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April 16 - 30, 2005
"April 16, 2005"
Maine ARRRGH! I won't be here May 19th for the State St. Church gig...running off to get married! Any chance of adding a show at the Camden Opera House on May 18th??? That would be GREAT!
Alberta "am definitely a fan of vinyl versus CD, very interested in past, present and future releases in this format - thanks"
"April 17, 2005"
California "I was fortunate enough to see Richard at the Celtic Festival in Grass Valley, California in October, 2003. I was sitting about 20 feet in front of the stage, watching his fingers and trying to figure out his tunings. Excellent show!"
Colorado Looking forward to hearing more and eventually catching RT live.
Pennsylvania "good web design, i like it:) keep working:)"
"April 18, 2005"
Louisiana I will be seeing RT this Thursday at the New Orleans House of Blues.
Oise, France RT is simply my favorite guitarist and songwriter of all times.
Cologne "Hey there, i found the link to this site on the homepage from Sean Biggerstaff. I just listen to a few songs linked by this site and i have to say its great.Wow!!! I try to get some CD's tomorrow.Thanks Sean for this link and thank you for making this music. lots of love"
Texas Fantastic guitarist!!!!
"April 19, 2005"
ohio Damn fine website. Look forward to seeing you in Kent (Ohio)... from the second row!
Massachusetts Please update on Richard Thompson personal appearances in Northeast USA.
California "Looking forward to seeing you at Humphrey's this summer, and any new releases coming soon."
California richard is the best. glad alkooper signed him. he is a friend of mine. enjoyed his santa concert. hope he returns to southern calif. cannot make his san diego gig.
California "We just saw Riohard perform 1000 Years of Music and it was terrific show! I wish you'd release your version of ""See My Friends"" though!"
Texas I think Richard must be the reincarnation of one of the famous troubadors from the south of France in the 12th century. His talent certainly seems to have been several lifetimes in the making. Thank you Richard for a wonderful show in Dallas last night 4/18/05. Please do more historical recordings--or just keep doing what you are doing--12th-21st century troubador.
Quebec "Acknowledging that a declaration of RT as my favorite musician sounds very adolescent, I confess that his lyrics and music have affected me the most profoundly. I haven't listened to Beeswing in awhile, but it has almost always brougnt me to tears - and I'm not a weepy kind of guy."
Texas "A simple ""Thank you"" for singing ""Persuasion"" tonight (4.19.05) at the Texas Union Theatre. You made my, make that my year…"
"April 20, 2005"
New Jersey "Psyched for RT right in my neighborhood At The Tabernacle!About my 12th RT show in ten years.Bringing 6 future devotees. Humbly requesting King of Bohemia and/or God Loves A Drunk here,as I'm way too sophisticated to shout out requests at a show."
ohio "I have some photos of RT, how do I submit them to this web site?"
Sydney "It is always so good to see posts here from Australia. This is a miserable, retarded country at the moment and it is SO wonderful to have RT's music to gee us up and keep us buoyant. With luck we will see RT back here within a couple of years - he seems to like performing here and the response from audiences is predictably warm. He is so generous of himself both musically and personally. Anyone who wants to speak to him after a gig, have a photo taken with him, have an album signed can surely do it. RT deserves all his ongoing success. Thanks for the magic DVDs - they are qwickly wearing out!"
"April 21, 2005"
Texas "Thank you for coming to Texas, playing in Houston at the Mucky Duck tonight. You were a tall glass of water for this thirsty Texan. Yup, I feel so good, I'd swear somebody broke my heart tonight! "
Hertfordshire "been listening to RT since Fairport days,but have only seen him(&linda)once at the cambridge folk fest. in'85. excellent.""henry the human fly"" is still the best."
Texas "Richard Thompson is, hands down, the best songwriter I know, and he also happens to be the best live artist. What a magnificent mind--and he plays a wicked guitar! The top three singer/songwriters in my era have been RT, Joni Mitchell and Bruce Cockburn, but Richard is the King."
"April 22, 2005"
Lisbon "Richard T., you are one of my three preferred songwriters (guess who are the others) and number one guitar player! "
Texas best thing i've ever heard
florida I just took my eleven year old son to see Richard tonight in Tampa.He couldn't believe how fast his fingers moved.I've enoyed your music for over thirty years.Thank You!
"April 23, 2005"
Milano He is just the best guitarist I've ever heard and I'm sorry I discovered him so late.
florida "Wonderful show in Tampa, too long between visits. "
florida still reeling from first-time seeing RT live Friday.
"April 24, 2005"
"April 25, 2005"
florida Just saw RT in West Palm Beach. Took my 8 year old son to his first concert. He loved it. How cool is that? Does not get much better.
Yorkshire "Inspirational, miss Sandy"
florida "hello! my boyfriend took me to your show here in miami. you're a sick guitarist! and i loved your voice. come around here more often!"
"April 26, 2005"
Massachusetts "I love Mr. Thompson's music, always have. it helps me live my life."
florida "just saw RT in West Palm Beach April '05, all acoustic show, was fabulous. will be buying the DVD!"
Dublin "Richard I've just been collecting all those re-mastered Albums from my youth and those early Fairports all those masterpieces that you did with Linda.Excellant Albums like ""Hokey Pokey"" and ""What we did on our holidays""[with Sandy god be good to her in her element] that I must admit I had all but forgotten about, loads of extras real collecters stuff and on top of that I am still listening regulary to that new DVD.So as a semi invalid between yourself and my Dylon I'd have given up the ghoast years ago.But when are u comming back 2 Dublin?"
"April 27, 2005"
South Australia A number of us love Richard's music and have seen him perform at Womad and elsewhere. Fantastic performer
West Sussex Comeback and perform live ASAP
Arkansas Can't wait to see you in Arkansas again. Will you be playing any local clubs after riverfest?
Massachusetts Would you like to come to dinner when you next play Northampton?
"April 28, 2005"
Brighton I have been listening for over 30 years - it feels like my whole life! Delighted when my son (aged 5) was asked at school what his favourite song was - he replied 'Wall of Death'
New York "wonderful work and one of the greatest live shows I've ever seen, a pantheon that includes artists as diverse as Mike Watt, McCoy Tyner, and Screaming Jay Hawkins."
New York "What do you call a Richard fan? I've often referred to ourselves as Richardheads, but I'm very tempted to refer to ourselves as Dickheads."
florida More DVD's please!
West Virginia Look forward to RT's 05.06.05 show at the Rosewood Theatre.
florida Thanks for all the great music!
"April 29, 2005"
Dorset when is Richard planning to do his next solo tour of the UK?
"April 30, 2005"
West Virginia Saw Richard last year at Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Arts Festival. Outstanding. Was blown away. Can't wait to see him next week in WV.