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May 16 - 31, 2003
"Fri May 16, 2003"
Essex " What can you say about one of the best artists of his generation - well quite a lot really! Superb Guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, I'm particularly fond of his mandolin playing. Major poet - says more in a few lines than most people can in hours. Truly eclectic - who else uses brass bands, crumhorns, Northumbrian pipes - was into world music long before the term was coined. He lovingly draws on so many different influences Jazz, Folk, Middle-East, Scottish Dance bands, English Music-Hall. Intensity - his concerts are just so full of passion, it seems like the music is bursting out of him. Humour - he not only loves what he does, but he enjoys it too - he can banter with the best of them. Intelligence - he's no show-off or smart-arse, but his songs require input on the listener's behalf, they contain deadly hooks that get worm their way into your brain and set you thinking and humming at the same time. All in all - a great guy - please keep it up for another 30 years."
California "You've outdone yourself yet again! And I thought ""Mock Tudor"" was excellent...""Old Kit Bag"" could quite possibly be your best album since ""Hand of Kindness"". That sure is saying a lot! Loved the Solano Beach show. Missed seeing you jam with Danny, but can't complain with Rory on bass. Looking forward to HOB show on Friday!"
Arizona "Mr. Thompson, I attended your May 12, 2003 concert in Tempe, AZ. I have to say that I was very impressed. I have listened to many of your CDs over the last 10 years. It was such a thrill to experience the band live. We are either ultra hip or ultra not! You and your band played so great, touching on different styles with such ease. I was filled with wonder at the mystery of life thanks to your passionate songs. It seems to me that folks at your concert are on the inside of the outside ;) I wonder why there was not 1,000s in attendance? Best regards"
Georgia keep up with all the latest news from the boy.
New York "I've seen RT in concert only about 8 times, which is 6 times more than any other artist (the Beach Boys and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers tie for second). I would happily see him 8 times a year, but being from a small town in upstate New York (albeit the capital of the state), geographically, it's difficult to see him more than once or so a year. I love the new CD, ""The New Old Kit Bag"". Great!!! The cover of Prince's ""Kiss"" is a classic, even better than Tom Jones' recent cover of that song. At the last show here in Albany, RT did a little diddy called ""I Agree with Pat Methany"". I was rolling on the floor (okay, not quite literally, but damned near).Great, great, great!!! Thanks!"
New Jersey terrific show at the keswick (Philly)on May 4.
California Looking forward to tonight's show at the House of Blues in LA. Haven't seen him play electric in a while and am getting my dancing shoes ready.
California Keep up the great work!
"Sat May 17, 2003"
leicester from the first time i heard if i had a ribbon bow with judy s lovely voice i knew something different was going on.
North Carolina "Please do come visit Knoxville TN and Ashville NC. I look for every opportunity to visit my friends and the area. Little loving oasis in a forest of trees. What more could you want? Bring Mrs RT and Jack, they might need a change of scenery to help round them out."
New Jersey "Enjoyed the NYC Town Hall gig very much. Unfortunately it was 5 days prior to the CD release, so now I have to see you again. Hwy wait a minute.... PS the entire Band was great."
California no one can compare...
Utah He's a consummate musician. I'm a rabid fan.
Hampshire CAN'T WAIT. Got RT tickets for Northampton June 30th. Will be my 2nd show. Thanks Mum, for the best Birthday present ever. Any chance RT will be signing after the show? A signed CD would be treasured.
North Dakota I saw Richard Thompson in Mineapolis MN in April. Excellent show. I think some of the older albums need to be released as remasters. Better still on SACD.
South Carolina rock on Richard
North Carolina Thanks for the e-pportunity to send kindest regards.
"Sun May 18, 2003"
Illinois Thank you for the wonderful music and the earnest craft of song writing
Kentucky Wish Richard would play in Kentucky again soon.
Georgia First heard of Richard in Cheryl Wheeler's song and was curious. It was an instant addiction. I immediately went to my favorite used record store and got everything I could find. He's one of my favorites.
Northrhine-Westphalia Great Website! Question: When will Richard and his band be on tour in Germany ? I saw him solo in Cologne this year. Best wishes.
California "I caught Richard's show at the Fillmore last night (5/17/03), and it was FANTASTIC!! Thanks for visiting us in San Francisco!"
California "Just saw the Fillmore show in SF last night, which was absolutely fantastic. The new tracks played live were excellent, and the cover of Season of the Witch was incredible. Thanks for a great show and come back soon"
New Jersey Have seen 3 live concerts within the last 9 months and am hooked.
"Mon May 19, 2003"
New York "Richard's music is precious to me. It is relaxing, challenging,disturbing and motivating for me. He and his creative work is a gift!"
Tasmania "What is there left to say Richard? Iíve got all your albums, I've seen you twice in concert and 'ím still left craving for more. Not many artists get better with time (although you consistently manage to do so). You are a consummate performer, guitarist extraordinaire, spellbinding songwriter and the yardstick by which popular song should be assessed. All the best Richard for whatever may lie ahead in your musical journey ñ Iíll certainly be there to listen! PLEASE come back to Tasmania again!!"
