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April 16 - 30, 2006
"April 16, 2006"
New York when is richard coming back to nyc? his last concert at town hall was fantastic as usual!
"April 18, 2006"
Surbiton "Turning of the Tide and others on the Capitol label are absolute crackers. Mr Thompson you are music's best kept secret"
"April 21, 2006"
Dunedin Might Richard Thompson come to new Zealand (Auckland in particular) for a concert ?Much as I would like to be back in the uk for the Ascott under Wychwood one .
"April 23, 2006"
London There are gaps I want to fill.
"April 24, 2006"
"Woburn, Beds" Used to be on mailing list but seem to have dropped off! (could be down to ISP changes)
Washington Thank you!
"April 25, 2006"
Bletchley "I'm making the effort to be at Cropredy, without my beloved husband, who has passed away.Why won't you be there? We've watched you perform in blazing sun and pouring rain. Cropredy is never the same without you. PLEASE be there."
"April 26, 2006"
Washington "RT, Please return to Seattle soon."
Iowa Come back to Iowa City!
Ohio "Keep it going, Richard! You keep getting better and better. Your songwriting and playing are superb. It is a crime you are not more well-known to the masses."
"April 27, 2006"
California "grizzly man extra on the DVD, making the soundtrack...Thank you! You are very soulful."
Georgia Grew up on your music. It is an inspiration. Best wishes.
"April 28, 2006"
Queensland I was born in the U.K. and first heard Fairport (A Sailors Life) on a Rock Machine compendium album and have been hooked ever since. My wife and I are planning to visit the U.K. next year for the first time since 1969 and hope to take in as much music as possible. I will refer to this website regulaly to keep up with future concert dates etc.
Hampshire In my back garden in August (at Wickham). Oh Joy!
"aberystwyth, wales" "just finished watching the grizzly man, spent more time watching the music part of the disk, what can you say but amazing. have to keep a eye out for you when you're in aberystwyth next....cheers"
"April 29, 2006"
England "Sheer Genius, sheer sensitivity!!"
Norfolk I Live very near Wood Dalling Hall where I believe RT stayed for a while. RT has given me so much pleasure over the years and as a guitarist plenty of inspiration.Thank you very much
"April 30, 2006"
Suffolk OK. Listen up Richard - this has got to stiop. My husband and I are in the USA this summer in July August - and you are in the UK. And when we get back - where are you?? Agh!! Pretty please do a longer tour in the UK??? Thank you;)))