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May 1 - 15, 2003
"Thu May 01, 2003"
Michigan Just viewed the live webcast...thank you! Sat in the first row in Ann Arbor on 4/28 and saw the Boulder concert on 4/21. Hope there are additional Midwest dates added for the band tour. Can't get enough!
California "Keep up the good work. Can't wait for the US release of Old Kit Bag and 1,000 years."
California "Can't wait to see Richard at the Belly Up in May!BTW- this site is beautiful, but difficult to read. I'd suggest lighter shades of color, if possible."
Balen Really a masterpiece that old kitbag is. If you ever come to Belgium I will be delighted and honoured to fill it up with a new lunch to travel on.
Georgia Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.
connecticut "Enjoyed the great show at the Calvin Theater last night, the 30th. BRA (*&^%$) VOOO!!!And thanks to Pete Z. for the autograph on my copy of The Old Kit Bag, which a friend from Scotland brought to me!"
Massachusetts The Man is breaking my heart. We saw him last night in Noho at the Calvin. Does he know how bad the house sound is? Long time fans were leaving the building. For love of god(s) please get this corrected.
Massachusetts I'm a huge fan - Thanks for playing Massachusetts!
"Fri May 02, 2003 "
Wisconsin "An absolutely GREAT web site. Although, at my advancing age I find it a bit difficult to read the dark background. Is it possible to send an e-mail to Richard? Please let me know. Thank you and keep up the great work!"
"ipswich, suffolk" saw him in 1968 at the festival hall at a folk rock concert with fairports.loved his guitar style and songwriting then- still do!
Ontario Richard - please do a second show in Toronto - you have a lot of fans here....
New York "You sounded great on WFUV today during your performance at J&R Music World in NYC. Great interview too. I love your sense of humor. Later in the day, WFUV played a repeat performance of yours on The Mountain Stage show. Must have been when ""Mock Tudor"" came out. Again, you sounded great and I laughed quite heartily at your witty barbs. Glad I got to hear so much of you today. I was going to Town Hall to see you tonight, but my Mother has been ill and I had to give my tickets away to a now... very lucky and very pleased... friend. I'm certain it will be a wonderful show. Hopefully, I'll make it up to Falcon Ridge to see you in the Summer. Love the new album!"
Kerry one of the best discoveries i have made
Missouri "Spoke with RT after a gig a decade or more ago. A friend, trying to locate a parallel to communicate our level of engagement with his music, stammered something about ""Deadheads"". Richard, grinning widely, said, ""Oh- you're ""Dickheads!"". Well, yes."
South Dakota great shows and interactment with audience
"Sat May 03, 2003"
New Hampshire My husband bought me the boxed set which a former colleague of mine produced and I was reminded how much I love this music--the songwriting and guitar and voice are soulful and phenomenal. Thankyou!
Oregon I'll be seeing Richard and the band in Portland on May 19 (and driving south at an ungodly hour next morning to get to work on time). Cheers to Danny Thompson! Looking forward to seeing/hearing him again in future tours.
Cardiff "I ""discovered"" Richard two years ago through the ""Action Packed"" CD. I've since been trying to collect all his other releases. Saw him live for the first time in Bristol this year and have tickets for the forthcoming Cardiff gig in July. "
Pennsylvania Can't wait to see you at the Keswick on Sunday 5/4/03
varese Wonderful!
California "I'm looking forward to your show at the Fillmore on May 17th, and my brother just informed me he has one extra ticket for the Strawberry Music Festival. I'll see you there!"
Yorkshire love the new album (kit bag)not a bad tune on it. The new guitar sounds great and the backing vocals add up to a classic Thompson Sound
"Sun May 04, 2003 "
Illinois Got started by a friend who turned me to your work on Mirror Blue...
SALTBURN CLEVELAND "Like the site - love the music. The albums from the site are great - but a touch expensive Thanks for the music."
New Jersey Richard;saw you last night at the town Hall in NYC. It was the first time since Cropready and it was the best show ever. I think your new CD is one of your best and the band was realy hot. Normaly we see you in Princton but this year showed up a day late and that sucked. But last night you heard me yell Misunderstood and played it next that made my night thank you so much!!!! Remember we where the Hippies on Nancys tour oh yhea buy the way The song A love you cant survive blew me away your vocals and echo gave us chills. Love ya!