Wellington "Ex UK, so I have seen him often. not much lately though. Auckland 2 years ago."
Glasgow Scotland "one of the best music web sites around - i'm very impressed. All that is missing (why is there always a but) is a ""sign up for info"" button. Hopefully signing the guest book will do the trick. Old Kit bag is great, and looking forward to 1000 years... and glasgow show - best wishes"
Massachusetts "going to see RT at Beklee Performance Center. I am psyched. My best memory, hearing 1959 Vincent at the Blackthorne before it was recorded. It gave me chills then and still does."
connecticut "Saw Fairport Convention in Washington DC in 1975 at Daughters of American Revolution Auditorioium I believe it was and have been hooked ever since, I Sandy Denny was there, Dave Pegg, Dave Mattacks, Dave Swarbick,Simon Nicol but I'm pretty sure that either Pat Donahue or Trevor Lucas was on the guitar, I was a doorman at the theater so i got to see Fairport for several shows, did Richard guest appear at one of those performances, I can't remember...anywhooo that was along time ago and I have enjoyed the music ever since, let's face it I'm hooked. I saw Richard at Northampton,Mass at the Calvin theater-superb-I thought the drummer was great, in that he's like a hammer as I'm sure Richard intended, but intended or not those 2 took the house down and it didn't hurt to have pete Zorn throwing everything into his performance including the Kitchen sink and the bassist also cranked it up a notch...anyways Richard kicked butt and boogied my blues away"
Oregon "Traveling to Portland to see RT tonight & I'm am very excited! RT live is ALWAYS a pleasure & never to be missed. My husband, son & daughter are all HUGE fans and we will all be there, along with a new fan! I don't know if RT reads these, but if he does, he met my son years ago when he was about 7. He was awe struck and speechless to meet Richard Thomspon. He is now 16 and has been inspired by Richard and wants to be the next Richard Thompson. Thank you RT!"
California Caught RT @ The Fillmore in San Francisco last night. Fantastic show.
Ontario I thought his 1999 show in Toronto was the best I've seen. Even better than opening for Randy Newman! Thanks from a slightly fed-up type.
"Tue May 20, 2003"
Illinois You are a guitar genius!
California the show at the Fillmore was awesome!
Yorkshire "Enjoying this site for the news, photos & links to buy imported CD's etc. The March tour was great...looking forward to the next one."
California "Wonderful concert at the Filmore (San Francisco) last Saturday. Question: Did Richard play with the Albion Band for the performance of ""Larkrise to Candelford"" at the Cottesloe (part of the National Theater) in London a very long time ago (70s?)?"
Missouri St. Louis was a great show. thanks for coming by. any chance to work in Night Comes In next time 'round?
California Thanks for all the wonder music!
Illinois "You've been a big inspiration (and frustration :) to me as a musician for a long time now. I don't think I'd let anyone else sign an instrument but if I get the chance I'll have to bring one of my guitars in the probably vain hope that some of the ""magic"" would show up. Oh, a request. The new CD has a snippet from a BBC biography. For those of us in the Western Hemisphere, it would be AWESOME if it were to make it here. Anyway, what can I say? Keep up the good work."
"Wed May 21, 2003"
Michigan "I'm a guitar player. I love this stuff. Vincent 52 brings me to tears every time. Keep it up!! Hope your arm feels better, I read you had trouble with it."
Washington "Great show! May 20,'03 That Peter Zorn is Saxtacular (Sorry) and guitalicious (ouch). RT not too shabby, either. Great rhythm section, as well. Cheers!"
Washington "Well, caught your performance tonite at King Kat Theatre, and about died when I walked in, and saw a full ""kit"" on stage. I thought it might be like your performance at ""Bumbershoot"" in Seattle last year, but got the whole new Album experience, as well as your solo stuff too. Thanks for a killer. You gotta do 1000 years of music in Seattle sometime..."
new york "I was fortunate to have seen RT and Band at Town Hall in NYC on May 3 and picked up ""1000 Years..."" and ""More Guitar"" in the lobby. I'd seen him perform ""1000 Years"" last summer at Joe's Pub in the Village--incredible performance, especially when he turned a Britanny Spears song into a masterpiece. ""More Guitar"" is one of the finest live albums I've ever heard and the album lives up to the title---the guitar work on that disc is just unbelievable. I must admit that RT has spoiled me---I find it difficult to listen to anyone else sometimes and I'm almost always popping an RT disc into my CD player before any other performer's. It never ceases to amaze me when people who claim to know great music tell me they've never heard of him. Thank you RT for making my life so much richer."
Hampshire Thanks for hours of good music - can't get enough.
Washington "Just saw the Seattle show--RT never ceases to deliver! Wonderful, sublime, rockin'..."
