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May 1-15, 2004
"May 1, 2004"
New Mexico Thanks for the music!!!
Florida "I've seen his name in the guitar magazines for over twenty years,but did not hear him until recently, when I happen to catch him on Austin City Limits. Then I got the cd ""Mirror Blue"", now I'm hooked. Thanks,Richard."
Leeds "Great website. Crying shame there are no Leeds gigs this year, though. My (late) husband and I (very regal!) used to love his music - I still do. I have a feeling I'm going to be buying some new CDs very shortly."
"May 2, 2004"
Pennsylvania "My favorite is ""Bee's Wing"""
"May 3, 2004"
Adelaide "Thank you for the recent concert in Adelaide (and your WOMAD appearance in 2001). A long wait but worth it. A terrific night everyone there appreciated. ""Crawl Back"" more often. We need these feel good moments. Thank you."
"May 4, 2004"
Pennsylvania "Next time your in Phila. (eg. playing the Keswick in Glenside), please consider coming to my house for dinner. I'd love to make you a great meal, in thanks for all the wonderful music you have provided me over the years."
Pennsylvania Come to Phila!!
NSW I'm after a CD of Henry the Human Fly and would appreciate notice of its re-release.
Merseyside "I have been a fan since ""Ribbon Bow"""
"May 5, 2004"
New York "Thank you, Mr. Thompson!!!"
Idaho "ever been to idaho, richard? i've lived here 5 years now and watched you play every city and state nearby, but never here…"
"May 6, 2004"
New Jersey Richard is one of the most talented and entertaining musician's I've ever had the pleasure of seeing to date and I've had that pleasure two times within the past year! Hope to see much more of him.
New York Looking forward with great anticipation to the shows at Irving Plaza! It's about time the band came back. And hope Warren shows his face there…
zurich " You have this lil depressive style.. I like it very much, and great lyrics.. :) thanx for this great piece of music richard."
"May 7, 2004"
NSW "I missed RT at Byron Bay, my local blues fest, last month - I can't believe it. Come back soon and play at the Lennox Head Hotel. Thursday night is 'open mike' night, so no need even to make a booking!"
Drøbak Rumours of a DVD - i'm waiting - Octoberish? Any chance of a visit to oslo this year??
Missouri "Hey Richard, Thank you for the years of wonderful music..."
Massachusetts I realize RT played Boston in March (solo / benefit concert in Cambridge). Any chance of the band stopping in the RI or NH? Please? pretty please?
New Jersey We always look forward to both Richard's recordings as well as his live appearances in the NJ-Phila area.Thank you Richard
Pennsylvania I have been following this musical nomad since the early days with Fairport.The lyrics and song have shadowed my life; The bitter and the sweet.
Sheffield "Lovely to hear of some favouites re-emerging at Tarrytown. I hope 'She Cut Off Her Long Silken Hair' joins them one day - as hauntigly beautiful as 'Beeswing', but seemingly unrequested and unplayed. Best wishes for the Blighty tour. Recommended music for the bus: the new 'Rough Guide To Gypsy Swing' CD. Good stuff. See you in sunny Buxton!"
Missouri "Absolutely loved ""The Old Kit Bag."""
New York "Perhaps someone could explain why it is that wherever I go to hear R.T., there is someone behind me loudy talking about hockey. Is there a cure for this curse?"
Dublin "Just been getting into the music, great stuff - how Richard (and Linda) aren't household names i do not know! Any plans to come across the water in the near future?"
"Glasgow, Scotland" Richard Thompson and Tom Verlaine are my two favourite guitarists. Congrats on a beautiful website about a great musician.
"hamilton, scotland" "i would like to know the tuning for The King Of Bohemia if possible.If not,where might i find it?"
"May 9, 2004"
western australia "My husband and I saw Richard's amazing concert in Fremantle, WA, a truly awsome night. We wish that he'd bought some cds and t-shirts with him that night, though! Looking forward to making some more purchases from this website, though. Great job, thanks."
"Glasgow, Scotland" when are you coming back to glasgow?
"May 10, 2004"
Florida The Man made me give up guitar because I knew I could never play as well as He could…
Vermont "Thanks for a wonderful concert at the After Dark Series in Middlebury, Vt. I hadn't seen you since you played the Flynn in Burlington and before that was Hunt's (which burned down). You sound better than ever!"
"May 11, 2004"
Massachusetts Fine chap. is he...
Vermont Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Pennsylvania "I've been a fan for quite sometime! When you come this summer would it be possible for you to sign my Washburn? Please, it will be Fathers Day (6/20)here and I hope my son grows to play like yours has. "
somerset where can i get copies of old and deleted material
London News from Home should be published ... funniest stuff I've read in ages.
Pennsylvania My friend is a huge fan of Richard's and has met him several times.
Pennsylvania "My husband got me into RT. I was totally hooked after my first concert at the Keswick Theater in Glenside! I never considered the life of a ""Roadie"" 'til I heard RT play for the first time. Now we don't like to miss a show whenever he's in town. ROCK ON RT!!"
"May 12, 2004"
Texas rock and roll
New York Please keep me posted on any upcoming events.
Texas "Great web site. Please keep Houston, Texas on the next tour schedule!"
Cheshire "truly one of the greatest, innovative,soulfull guitarists of all time, writes a mean tune too!"
"May 13, 2004"
Pennsylvania hope to see you at the Keswick next month!
"May 14, 2004"
California "Keep coming to Santa Barbara; we love it!' If you ever want to talk to a Brit Lit HS class about ballads, let me know."