New York "All I can say is thank you for a wonderful performance last night (5-3-03) @ Town Hall in New York. I now know the secret to free music - it's all about the flowers. If I could ever play my guitar as well as you on your worst day, that would be my best. Come back to NY soon and next time please include COOKS FERRY QUEEN IN YOUR SET. Your band is first rate, and the guy playing instruments capable of mass destruction was very muCh the efinination of ""SHOCK AND AWE"""
"Mon May 05, 2003"
California Richard is one of the Greats!
New York "I love Richard. His music decorated my life in new ways as when you discover something that you didn't know you didn't know."
New York "seen you at town hall last night, great show"
New York "I just saw RT two nights ago (May3) at Town Hall in NYC:incredible performance. He did almost all the songs from Old Kit Bag and many great older ones. The rendition of ""Shoot Out the Lights"" was earth-shattering. Pete Zorn played a superb mandolin solo and then RT followed with a jaw-dropping solo on his marvelous guitar. I've seen him live maybe 15 times and his brilliance never ceases to amaze. He is the only perfomer that I ever go out of my way to see and hear. Thank you RT for all the joy you have given all of us."
Massachusetts Glad to have the site! Has RT ever worked with Elvis Costello?
Maryland "keep up the terrific work. Looking forward to seeing you perform in Washington, DC this evening 05/05/03"
Oregon "have enjoyed Richard's guitar and wit for many years, saw him live at the Alladin Theatre twice. The long cut RT Live Webcast is excellent! "
California "I've recently ""won"" tickets to an upcoming show in San Francisco, but I can't seem to find out the start time-- or even verify the date! (I was driving when I won an on-air call-in contest, on KFOG, 104.5 FM.) Richard's great!!"
New York "My husband and I took our 2 kids, ages 13 and 9, to see their 4th RT concert at Town Hall on Friday! We were bummed that you weren't back at the Music Hall in Tarrytown, since we can walk there, but the Town hall in NYC is a great venue. Their first RT concert, (our 3rd) was in Croyden in 2000, and we now couldn't get away with seeing you without them! They are huge fans. You and the band were fabulous, and the look of pride on your face (you were kvelling!) was a truly beautiful and wonderful thing. Of course, ""Persuasion"" was gorgeous. And I don't care how many times I hear you do ""Vincent Black Lightning,"" it sends shivers up my spine. You didn't have the ""1000 years of pop music"" disc at the first show. Will we be able to get it some other way?Thanks for making such beautiful, rough, sweet, thought-provoking, intelligent, rocking music."
Vermont "Wow!!! April 30th in Northampton, MA. Opening song a prdel to the floor take on Tear Stained Letter and it just didn't let up for at least two hours. New stuff sounded great and the classics as fresh as ever. Keep at it!"
Pennsylvania nice concert last night at the Keswick Theater
New Jersey I saw the show at the Keswick last night. He was great.
New Jersey He's the best. Come to New Jersey!
California "Quite simply, he's the best. I was hooked by ""Henry the Human Fly"" and I've been an addict ever since. "
New Jersey "At the Town Hall show, the lighting reflected on Richard & Pete onto the side walls & made them look like Thai shadow puppets...Pete was a giant & moved very fast...Richard looked more like a giant cricket or ET with guitar...the show was terrific...thank you"
"Tue May 06, 2003 "
California like the music- would like to get richard to do a concert at joshua tree playhouse- michael moore can tell you about it
New York saw your show 5/3 nyc@ town hall. great rockin was better than i imagined. i'm a fan!
Pennsylvania "Great concert at the Keswick last night!! It was the perfect mix of new songs and old favorites. I've been listening to ""1000 Years"" and ""More Guitar"" nonstop since I came home."
Rhode Island just got old kit bag a few hours ago...amazing!
California Wonderful stuff. I can't wait for the Cocoanut Grove gig.
Virginia "Just caught the RT Band at 9:30 in D.C. Scorching set. Hats off to the superb drummer. Bought the new CD. Live set vastly surpassed the excellent recorded sides on Old Kit Bag. HEY! D.C. is the City of Ellington. U Street is the Street of Ellington: WHY NOT PLAY ROCKIN' IN RHYTHM (actually, that's Mercer, isn't it?) or one of your other Ellington favorites when you're in town???? RT outdid himself in D.C."
California I'm looking forward to the Strawberry Music Festival!! The Old Kit Bag comes out in the US on my birthday (5/6) and I can't think of a better way to spend the day than to listen to new Richard Thompson. Thank you.
Melbourne Have always LOVED RT's music. It is an inspiration. Seeing him live in Melbourne (twice) was wonderful. Would love to see him come back with the band.
