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MAY 1-15, 2008
"May 1 , 2008"
Dublin My brother got me hooked when we were travelling a long journey together in Ireland about 4 yrs ago. Then I saw you live at The Midlands Music Festival last year. Sublime.
"May 2 , 2008"
Arizona I love Richard's music! I'd love to see him in Tucson again. Ottawa or NM is a possiblilty.
"May 3 , 2008"
Coastal Victoria Goosebumps! I'm listening to Persuasion which I've only ever heard Tim Finn sing... all I can say is thank you! Yearning for more.
Louisiana Just saw him at jazz fest, again and he sounds as great as the first time I saw him. My guest could not believe all that music was coming from one man.
"May 5 , 2008"
Florida came to USA 12YEARS ago from banbury OXON NO ONE KNOWS RT here.
"May 6 , 2008"
Colorado Saw you at No Jazz Fest...awesome!
"May 7 , 2008"
Lancashire when I'm sinking to my knees she twists the knife again
Massachusetts very good music - like the wide range of music
"May 9 , 2008"
Banbury he is brill.even my young kids have his music on their ipods.
Yorkshire Just added Sunset Song to the CD to be played at my funeral. Can't speak any higher for such a superb song. Where have I been for the past 40 years?
Tennessee Saw Richard live for the first time at the Belcourt Theater in Nashville in 2007 and it was a very warm, memorable experience I will always treasure. Please return.
Maine What can anyone say that hasn't been said? The most incredible voice, the most amazing guitar player. The only artist I've seen play alone on stage, who made me think at least one other guitarist was hiding somewhere playing along! How does he do it? Mesmerising performer.
Georgia Ok, damnit. When are you going to stop boycotting Atlanta? It's been a couple of years and we want you back at the Variety Playhouse!
"May 11 , 2008"
California Thanks for playing in Arcata, CA on Dec. of 2006. You really blew the lid off the Van Duzer Theatre! I have been playing guitar since 11yrs old or so...and never heard solo guitar and voice fill a room so beautifully. Please come again soon. Cheers
Kansas Bob McWilliams has been playing RT's music for years on "Trail Mix" KANU FM. I finally was at a place where I coulod log in. Great move on my part!!!
"May 12 , 2008"
Manchester Peace & love to Richard and his friends
Massachusetts One word for you ""AWESOME"". Thanks for all the great music.
"May 14 , 2008"
Genova Me and my girlfriend saw Richard last Monday in Milano. Great! One of the best guitarists ever...and what a songwriter! And he was a real gentleman after the show too, reaching for his fans who were waiting for him, posing for pictures and signing anything. But...who's better between Gina Lollobrigida and Monica Bellucci ( Richard & Danny, remember? )
"May 15 , 2008"
Scania I too have drawn near to the house of Layla.