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MAY 1 - 15, 2007
"May 1, 2007"
California Cheers!
Preston He's got some talent, that lad!
New York Dear Richard Thompson,

Bought your Henry the Human Fly when it came out in the early 70's, but did not become a big fan until I saw you in person playing a solo acoustic concert at RPI in the early '80's. Then got caught up buying all your older records, and the newer ones as they appeared. The boxed set is great, and I especially like 1000 years of music; hope you keep adding different songs to it. I read on your website that you were interested in the lyrics to the song Jeanne Moreau sang in Jules et Jim. Hope I'm not the last of 10,000 people to send this to you. Hope you come back to the Egg, in Albany, N.Y. or Troy Music Hall soon on the tour for your new cd (my copy is on order).

Massachusetts come back to the iron horse
Norway I'm coming to the Cropredy Convention this August and I'm all excited! Saw Richard in Trondheim, perhaps 12 years ago, it's been too long.
Massachusetts A little story for you: I was a bellman at Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel back in 1991 (and late 1990) and I recall walking by a medium-sized meeting room where a guy was performing for some music industry insiders. I remember saying to myself, as I slowed down and listened for a minute, that, hmm, he has a bit of an odd voice, but distinctive -- but not what rock stars usually sound like. And he was no average folky strummer. He knew what to do with a guitar. Well, months pass and I read a review of Rumor & Sigh by this guy I've never heard of and they say that he has been great forever and the record's da bomb. Then I went into Rhino Records (the old record store, not the label) and they had the disc prominently displayed with a little notecard saying that this guy and this recording are da bomb. So I pick it up. I get home and play it and say, "th-th-that's that's this guy I heard at the hotel!!! I would know that voice anywhere!!!" Been a big fan ever since and I'm looking forward to the show on June 30 in Boston.
"May 2, 2007"
Tennessee Awesome. Ahh to be his lady-love...and listen to him serenade me with music composed for me and me alone...and as I leave this earthly world, with his music playing in my mind...I shall barely be able to distinguish the difference of his melodies and those of the angels.
Reading haven't really listened to your music because i'm mostly into heavy metal. you probably don't really care much. yeah i was just searching my name on google. i'm also a guitarist but not top 20. well done to you. keep rocking.
"May 3, 2007"
Aix-en-Provence A great pleasure when my mother gave me for Xmas 72/73? "I want to see the bright lights tonight" Great!
"May 4, 2007"
Nebraska 1000 years of popular music in Lincoln, Ne. a few years ago was a night my wife and I will never forget!!! Please come back Richard!!!
"May 5, 2007"
New York The Tarrytown acoustic show last November was incredible... can't wait for the new album and the electric show in Peekskil!
Merseyside Looking forward to seeing him in Liverpool again - long overdue
Vermont Hi RT - belated happy birthday, mine's just around the corner and as you're 1 month older that means I've been following you for 40 years - Thanks!
"May 6, 2007"
Colorado Thanks for all the wonderful years of thoughtful music! Here is my vote that Richard Thompson would consider a straight away children's recording to give future generations hope. I am looking forward to the songbook release.
California Stop by the most powerful radio station in America,(except that pine tree theater in SantaCruz) 90.7 KPFK. I volunteer on the front desk on Thursdays, "O"perator.
"May 7, 2007"
New York Lot of Irish in Richard, mother from Galway, loved Elvis Great music!!!
Tennessee Smart, deep, funny, cute, awesome guitar player, brilliant very, very glad to know these things about Richard Thompson; he gives me hope.... the clips on Grizzly Man were inspiring and moved me to tears.
"May 8, 2007"
London I'm trying to find all the music he has recorded. The music I have found so far, I`m amazed at how consistantly brilliant he is. He is the English Dylan but better.
Marburg an der Lahn Mr Thompson! You should play more concerts in Germany. Marburg is a better place to make music than Nuremberg. So long
Texas I finally got to see Richard live in Conroe, Texas, on March 2nd. I came away convinced that Richard Thompson is a bard, and one of the most gifted musicians I am ever likely to hear. My sincere thanks for continuing to tour and make great music. Be cool.
"May 9, 2007"
California Come back and play the Mystic Theatre in Petaluma. We love you in No. California
Tennessee Do you require the services of a FOH guy while in Nashville? You are the most inspired and inspiring guitarist this side of Jeff Beck. If you're coming to Nashville, Check out the Wildhorse saloon- the best equipped, nicest venue in town- now booking acts besides country! Y'all come see us!
Maryland I've been a fan for many a year, since Fairport. I had the chance to see you live several years ago opening for John Prine. You were fabulous, just all over that guitar. Music is one of the top five reasons that life is good and you are one of the reasons that it always will be. May the God that loves and worries over us all keep you strong and active. You are irreplaceable.
"May 10, 2007"
Iowa Just went on the louisiana music tour with nancy and carole and had a wonderful time.
Massachusetts Come back to the Iron Horse in Northampton, MA. We love you!
Surrey I just never tire of listening to Richard's music.
Yorkshire I feel at once both ashamed and privileged having ""discovered"" Richard's music only recently. I can state without reservation that I have never before been so utterly moved by music on first listen..his music also endures and hearing it feels like being introduced to music all over again. A truly wonderful, sincere performer..A true artist..It is a joy listening to his work.
Iowa Have you ever considered working with Mark Knopfler?
New York Comments? you ask. What can I say? If I could meet Richard for a minute and say one thing, though, I would say that he's one of the rare musicians whose singing and playing get better and better with each year. Do you suppose I will get to meet Richard?
Pennsylvania Richard's great! Are any of the pre-Capitol albums going to be rereleased anytime soon?
"May 11, 2007"
Tennessee I had wanted to see Richard for a long time. I found out he was going to be in Nashville at the Belcourt Theatre. I went with my wife and two friends and was blown away at the show. Thanks for taking audience request and doing Beeswing.
Nevada Richard, I'm your biggest fan--nearly 20 stone. Ha. Seriously, why won't you come to Las Vegas? I've been all over the country to see your shows. It's your turn to visit me. I've had dreams that you located here permanently and performed nightly in your own amphitheatre like Celine and Elton. Would that be so bad?
"May 12, 2007"
USA where have you been?
Zuid-Holland GOOD MUSIC !!!
"May 13, 2007"
Norfolk Great website, linked from the excellent Bob Harris web page who played one of the tracks from the new album last night (12 May).
"May 14, 2007"
New Jersey Brilliant, from "Tear Stained Letter" to "Dad's gonna kill me", it doesn't get any better.
Pennsylvania Richard is, truly, one of the most talented musicians and writers I have ever heard. I laugh, I cry, I listen to the beautiful stories he creates with his voice and guitar; over and over. Don't ever stop!!!!!!!! Thank you.
"May 15, 2007"
Swanley, Kent The songbook's bound to be a many people here waiting for it. Good luck.