"Washington, DC" I was at the show in DC last night and didn't have enough cash on me to buy 1000 Years of Popular Music. Does this mean I'm doomed to a life of deprivation? When will it be available here? Tanks.
Oklahoma Nice job on the web site. Lots of good history & information. Keep the music coming!
Maryland Great show last night at the 9:30 club in DC.
Virginia "I have been following Richard's career since his early Fairport Convention days. He is one of the major icons of modern music. Just saw his show last night at the 9:30 club (Washington, DC). Loved it"
Ohio i would love to see richard play cleveland/akron this time with a band.
Pennsylvania "I saw Richard for the first time, after listening and being a fan since since 1969, at the Keswick. One of the best performance, show, band and audience. I hope to catch all future shows."
Virginia "Great rockin' show at the 9:30 Club on 5th, May 2003!"
Pennsylvania "Richard, GREAT show in Philly on 5/4...I'm only sorry that the audience was so lame! I actually heard one woman complain about how loud it was as she was leaving the theater! Please! Anyway, I was a bit nervous about the ""new"" band but they are INCREDIBLE! Hats off to them as well."
Colorado nice site
Lappi Jiihaa!!!!!!!
"Washington, DC" "Just saw RT at the 9:30 club. I really loved the new songs and Sight Unseen in particular. The whole show was great. I really wanted to see a show heavy on the electric guitar, and it sure was. I think the only show I've enjoyed more was a tiny show at the Grange Hall in Middlebury VT. I've seen RT a lot and that was a particularly great nite, thanks."
Oregon But I'm younger than I used to be.
Maine do more shows in maine .
florida "i got the japanese import of ""the old kit bag"" a few weeks ago... seeing RT playing the songs in northampton, mass. what a treat! how can anyone have so much energy? this was my second RT concert, first one being a solo in st. agustine florida, so this was a totally different experience. will probably go to the one in boston because i'm one of them infamous rabid fans :)"
London "Richard, if you read this, you have been one my central inspirations ever since the days of Fairport, not only as a musician but as a human being. Respect and love. A friend you've never met. "
"Wed May 07, 2003"
Maryland Saw the 9:30 Club show last night. Great to hear new stuff!
New Jersey "I just saw Richard and the band perform at the Keswick Theater in Pennsylvania. The performance was great, as usual, and the new songs were outstanding. He is definitely one of the most gifted song writers and guitarists around."
New Jersey "Super show at the Keswick on May 4!!! A new concert video with band would really be great!!"
North Carolina "We just met in the lobby of the Carolina Theater in Durham, N.C. after a remarkably energetic performance. Thank you once again for performing cuts from your new cd. You never cease to amaze me with your versatility and your new cd if a prime example."
North Carolina "Just saw the show at the Carolina Theatre in Durham, NC. You and the band were incredible. Every time I think you can't top the last show I see, you prove me wrong! Also, thanks for taking the time to say hi and sign my copy of TOKB. You're a charming man in addition to a phenomenal musician. Come back soon!!!"
North Carolina Just saw RT in NC tonight. Wonderful.
NSW The website colour is so dark it is impossible to read the text. Please lighten the background colour
New Jersey "I'm glad you finally released ""Outside of the Inside"" which I remember from the John Harms Center show with Marshall Crenshaw in November of 2001. It was very cathartic at the time, very important to me as I work down the street from the World Trade Center. But why didn't you and Marshall Crenshaw sing Valerie together? (He has covered it)."
London "I met him once, in about 1977 at some pub gig in Putney (I think).I had done my very first spot in public of 2 songs earlier, among several other young (I was just 18 at the time)hopefuls. However, the main attraction, after all the open mic stuff was Richard and his band. (I believe Simon Nichol may also have been playing with him that night). Anyway, I got talking to this very charming bloke with a beard, who hadn't caught my contribution to the proceedings, but he seemed very nice. Well, I told the friendly guy with a beard something along the lines of 'Yeah, but you should hear Richard Thompson, he's who I really came to see, apart from doing my little spot' 'Is he any good?', enquired my new pal. 'Oh, he's amazing! You should really check him out if you don't know his stuff. Anyway, I've just got to take a piss, can you hold onto my pint a minute?' 'Sure' he replied. A couple of minutes later, I retrieved my pint from him and he suddenly disappeared. Well, needless to say, the next time I saw him was a few minutes later on stage. Well, how was I to know who he was - I'd only ever seen 2 pictures of him before, from the covers of Liege & Leaf and Pour Down Like Silver.Well, it made my friend who I went to the gig with laugh... Cheers Richard, you're a star!"
