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May 1 - 15, 2006
"May 1, 2006"
Liverpool "any chance of a gig in the north of england,its been far too long."
Washington DC Looking forward to seeing RT in Cambridge at the folk festival there in late July. Richard is an international treasure.
Vienna "is there any chance about a RT concert in Austria, South Germany or Switzerland??"
"May 2, 2006"
California Will you have any dates scheduled for the Fillmore this year?
"May 4, 2006"
"Fife, Scotland" "richard just gets better, as a musician, songwriter,he also seems to be a really witty guy,long may you continue."
"May 7, 2006"
milano I hope to see you soon (maibe in Italy)!!!
Oxford Great website. Love all the lyrics.
"May 8, 2006"
Cornwall "I've seen so many RT gigs when I was living in California, now that I am living in the UK, I haven't gone to a show yet. This has to change ;-) I am going to check out one of the upcomming dates! Thanks! "
Ohio "Really looking forward to the upcoming Stuart Opera House show with Richard Thompson, Like to buy some of his CD's"
Llangollen Nth Wales Having recently re-discovered you it was like finding a long lost friend...Love the pictures of you mmmm..
"May 9, 2006"
Maryland "Keep on writing, recording and touring!"
Manchester Looking forward to looking back!
California "RT is absolutely my musical hero. Best composer of his generation, hands down."
Kent Its's about time I signed up to the site - let the technology do the work
"May 12, 2006"
Pennsylvania Tonight I decided I wanted to listen to 1952 Vincent Black Lightning. I grabbed the CD and turned on the stereo. The song was already playing on WXPN! That was bizarre. Thanks for the music.
California "If you read this before the May 12th show at The Lobero, please, if you would, do a tune off The Grizzly Man CD. Powerful Stuff this..."
hemel hempstead GREAT BOX SET
Hampshire Saw RT three times on the last year. Top man!
Massachusetts "Put me on the email newsletter, please! Come back to Boston soon! Thank you."
California "Richard is all round one of the best entertainers in the world. His guitar, voice and humor are hard to beat."
Oregon "alladin theatre;portland.or. a magical night-thank you for passing through,thank you for the music! "
California "What a handsome website - my mother and I will probably be taking Nancy's Southern Europe tour, very excited about it. Thanks for all your wonderful work through the years."
Wisconsin Please come back to Milwaukee!
"May 13, 2006"
Hamburg "hello, when will you ever give some concerts in Germany? even the Beatles polayed Hamburg ;-)"
California "As the US Director of National Publicity for Island Records in the mid 70's I had the great pleasure of compiling the double LP ""RT Live---More or Less"". Having been a fan of Fairport and as one of the few who eagerly bought Henry the Human Fly upon release, I begged Island's Chris Blackwell and Charlie Nuccio to allow me to expand RT's new album to include some rare and live tracks. At the time, it was an album compiled by fans for fans, but also a shameless attempt to widen RT's audience. We even made a concerted (but failed) effort to get Linda Ronstadt to cover A Heart Needs A Home (something I'd still like to hear). Just saw the 1000 Years concert at Royce Hall on 5/11 and thought it was a transcendent, wondrous experience. RT is still one of the vital and giant artists of our era."
California "I've missed his last few visits to San Luis Obispo, but I'm going tonight (5/13). Thanks for coming this way again. "
"May 14, 2006"
Illinois When are you coming back to Chicago?
"May 15, 2006"
California just came back from the Santa Cruz show. It was great.Thanks
California "French Frith Kaiser Thompson - Live, Love, Larf & Loaf: yummy"
California "Incredible 1,000 Years show at UCLA last week. Riveting performances by all. Probably the largest seated show I've seen for you in the 20+ concerts I've attended. And you've never looked happier. Thanks for your tireless touring and dynamite performances. Your fans really appreciate it!! Would love it if you were able to fit in another solo date in L.A. around the time of your San Diego show! Thanks for the music!"
Maine Yours is music for the ages. It's always wonderful to open a new pair of ears to it (making my friends fellow believers). Cheers...