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MAY 1-31, 2009
"May 2, 2009"
England Keep Your Distance has been recommended by a good friend (a long standing fan of RT)
"May 3, 2009"
Sussex very interested in listening to acoustic guitar music. a friend mentioned you
"May 4, 2009"
California Please play the Riverside area sometime.
"May 6, 2009"
Sweden Live Warrior is superb!
Massachusetts This seems to be how one signs up for the newsletter. Planning to catch the Loud & Rich tour in Cambridge!
Nebraska Richard_s music is mesmerizing. Bee_s Wing is a magical song. I_ve only seen Richard 1 time at the Rocky Mt. Folks Festival. If he ever wants to do a Midwest tour, let me know and I_ll help set up Nebraska!
"May 7, 2009"
USA So glad Loud & Rich are coming around!
"May 8, 2009"
Somerset Only found my way into the world of Mr Thompson after a friend of mine covered Vincent Black lightning 1952, and became obsessed with it! (though there is no substitute for the real thing!)
"May 11, 2009"
Georgia Richard Thompson is amazing!
"May 12, 2009"
Berlin Listen to your music is always wonderful!
"May 14, 2009"
Ohio I'm looking forward to the Kent Stage Show on 6/12/09. RICHARD WILL ROCK THE HOUSE
"May 17, 2009"
Pisa Always love it when RT comes on the IPod while on shuffle,haven't been to a live show in a while,hopefully here in Italia or our other spot,New Mexico
"May 20, 2009"
USA Bar none, the best guitar player I've ever heard. I've learned a bunch of his stuff. I don't know how he comes up with it!!!!!!!!!!!!
"May 23, 2009"
North Carolina Love, just pure love for Richard's music, ever since Fairport.
"May 24, 2009"
Amsterdam I just want you to keep singing…
Ohio I'm a red head and I like the live version of That Song on my local alt radio station... Also, have been wild about Pat Metheny (and Lyle Mays) since the 8th grade (soundtrack of my life) and despise Kenny G…
"May 25, 2009"
Bedfordshire Hi Richard, long-time fan here (since ~1970). Clearing me old Mum's cellar today, found a bunch (5) of Parlophone Jimmy Shands. Made my day. Now for a record player that does 78s...hope no-one steps on 'em!
New York You're a kindred spirit, kind sir!
"May 26, 2009"
Arizona Ex-boyfriend exposed me to Richard's music. Saw RT at Rhythm Room in Phoenix in 2007. Amazing!
"May 27, 2009"
California Haven't seen you play in several years, so am looking forward to your next tour through California.
California KPIG
"May 28, 2009"
South Australia I think I was probably the only person in my city to buy Henry the Human Fly when it was released (I still have the vinyl). First RT concert I attended was Drury Lane Theatre in London, 1976. Thanks for the music, which continues to move me like no other.
"May 31, 2009"
Tyne and Wear Please hurry with the Tab books.