North Carolina Thanks for the wonderful show in Durham NC last night. Didn't get home til 1:45AM but it was worth it.
North Carolina Great show in Durham last night!!!!!! Any plans for a totally acoustic CD or is their a live show available on CD that is heavy on acoustic?
North Carolina "I brought 18 friends last night to the Carolina Theatre. Some of them had never heard you. They were wowed by you all. Say Hello to trusty Pete. What a great right hand to have standing in your shadow. I believe your voice envelope is pushing a full octave now. Is it voice coaching, weight training, or Viagra? Keep expanding."
Michigan "Will the ""Old Kit Bag"" tour-shirts be avaiable here? I didn't have enough money to buy one at Richard's recent Ann Arbor concert"
connecticut Richard is the best!! He came to my school twice!!!! Thank you for signing the cd and giving it to Jo! It could quite possibly be he best present (that i have to pay for) ever!! Track 19 is by far the best! I'm glad that I rank up there on the psycho list!! Rock on with your bad self!!
Illinois "Just received my copy of ""More Guitar""--without question the greatest live rock and roll recording since James Brown at the Apollo. The amazing K. Aronoff seems to spur Richard on to new heights of inventiveness and energy. Revelatory performances--thanks for making them available."
Georgia Looking forward to tonight's show in Atlanta--checked the site to see who is in the band. Thanks.
Ohio "Has Richard ever played Boise? I probably saw him 10 times in ten years in Seattle and now, 4 years after moving here, I've yet to see him play again... 8-("
New Jersey Just saw him at Town hall. Great show. Wish he would tour with a band more often
Washington "Great music. I've already bought ""The Old Kit Bag"" and look forward to your show at the Kit Cat on May 20th."
California "As a guitarist myself for 38 years, Richard's whole approach to guitar and traditional music has been so much more than an inspiration."
"Thu May 08, 2003"
New York "saw RT & Co. at Town Hall, NYC May 2 - wonderful, memorable night. Looking forward to 1000 Years of Popular Music."
Rhode Island "I have been on the list and contributed a song to the first ""Little Blue Numbers"" don't know if there's been a second"
Oregon "Dear Richie, When will a recording be available of the song about Ophelia's boyfriend?"
Georgia Just saw Richard and band at Variety Playhouse in Atlanta. Great show. The whole band played wonderfully. Won't soon forget.
Sheffield """Thanks for all of it"" you were inspiring at the lyceum great to see you in Sheffield again so disappointing you are not at Cropredy this year your the main reason I keep going."
connecticut "I went to see Richard Thompson perform live at the Carriage House Coffeehouse in Bridgeport, CT, when I was 16. I remember his array of guitars and dobros; he used a different instrument for nearly every song. He graciously let me use his Martin acoustic guitar to sing some of my original songs when he took his break...that was great exposure and experience for the young singer-songwriter I was. I just want to thank him for that...that kind of congeniality is rare in the music world.His song ""Ticket to Heaven"" still stands out in my mind after all these years."
Pennsylvania RT might consider a show at the Bryce Jordan Center at The Pennsylvania State University.
Georgia great show last night(5-7)when ya coming back? love to see an acoustic set! hope the rain didn't screw things up.
California i've seen rt nearly every time he comes to town (san francisco). i still think his solo acoustic performance at the fillmore in 2001(?) was the single best concert i've ever attended.
California See you at the Fillmore SF
Minnesota "HELLO!! Just caught the show at First Avenue in Minneapolis--FANTASTIC!! I was a little leary, every time I have seen a performer for the 3rd time, it was a big disappointment. Not Richard Thompson. My husband and I are big fans. He is a guitar player and covers several songs. We live North of Duluth. Please, keep coming to Minnesota!"
North Carolina "I just missed the show in Washington DC - didn't know about it till now. I've attended Richard's concerts in recent years at Wolf Trap (Virginia) and hope see him again. I have also learned he has also performed (in the past) in Asheville, North Carolina. Any plans to return there in the future? Keep up the great work please and all the best to you."
Alabama "I hope Richard sees this message. I'm from India, and I moved to the USA a few months back. It was a dream come true for me to see Richard in concert - I saw him just yesterday in Atlanta,GA....I had to drive through a tornado in Alabama and barely made it to the venue, but what a concert it turned out to be. I can't express the thrill I felt in words...watching him from five feet away playing those maginficent guitar solos and singing as wonderfully as ever was simply amazing. I wanted to go up to him and tell him that he has fans as far away as India, but didn't get the I hope you read this Richard!"
