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APRIL 16-30, 2008
"April 16 , 2008"
Dublin Richard is the greatest guitar player i have ever seen. Can't wait til he's back in Ireland again.Soon i hope!
"April 18 , 2008"
Western Australia He's my favourite artist. I only wish I had discovered him much sooner. Still, better late than never.
"April 19 , 2008"
Massachusetts Glad to see you're coming to Lowell this summer!
Birmingham One of the all time greats - vast array of musical instruments and styles, and hugely influential, I think, on contemporaries, friends, audience and folky-rocky direction. Thanks, RT, for all the pleasure.
"April 20 , 2008"
California Thank you for the music and the stories. They have made a real difference for me.
"April 21 , 2008"
Ontario I started off listening to Fairport Convention and just watched the Austin City Lights DVD. Keep up the good work and also thanks for many great songs & guitar playing.
Swansea, Wales Would like to get hands on the RT Songbook
Aberdeen, Scotland this man is a genius,although i am sure that you are only too aware of this fact!!
New York saw Richard on Jools Holland show and loved the music. Great voice, great lyrics, great guitar work. I'm now a fan.
"April 22 , 2008"
Bristol simply the best guitarist and songwriter around
"April 25 , 2008"
Wisconsin I hope the tours keep up as I want to take my son when I can.
Louisiana Hello Richard. I'm looking forward to seeing you at Jazz Fest next week. It's been a long time!
New York I love Richard's songwriting, singing, and guitar playing. It has been a great pleasure seeing my wife and daughter come to enjoy his music as much as I do! My ten-year-old daughter's favorite song: "Woman or a Man?"
British Columbia I hope someday to have the opportunity to see RT in concert, been a fan for quite some time!
"April 26 , 2008"
Texas The first song I heard on XM was Vincent Black Lightning. Loving old motorcycles, and great lyrical folks songs, I enjoyed it from the first listen. I'm hoping to add it to my set list. I have to get the rest of the music as well. Looking at the CD list, I saw that you also did the Grizzly Man soundtrack. GREAT Job!!! I also liked your comments in the special features. And, of course, I noticed your support for the Costa Rica project. I've been in and out of Puntarenas Costa Rica many times. Beautiful country, great folks. Great Talent!!! What else can I say?
"April 27 , 2008"
Louisiana Will be at N.O. Jazz Fest, May 2nd.
"April 29 , 2008"
Maryland please come to maryland soon!
"April 30 , 2008"
Nevada Just have to say that, after listening to Take Care the Road You Choose for about the gazillionth time, I still think it's about the best song ever written, by anyone. I love all your work, but that song floors me every time. Thank you for such a wonderful gift. Could you come play it in Las Vegas sometime?