
Victoria "Saw Richard perform Sunday 18th April 2004 at the Concert Hall, Victorian Arts Cente, Melbourne Australia. Fantastic. Read a glowing review in this morning (20th April) Melbourne ""Age"" newspaper, a few paragraphs I wish to share.""Given the abundance of greying muso-looking gents in the room,Thompson's astonishing technique may have ensured a rapt house anyway. His off-kilter bass lines, nimbly fingerpicked rhythms and simultaneous, string-bending lead breaks often did the work of two or three guitarists. But his prodigious talent has never been tied to a specific era. It's telling that the first hollered request from the stalls was for ""Gethsemene"", a song from his latest album, ""The Old Kit Bag"". It was an apt mark of respect for an artist who continues to reach higher and still hits the mark."" - the Melbourne Age, Tueday 20th April 2004."
Kidderminster "Great music. Seen RT a few times, again in July 04 at Worcester, England. Would love a signed something from him!"
Fremantle "Thanks for a great gig this evening at the fly by night club, wonderful songs, some fantastic guitar playing and great sound up real close! Loved it - thanks again."
Pennsylvania "My husband thinks I should share this story. We've seen Richard twice in Huntington, NY. Both times I laughed during ""Wall of Death"". Until I heard it live, I though the words were ""let me take my chances on the waterbed"". I can't seem to remember it any other way. "
"April 21, 2004"
Sydney Please update the info on the latest audio downloads (Keep Your Distance? Vincent '52? When & where?)
Sydney "I'll try this again....I had the good fortune to see RT in concert at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney last Thursday & as usual was not disappointed. He was playing solo acoustic guitar throughout and began with a new song called ""Watch me go"" which was a fitting introduction.The concert was fantastic with many highlights throughout. Stand outs were versions of Sloth, When the spell is broken & Bright Lights. Bye for now."
Victoria "What a great show Richard put on in Melbourne on a few days ago. I was thrilled to hear him do For Shame of Doing Wrong - a song I'd didn't think I'd hear him do live. I was also happy to have seen him do the instore appearance that day where apart from Gethsemane, none of the materila was doubled up in the main concert. Thanks for another night of great music Richard. Come back to Australia soon (maybe with a band?)"
Canberra "Went to Richard's gig at Tilleys 13/4 with two friends, seats right up next to the stage. It was a great [and I mean GREAT] honour to see and hear such an exceptionally talented performer up close - at a distance of approximately six feet. I've been to many concerts over my 53 years from The Who at the Stadium in Sydney (1966), to John Lennon (Madison Square Garden, 1972), Stevie Wonder (NY '72), Bowie, Nick Cave, Clapton, Dylan (a couple of times in the 90s) etc. etc. and this was certainly up there with the best (ie. the Lennon gig with Elephant's Memory in NY, shame about Yoko's hideous caterwauling though - but that's another story). Richard's virtuoso performance on guitar (nothing short of pure magic) and his superb singing were inspirational. What a powerhouse! The three of us were, to use that deadly old cliche, 'completely blown away'. Returning home after the gig with one of my friends we sat on the verandah at the back of the house in a state of awe [I kid you not] repeatedly saying to each other ""Wow"", ""amazing"", ""incredible"", ""wow"", etc. etc. and nothing much else for about an hour or more before my wife came home from work and temporarily broke the spell. I really regret she wasn't able to join us on the night and hope and pray that Richard will come back and play at the same venue next year, God, or whatever the force is that animates all living beings, and the great man himself willing. Richard Thompson, I thank you."
Maryland "In 1969 I was 15 and Fairport was a second British Invasion for me, albeit one without the splashy trappings any band from 1964 couldn't escape, or help. But this one band, and the musicians within it, their producer and all the other musicians associated with them, showed me how to embrace a wide variety of music in a delightfully honest way. Fairport (and I could just as easily say Richard or Sandy or Dave Mattacks or anyone because I could hear their individual contributions), made it possible for me to walk into a high school gym record hop and follow a track from the immediately popular Led Zep II with ""Rag Mama Rag"" by The Band From then on my musical independence was free and clear. But Richard's music has always been a constant with me. There have been many ear-stopping moments, including the first time I heard ""The Angels Took My Racehorse Away"" and I realized what a strong electric guitar, chirping fiddles and a goofball but heartfelt lyric could do together in creating an instantly memorable moment of song. "
Perth "Great concert last night at the Fly By Night in Fremantle. I requested ""Dimming of the Day"", so I was very pleased when it was played at the end of the first encore. My wife, who hadn't been to a Richard Thompson concert before, thought his guitar playing was the best, and thought his singing was ""spot on"". She also recognised some of the songs (like ""For Shame of Doing Wrong"", which I have played to death on the CD player over the years. One other rocky suggestion is ""I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight"". Good to hear RT's voice in such fine form, loved the Fairport tribute, and the ""1000 Years of Popular Music""."