California "I Was The First One To Buy The Old Kit Bag At Tower Records In La Jolla,California Tuesday Morning May 6th"
London Keep on doin' wotcha doin'
Virginia This is the first time I have had to admit my membership in the 36-45 club and it is more jarring than I expected.
Minnesota " Thank you for the song-o-matic. I've been trying to track down a song I'd heard many years ago but didn't know the title or the album. With the song-o-matic I was able to identify ""Feel So Good."" Thanks!"
Indiana Haven't heard any yet.I read the article on I think I'll get the CD and check it out.
Virginia "I am surprised to read such negative comments about the Mitchell Froom-produced album in all the Kit Bag reviews. Fine songs cannot be ruined by a little production sheen, and Mr. Thompson writes the most startling songs. He is also one the funniest people I have ever seen in concert."
Ontario i love your music
florida I am one of those really devoted fans. I own every recording I have been able to find. I saw him in concert once a few years ago on a solo tour. It was a highlight of my long love affair with music.
Alaska "Play Nome, AK sometime."
Michigan "Saw/heard Richard a number of years ago at the Strawberry Music Festival in northern California and then a few years later at a small club in Santa Rosa.Godspeed, my lad"
New Jersey "Have been a fan since early days of Fairport.Have only started usig a computer recently(something about old dogs & new tricks).I love that it's given me more access to the music I care about.Thanks Richard For all that great guitar and those beautiful songs.Real music only enriches all of our lives.So ,keep going for all of us old rockers."
Arizona Never heard of him until the article today (5/8/03)
Kentucky I just got the new cd and my 20 year old son already swiped it. That's what I get for taking him when he was only 7 years old to see Richard Thompson play.
connecticut love vincent 52 & Martin D 28
New Jersey "I was at the Fri NYC show. Had a great time since I had a cousin in London who bought the Old Kit Bag CD for me a few weeks before the show. I was the one who called out for Jealous Words (I kept my mouth shut after that). Not many performers do it for me these days, but I'd have to say RT has moved ahead of Ray Davies & Brian Wilson (2 other rock dinosaurs!) in my book into the #1 spot. Keep 'em comin, Richard! Hope to see you somewhere later this year."
" Fri May 09, 2003"
California Please come to San Francisco more often!
New Jersey spot on!!!! keep up the good work
New Jersey "Just saw the Saturday nite show at Town Hall. RT was great as always. Should have punched the bloke in back of me (he was the one who asked RT for an intermission), but I was with the new wife and being an ex-hippe, it just wouldn't have been right (but it would have felt so goddamned good)."
California hi... just bought kit bag....thank you!!!!!!! looking forward to seeing you live at the mystic theater. best regards
North Carolina "Just saw the RT Band in Durham, NC on May 6. What a phenomenal show. It's not often that such remarkable acts make it to smaller areas, but that is the 3rd time Richard has been in the area. I'd like to say thanks and I hope he'll keep coming back. The new album is stellar, BTW. Keep it up!"
Massachusetts "After a week I'm finally back to normal after being blown away once again by Richard's incredible playing.He reached new heights at the Town Hall in NYC on 5/3.He left me speechless. I never thought electric guitar could effect me so deeply. I also picked up ""1000 Years of Popular Music"". What a fun cd! It's great to re-experience that show again. After listening to it a few times I thought how hard it must have been to put that show together. The songs are SO different than RT's songs. And they were performed so brilliantly. I feel so lucky to have experienced all of this. Richard just keeps getting better. Truly amazing."
Maine "I saw you in Camden, ME. I've been playing out since '72 and I enjoyed your solo performance so much. I tell anyone who will listen you are the best solo I've ever seen. I look forward to hearing you again. Good Job!"
California Keep rockin'
Kentucky "I heard Richard in Durham, NC this past Tuesday night (5-6-03) -- flew down just to hear him and took my son and his girl friend to the concert. Truly amazing! Without question, he is THE most powerful singer performing today -- the best lyricist, best vocalist, best guitarist. I really appreciated him taking time to sign the liner notes from my Old Kit Bag CD after the concert. Can't wait to hear him again, hopefully in Lexington or Louisville, KY."
Maryland "Keep on keeping on! You taught me more about playing the guitar than everyone else combined. Thanks for every note from ""Ribbon Bow/If(stomp)"" to Kit Bag and beyond."
Missouri My first Richard Thompson concert in 1996 I had to remind myself to breathe I was so completely blown away!
