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May 1 - 15, 2005
"May 1, 2005"
Michigan An amazing artist with a sense of humor concerning the human condition that really tickles me. Richard's guitar playing is something special also.
Maine You are my favorite guitar player. My current favorite song is First Breath. 1952 Vincent black lightning was the hook that got me started. My boyfriend became my boyfriend the night I walked into the club where he was playing vincent. We hope to catch you in portland - Mike's birthday present from me. Oh and we caught your 1000 years concert in camden - loved it.
"May 2, 2005"
Tennessee Keep coming to tennessee!
California Richard is the best!!!
"May 3, 2005"
Maine please come back to camden
New York "Just a quick note to answer Richard Bernard's Q & A matter: The song he is describing is ""Transit"" by Richard Shindell, and is available in a studio recording on his album ""Somewhere Near Patterson,"" and live on ""Courier"". Hope this helps! And while I have you here, many thanks to Richard for his 1,000 Years show at the Egg. It was my second time seeing him in that venue, and he was magnificent as always. Will ""1985"" be appearing on the DVD?"
Colorado "We saw ""1000 Years of Popular Music"" in Boulder last year - fabulous! My 10 year old daughter decided to sing ""Trafalgar Square"", in costume, for her school's ""Arts Showcase"" night. And ""52 Vincent"" is the best damn song I've heard since I don't know when! We love you RT!"
S Yorkshire Thank you!
"May 5, 2005"
Osaka I would like to see RT performing in Osaka again.
"May 6, 2005"
"East Kilbride, Scotland" When will you next be playing Glasgow
"May 7, 2005"
baja california Really a surprise! here in México it's very difficult to find RT info. A complete artist Thank you
ohio Just got back (25 minutes ago) from the concert at the Oberlin Folk Festival. A great performance. First time I've seen RT live.
"May 8, 2005"
muswell hill "we`r a few guys that always turn out for quality acts such as RT. Loudon Wainwright, Ray Davis etc. Loved 1000yrs and look forward to solo show on Aug 24. "
Cambridge "Yours was my first gig, aged 9. Come to Cambridge Corn Exchange (when the students are here)."
"May 9, 2005"
Liverpool went to see him in northampton on my birthday 30 june 03 completeley blew me away fantastic!cant wait to see him again .
Nishinomiya-city I hope Richard's Japan tour.
"May 10, 2005"
Pennsylvania Hoping RT will make it (again) to Pennsylvania.
"May 11, 2005"
West Virginia "I caught Richard Thompson's performance at the Rosewood in Morgantown, West Virginia on May 6, 2005. What can I say, other than, it was simply the best concert I've ever been to in my life! I was quite surprised and delighted that my favorite guitarist was making a stop in my home town. I hope Mr. Thompson will return to Morgantown again some day, as I am without transportation, so if it doesn't happen here in my home town, I don't go to it."
Brisbane "Hard not to gush. always entertaining, always interesting, always fantastic guitar playing"
Tennessee "I have many favorite guitarists, but if someone were to say, ""Stop equivocating, who is your all-time favorite, I would say Richard Thompson."
"May 12, 2005"
New York "Have long admired your songs and playing, though I admit to jealousy of being able to play like that and sing."
Louisiana Just turned a friend who thinks Queen was the greatest band ever on the Richard's music via the MIRROR BLUE album. The next day he went out and bought AMNESIA and MOCK TUDOR. I hope to catch Richard's show in Nashville.
Massachusetts "My wife and I have seen Richard in concert twice -- first in Northampton, Massachusetts, and then in Albany, New York. Both were great shows. The Northampton show was significant for the fact that he broke a guitar string, completed the song he was playing, and then sang ""Twist and Shout"" a cappella while replacing the string. One question: Why wasn't ""If You Don't Want Me"" ever released as a single?"
Arkansas "THANK YOU for coming to Little Rock again for Riverfest in May!!! This will be my fourth time to see RT in concert. Your (RT's) soulful voice and incredible, sometimes profound lyrics are unique. What can I say, I am one of your biggest fans!!!"
"May 13, 2005"
north carolina "I am curious as to where RT played in Mississippi, which is my home."
New York Heard of RT via Bob Mould and have been enjoying his stuff ever since
"May 14, 2005"
Wisconsin "Just curious as to if Richard will be playing at Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this year.It runs from June 30th to July 10th.I loved his show last year with his band at Summmerfest.Thanks"
Minnesota "A friend of mine...a Morris dancer of all people...*laugh*...gave me my 1st CD. I'm inclined to buy more now! I'm curious to know what Richard thought of Rory Gallagher. Cheers Mate!"
"May 15, 2005"
Texas like tony the tiger says these songs are Grrrrreat!
florida "I first heard Fairport Convention while traveling by bus across Iran on the way to India to study music. Just a few years back, rediscovered you through hearing others sing your songs, then got some of your CD's, and wow, you have got it! Blazing beauteous lyrical musical power. I think you are the bee's knees! "