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APRIL 16 - 30, 2007
"April 16, 2007"
Derbyshire I just love the Mock Tudor album, one of my many favs of yours. I saw you a couple of years ago at the Assembly Rooms, Derby and am seeing you at Conkers this summer. Can't wait! Woohoo! You inspire me to write, play and sing. Thank you X
"April 18, 2007"
peterborough cant wait to see him live again - at falmouth ! 1000yrs is a masterpiece
ruislip first went to cropredy festival early 80s go every year just amazed at the song writing and guitar work. keep it going rich all the best
Ohio Saw Richard in Kent, Ohio and he was great!
"April 19, 2007"
New York Richard's music has been part of the fabric of my life!
"April 20, 2007"
Minnesota Richard's upcoming new cd sounds real good from the song samples offered via Shout Factory. Looking forward to seeing him live again this summer?
"April 21, 2007"
New York I saw Richard in Tarrytown. The power and purity of a single singer, guitar player and songwriter were overwhelming. Virtually everyone else is a pretender.
New Zealand Please let me know when RT Songbooks are available! I must have them! I think Richard is one of the greatest musicians alive today and I would really like to meet him.
New York I love the new CD!
Missouri Richard Thompson is the greatest guitarist ever. Way better than Bon Jovi.
Alloa, Scotland i am a fairport fanatic
Alaska Richard, hopefully some day you will hit Anchorage Alaska.You are a great musician.Peace be w/ you.
Minnesota Richard, I'm looking forward to seeing you June 11 in St. Paul. I've seen you many times, with band and w/o, but I've never heard you play Little Blue Number. Could you work it into the set list? Would be a great opener...Thanks for all the great music.
"April 22, 2007"
Christchurch The Richard and Linda albums are the best-kept secret in rock/folk/pop.
"April 23, 2007"
Hampshire my partner said she hated folk music until she heard richards music! keep doing your thing richard.
"April 24, 2007"
New Jersey Love your music!
"April 25, 2007"
Texas So nice to have found your music... Persuasion is by far one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.
London Only just realised how much of his music is his !
"April 26, 2007"
Pennsylvania A friend turned me on to Richard's music; shared some of his DVDs - I really enjoy his music. Looking forward to seeing Richard in Harrisburg, PA on June 25, 2007.
California A long, long time ago in another galaxy I played for my husband on the record player Fairport Convention and he was amazed (1981).
"April 27, 2007"
Texas I love your music, please please have a concert in Austin Texas!
California Thank you RT for your superb songwriting and guitar playing. It has gotten me through many a day.
"April 28, 2007"
Israel Your gift of expression, all your employment helps in routine surviving. God bless you.
Massachusetts Went on line this A.M. and got tickets for the June 30th show at the Berklee Performance Center, Boston, MA. Can't wait!! 11 rows up!
"April 29, 2007"
Germany Just don't stop! (and come to Germany sometime soon...)
Troon, Scotland Just got tickets for the old fruitmarket.Thank you for the tour of Scotlands music venues. See you back home!
"April 30, 2007"
South Australia See him play live four times and every time was wonderful…
Exmouth Can't wait for the new C.D. Ever thought about a South American tour?
Somerset What a guitarist!