Wisconsin Thank you for continued authenticity!
California Love your work.
Washington I need to THANK my good pal for opening my heart to the greatness of a truly superb artist!!!
Wiltshire old kit bag is the best for years.all the makings of a classic the gig at bristol was a cracker!
Ohio I have a son who is a freshman in college who is a guitar player. He has had people tell him the say thing - NOT to stay with music but it is his passion - HE HAS TO STAY with it!!!
Ohio "Richard, I met you in Columbus Ohio about five years ago after a performance. You were wonderful. Thank you so much."
Nebraska Just read the interview on and want to say how cool it is to see Richard there. Hope to see him in the Kansas City area someday.
Ohio "Please come closer to Cincinnati! I missed the last area RT show, and desperately need a fix!"
Illinois "I am interested in the set list for House of Blues show in Chicago - April 26th 2003. And to say RT is great."
Wisconsin "My wife & I are both big fans,we make every concert, when he is in the area."
Georgia "Inspirational on a lot, really, a lot, of levels. Thanks"
Maryland Peak form at the 9:30 club! Leather pants?
Arizona "Well, I've been listening more than 30 years, but admittedly not my whole life--I didn't start until I was (say) seventeen. But I do own (and still listen to) an original copy of Henry the Human Fly! that I bought the day it came out, or at least arrived in my college town. (Unfortunately, my Fairport albums have disappeared somewhere along the line.) Looking forward to the concert in Tucson next week."
New York An old picker just saw article in YAHOO news and thought I'd buy the CD and give a listen
Arizona "I'm looking forward to the concert here in Arizona Monday May 12th. It will be my first RT concert (sad to say). I've been familiar with his music and performance since Fairport Convention.Egad, the days of vinyl. In short, I'm a long time admirer from across the pond. Cheers!"
New York "No one I'd rather see again and again. Son Timmy's voice getting stronger on Persuasion (NYC-Town hall May 2 2003). Ghost Of You Walks still underappreciated, heard it only once live @ Beacon few years ago."
Delaware I know a place in Delaware Richard can play if he is intent on completing the 50-state cycle.
"Washington, DC" "I have been a great fan since Liege and Lief and have been fortunate to have seen you 3 times in recent years, all in Virginia. Once, with the band at Wolftrap opening for John Prine and twice at the Birchmere solo. I confess a prejudice for your solo concerts. As an avid, if inept, guitarist and singer, I feel both inspired and humbled watching and listening to you and your Lowden. I have read you own a mid-60s Martin (000-18?). I own a 1967 D-28. Glorious sound. There are moments when I do everything right and they are worth all that goes before and after. I wish I could see you at the 9:30 Club in DC, but it is mostly a standing-room only club and I have become too infirm, alas. Should you return to the Birchmere (I fondly hope so), I shall be as close to the stage as possible. Thank you for all the years of marvelous music and thought."
Maryland "I have been a big fan since the Fairport Convention days. Nobody does it better - terrific lyrics, wonderful melodies, great singing and best of all, a world-class guitar."
Kentucky "I thoroughly enjoyed the performance at the Kentucky Theater, Lexington, KY Please come back soon - sorry I can't make it to the N. Ky show this weekend"
Indiana "Love the machine songs ... Vincent, MGB-GT. Love songs of another kind. "
Kansas I am looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow night.
New York "I began listening to Thompson's music during my senior year in college (in 1984) and haven't stopped listening to him since then. In my opinion, he is an enormous talent. Keep up the good work, RT!"
Georgia I saw Richard Thompson and met him at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta on May 7th. He is the nicest guy and the show was excellent. I will send a picture when I get them developed!
"Sat May 10, 2003"
Tennessee "your music, including fairport and w/ linda, i have told others is on my desert island short list. can't get enough, never get tired of it. just heard a cut from the new one on wutc. have to find an independent dealer to get the ep."
Georgia "An alltime favorite from the 1st time I heard ""Pour Down Like Silver""...King Richard continues to amaze me, time and time again."
North Carolina "Just enjoyed the Durham, NC show. "
New Jersey "I prefer band concerts, like last week's shows at Town Hall good show, everyone!"
California "I first heard of Richard when I was touring Europe with Peter Rowan in 1981. People kept saying, ""God, you play a lot like Richard Thompson!"" I finally heard him play (on an LP) in Scotland and was terribly flattered to be put anywhere in the same ballpark with him! I have been a huge fan ever since. A giant all-round musician."