Texas "richard has not lost a thing in all the years since i discovered him, linda, and fairport convention. keep it coming!!!!!!!!!!!"
Essex Really enjoyed the photo's from Melbourne - looking forward to the concert at Cambridge UK in May
"April 22, 2004"
Sydney "Thanks Richard and Simon for the superb concert tour of Australia. We love you. You are very welcome here at any time. If the acoustic tours are always like that, then bring them on, perhaps every two years instead of three. We are smiling into our peppermint tea!! Best always!"
"April 23, 2004"
Pennsylvania "Can't wait to see RT & band (can it be true?) at the Three Rivers Arts Festival this June. Oh, and I hope Schwarzenegger's kid rides the bench."
Sydney "my wife and I saw Richard at the Enmore brillant night came away thinking that the guitar playing on the CD's I have doesnt do Richard justise, never seen and hear some one play a guitar like it and I've seen some good ones including Leo Kottke "
"April 24, 2004"
Maine You have no equal - a true troubador! Come on back to Maine. Loved the Janet Jackson diddy!
Melbourne Saw Richard play 4 songs live at Basement Discs Melbourne last Sunday (April 18) Fantastic seeing him play so close. Gethsemane was brilliant.
Nebraska "I've been hearing Richard's music for decades, but for some reason have not bought any of his catalogue until just recently. What a shame for me!"
"April 25, 2004"
Quebec BRAVO
Illinois I have got a lot of Catching up to do....I could kick myself that I missed Richard when he was in Chicago…
Tasmania Great to see your 2 performances at the byron bluesfest. First time I'd seen you since 1979 with Linda in London.
"April 26, 2004"
Colorado saw you in colorado springs. what a great show. thanks richard. motorcycles rock
New York Rory Gallagher and yourself are my influences on my Guitar playing and the underated playing of Willie Nelson and Buddy Guy.
"April 27, 2004"
Sydney "Thanks so much, RT and ST for making the trip to Oz for those wonderful shows. Your presence was an absolute treat for us and you made very many new converts. We had expected to be floored again but we were not prepared for the result! Outstanding memories will live with us until the next time. Thank you, chaps!! RT - brilliant! Keep on keeping on - you are a complete gent!"
Wisconsin Looking forward to seeing Richard in Milwaukee this summer.
Indiana I can't believe that it's taken me this long to be aware of this wonderful singer/songwriter! I just can't listen enough to his songs and I want to increase my cd collection from the 3 I now have...especially the older songs. What an extremely talented performer!
"April 28, 2004"
Cheshire Thanks for the songs. If only my guitar would learn how to play them :-)
"April 29, 2004"
Oxford "as a guitarist myself as well as a live performer Richard's ability and talent sets a level to attain too. Songs like dimmin of the day ,waltzin for dreamers and galway to gracelands are timeless pieces of music along with others that are always a joy to hear. long may it continue, have a greatUK tour this year."
Illinois One of the more interesting storytellers that there is. Richard is also one of the best live preformers around.
Kentucky "The first time I experienced Richard live was at Uncle Pleasant's in Louisville, KY. He appeared solo supporting the Amnesia album. The stage was no more than six inches high and the ceiling was nine inches above Richard's head. The audience sat in folding metal chairs. Richard opened with Time to Ring Some Changes. He sang; he covered the rhythm, the lead, and his guitar also harmonized. I thought, ""How can anyone play with this guy?"" He covered all the bases and was the most dry, ironic, cynical, funny raconteur. Half-way through the show one of my companions yelled for Smiffy's Glass Eye. Richard was a bit startled by the request, but complied by launching into a riveting performance of a wacked-out song obviously not in his set list. My next experience with Live Richard was a full band setting a year later. Once again he was brilliant and let the band play to their strengths. Incredible, the total musician; the standard by which singer-songwriters should be judged."
Missouri "Greetings to Richard Thompson from Mid Missouri. I have noticed a hole in the schedule on June 26th, and would encourage you to play a date at the Bluenote. It's been too long since we saw you in Columbia. My wife and I would love to make dinner for the Band and Crew at our home. No sausages will be served."
Michigan Richard is our king!
"April 30, 2004"
Minnesota Most Enjoyable!
London Keep doing it Richard!
Virginia "For my 40th birthday, my wife treated me to your concert in Charlottesville at Starr Hill. I can't imagine a better way to have spent my 40th birthday. I hope that I will be able to spend my 41st at another of your shows. Thank you."