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May 1 - 31, 2013
"May 8, 2013"
Just saw Richard for the first time at the Belly Up in San diego. Unbelievably good. Hard rocking, great singing, great band. If this show was recorded I would buy that CD immediately. Please tell me you guys are recording some of these shows ! Really, in a live show it doesn't get much better than this. Why he is not one of the most popular acts around is beyond me. Fortunately for us, it means we can see him in these small venues. GO SEE HIM AS SOON AS YOU CAN ! Did I say, GREAT SHOW. thanks.
"May 9, 2013"
 Illinois Richard, as one who has spent a small fortune on you records, just threw Electric on the VPI turntable thru Musical Fidelity and Vandersteen speakers, Side one isounds muffled and cloudy to say the least. Side 2 is much better. Quality control? Just thought you should know. Thanks for the musical pleasure all these years.
"May 13, 2013"
British Columbia Killer concert 2 nights ago. Thought you might like to read this review. Love you to bits RT.
"May 14, 2013"
British Columbia I saw you last Saturday in Vancouver (thanks) and you almost mentioned a merchandise table but caught yourself short. Can you tell us all why we up in Canada never see any 'goodies' at merch tables?
"May 24, 2013"
Selkirkshire, Scotland My husband is a long time fan from Fairport Convention days.He played me 1952 Vincent Black Lightening and I fell in love.
"May 27, 2013"
British Columbia Richard & band Thank you for a truly fantastic show in Vancouver on May 11/2013.It rates in my top 10! I've attended hundreds of concerts since 1970. Thanks again and keep me posted.