Missouri Fantastic show in St. Louis tonite! Thanks for a great evening.
Drammen "I saw the title ""I agree with pat metheney"", and thougt: I often do as well. I will be laughing all day, and right now, inspired as I am, I will get in my car, go to me mum`s house and crucify the kenny g cd I saw in her house the other day. I told her; mom, you say my music gives you goosbumps, but how can that meen anything as long as you have THIS shite in your house. (sic) Keep it up Richard. I will always by your records and go to your Oslo shows as long as we live. best espen"
California I hope the new one comes out on DVD-Audio.
Alberta "thanks for such beautiful music First seen Richard in Bristol England about 10 yrs. ago and also in Winnipeg about 3 years ago (a great ""live"" CD came from that night). Are you ever coming to Calgary? "
California "Thank you for some of the most beautiful, disturbing, thought-provoking music I have ever heard. And for your sense of humor & delicious wit."
connecticut "I just saw him on 4/30/03 in Northampton, Massachusetts for probably the 10th time. Each time, I come away continually amazed that anyone can play guitar like he does."
Washington "RT is the best singer/song writer/guitar player past, present, future -period!! Try to see him multiple dates on every tour - next week in Seattle!!!!"
Illinois I love his music and thought that he was the highlight of the Joni Mitchell broadcast tribute of several years back.
New York "Play in NYC venues more often, please, please. Love you at The Bottom Line. Saw you at The Beacon last year (a couple of years ago?)where they made you quit the stage too soon."
malling "a gig in Ârhus, denmark would be nice. the venue ""Train"" is a good spot, where artists such as little feat, and the the have played. Train, for some reason reminds me of the mean fiddler in the 80s.So, please - and, oh bring the band the gig at ""voxhall"" yesteryear with danny was superb, but hey we WANT your electric vibes!"
New Hampshire Would love to see the old stuff reissued on CD soon.
North Carolina "Ahhh. Sublime, meaty, deep and emotional. Like no other, that's for sure."
California "richard is our friend and he is one of the greatest musicians and singer songwriters of our time. We play his cds over and over at house. "
Missouri "I saw Richard Thompson at the Padgett in St Louis on May 9th and was utterly blew away. Never have I seen a guitar play the guitar like he did. To say he was hypnotic doesn't quite capture it...but he was hypnotic."
Alberta Howdy. Hope your doing well.
New York Mr. Thompson's music has been the one constant in my life!
Minnesota "Richard is a definate favorite at our house. Puts on a show that's second to none. I will plan to see him any time he's in the Minneapolis area. Great talent, great person."
Illinois "i really enjoyed the show in st. louis on may 9. I live in alton,il, the birthplace of another great musician and innovator, miles davis."
"Sun May 11, 2003"
Ontario "See you at Hugh's Room, Richard!"
California great stuff !
New York Amazing musician and lyricist- and a complete joy to see live- Who could ask for more?
Salford "Brilliant!!! You've got a concert lined up for the Lowry Centre in Salford, Manchester. It's a fantastic venue that deserves matchless talent like yours Richard. Thank you for coming back to Manchester, I can't wait."
Maine Just keep it going Richard
North Carolina "Shook RT's hand last week at Carolina Theatre and said, ""Durham, North Carolina,"" inexplicably leaving off the welcome. He replied, ""I know where I am."""
Kansas "Wow! The Mighty Thompson-with a mighty band-returned to Lawrence, KS for a second time this year and opened his show with a blistering version of Tear Stained Letter! Thanks, Richard and Pete for taking the time after the show to chat before disappearing into the night... hopefully, to be seen again sometime soon..."
"Mon May 12, 2003"
Bristol "Please come back to Bristol/Bath for a solo gig. Great site,great album."
KwaZulu-Natal "I achieved a lifelong ambition this year when I finally saw RT in concert (Shepherd's Bush Empire) - it was everything I'd hoped it would be"
Ontario Any chance of a second show in Toronto?
New York "Veteran of the Tarrytown Music Hall shows, witness to the Willie Nile guitar show-jumping display"
"Tue May 13, 2003"
Phoenix "Can't wait to see RT tonite in Tempe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Alaska "1952 Vincent, is my all time favorite of your's I'm sooo jazzed to find your site."
Massachusetts "Thanks, RT, for providing spots of sanity and wryness in my all-I-do-is-work day"
Phoenix "Just love ya Richard, thanks for the recent show in Phoenix and for signing my old Kay acoustic. What a treat."
Ontario "I can't seem to get the order form for the new album or the 1999 live recording because I live in Canada. Help! Lovely site, by the way. Richard is coming our way (Toronto) in July. Praise be. Thanks."
Mn Finally saw Richard with his band and they were fantastic! I also brought my neophyte brother who was duly impressed.
Missouri "Just saw RT and band in Lawrence Kansas this weekend. We brought our 14 year old daughter with us, because she plays bass and is a Danny Thompson fan, but she was mesmerized by Rory McFarland's performance. A wornderful time was had by all! "
Texas "My first CD was Across A Crowded Room. I was hooked! Saw Richard in concert in Austin, TX, around June of 2002. Stood right at the lip of the stage at Stubbs BBQ and watched the most amazing guitarist I've ever seen give me lesson after lesson in how to play. Amazing and superb!"
New Jersey "I have seen Richard perform live several times and loved all of the shows, but treasured most the Scottish Rite Auditorium in Collingswood, New Jersey. The smal intimate setting was fantastic. "
"ON A FREE ROAD, Scotland" "Keep up the great song writing and colaberate with neil finn again sometime, if you cant manage that then colabeate with me, the one who isnt sure how to spell colllabbbeerate."
new york loved the town hall show!
"Wed May 14, 2003"
Perth The website is pretty good. Have only managed to see RT once due to living on the other side of the world. Would love to see a full band but it would have to coincide with a trip to visit rellies in the UK. My hobby is trying to convert people to the music. I am fortunate that my wife is a big fan and so RT gets loads of airplay here. When is the next OZ tour? Don't come out when the Ashes is on because you might end up getting a game.
San Diego CA "I can't see Richard tomorrow at the Belly Up Tavern due to an unfortunate lack of babysitters. I'm so mad I can't believe it!!! Oh well, front row at Humphries last year was great, not to mention the duet w/ Nanci Griffith that nite. It rocked!"
Vienna "Is there any RT concert dvd or video available? When is the next RT concert in Austria (ore close to)?"
Manitoba one of the best concerts I have ever attended was RT at the West End Cultural Centre in Winnipeg and seeing R at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Looking forward to the new CD and trying to find 1000…
"Vashon Island, WA" "Thank you for the webcast! It makes a lovely addition to the new album!"
Massachusetts "My husband turned me on to Richard's music. We met him backstage at the Fleet Boston Pavilion about 4 or 5 years ago when he played with Bruce Cockburn and Dar Williams. Love the new album and looking forward to the tour!"
California I LOVE Richard Thompson!! He's a brilliant songwriter and equally brilliant guitarist. I have 11 of his albums.
"Thu May 15, 2003"
California "can't wait to see him in Eureka, CA"
NSW Just picked up The Old Kit Bag - am having a ball listening to it.
Pennsylvania found you on eMusic
Missouri I attended the concert in Saint Louis last Friday night. The concert was excellent and I hope that Richard comes to town again.
Herts Great site but when will More Guitar and 1000 years of popular music be available in the UK
New Jersey "Thanks for maintaining the site. Alawys interested in CD and concert reviews as well as tour schedules. I've ben a fan since the first Fairport Convention album was released here. I even have an original ""Henry, the Human Fly"" LP....quite a distinction, huh???"
California "Saw Richard's show last night at the Belly Up. WOW!! Amazing show, one of my favorite RT show of all time. Thanks to RT & band!!"
New York Too many to fit here! Rave on.
California "Glad to see the website up and running. Looks great! Saw RT at the Belly Up in Solana Beach, CA last night... The band and he were smokin'!!! Wonderful show!"
Pennsylvania 5/4/03 show at the Keswick Theatre was excellent!!!!
Oregon My very favorite Musician/artist and was a pleasure to meet...
Pennsylvania "Thanks for the years of great music and the recent show at the Keswick. Also, the web site is great. I really look forward to having any new items appear. I think Richard's music is the best."
Victoria "look Richard, no more gypsy love bits! AVE BOUGHT ALL YER RECORDS AND SEEN ALVE A BAKERS DOZEN OF YER SHOWS SO THERE!!record companies prefer Kenny G thats y i live in a tree so come back downunder and yer farts all be like thunder "
Massachusetts "seen richard once at harvard, he was great even tho the show was only 45 mins. due to greed by the promoter who added a second show."
Maine "Please come see us in Portland soon!!!Your new record is beautiful!Bring the whole band with you!!"
Missouri Just saw him in Lawrence KS last week and he and the band were great. Why won't he come to Kansas City again?