Manchester "Mr Thompson is coming back to the UK again this year! Oh rapture! Saw him at Warwick, and the Bristol Colston Hall in the spring, and am seeing him at the Lowry Manchester and the Symphony Hall B'ham this time :). And please could you play Beeswing this time, as you haven't for the last 4 times I've seen you. Not that I resent you in any way for this oversight. Oh no. I'll shut up now. Ta muchly."
Washington "Yes, is there an archive of set lists?"
Texas "cool website. I've seen him 3 times, would go again tomorrow."
Ontario "I was checking the tour dates and and saw the Hugh's room in Toronto in May and it was Sold Out. Then I scrolled down futher and saw the date in July at the TS Bluesfest. Hurray, I booked tickets right away. Finally get to see RT in this part of the world. Just a reminder to bring your wollies!"
Washington "A fan since Fairport, a fanatic since 'Henry the Human Fly,' and proud to have penned liner notes for 'The Fairport Chronicles' and a well-intended bowdlerization that combined 'I Want to See the Bright Lights' and half of 'Guitar + Vocal' for Island in the U. S. Love the website, and am impatiently awaiting the '1000 Years' anthology. (I'm also depressed that I couldn't make the King Cat gig this week in Seattle, but blame my boss...) 'The Old Kit Bag' has been in heavy rotation since I picked up an import in Vancouver earlier this year."
Washington "Great concert in Seattle on May 20, 2003!"
"Thu May 22, 2003"
Arizona "R.T. was outstanding in Phoenix, hope he returns. My mare foaled 5/13/03,the night after R.T.'s Phoenix concert. A tri-colored buckskin overo paint colt, he was named Buck's Beeswing, as he is fine, oh so fine as a beeswing!"
Washington saw 5/20 Seattle Show and was blown away
California "MOCK TUDOR is perhaps the most under-appreciated great music release of the last ten years. Also, OLD KIT BAG will achieve classic status if there is any justice in this universe of ours."
Washington "I admire his work as much as any living artist, and see him every time he comes to town!"
Washington "just got home from the show at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC. Superb show - have a copy of the set list."
Assen "got a gig in the North Of The Netherlands in tthe near future?? Where I live is near Groningen, you've been there before!!!"
Northumberland Nice website. Please come to Newcastle upon Tyne more often!
Derbyshire Brilliant!
Middlesex good to have a dedicated web site at last - more music please!
Oregon "@Aladdin PDX - Ten minute solo on ""Can't Win"" burned it to the ground - Clapton is Dog"
British Columbia I have known about you and been recommended by friends for many years but had never heard you live until last night! It was a fantastic show. You've got great drive and energy. It was exciting! Thanks!
Oregon The May 19 Portland concert was great! Funny story - I saw RT at the Aladdin for the 1st time 3 years ago. I had not even seen a photo of him so had no idea that I was talking to him as I spent 15 minutes (while waiting in the beer line) gushing about how wonderful he is. I'm sure he must have enjoyed his little joke :-).
"Fri May 23, 2003"
Pennsylvania I saw him in concert at the Keswick theatre in PA a couple of weeks ago. He's even more talented (guitar!) than I ever imagined. This guy deserves much wider exposure.
west virginia cool site!
British Columbia "Just caught RT at the Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver. Wonderful evening, I haven't seen Richard since he played a small club in Toronto with Linda in the 80s. "
Selangor A great talent and a nice man
Oregon "My wife and I saw the concert in Portland on 5/19. Excellent show. the band was tight. I definitely got my moneys worth, and thats saying a lot for a tightwad like me."
Pennsylvania thank you!!!
New York "Richard, you are great. My wife and 11 year old son are of the same opinion. He especially enjoys your lyrics. (Please do not alert the child welfare authorities to this!) Would love to meet you some day. Regards,"
New Jersey "Site looks great, congratulations!"
Scotland Glasgow at last
Pennsylvania my brother and i saw show at the keswick (fantastic)and have tics for the kimmel (can't wait)
North Carolina "I saw RT's show in Durham, NC at the beginning of May. It was incredible!!!!!!!! :-)"
North Carolina "Being still part boy as we tend to be. I was going to heckle you about who your voice double might be on ""First Breath"". Surely you wouldn't risk your own body to hit those highish notes. But, after a couple play throughs, I believe it is all genuinely yours. And, all I can say is, Atta Boy! But I still wonder where this late bloom burst is coming from. Geezers take heart!"
Glasgow Scotland You're 2 good!
"Sat May 24, 2003"
Washington "Richard's a genius; don't know how he escaped my attention for so long, but glad to know of him now. Caught his last 4 appearances in Seattle--what a treat."
Mayfield EastSussex will you play @ my 50th birthday bash? Keep up the good work!!!!
"Sun May 25, 2003"
California "My wife and I, both displaced Brits., are huge fans, and catch Richard's SoCal shows every chance we get."
florida wish he would occasionally play somewhere in florida
California I especially enjoy and have shared the Vincent Blacklightning 1952 song with some of my (male) friends and we are taken by it.
New Jersey "a fan since Fairport. Local radio college radio has been playin his newer cuts recently, thus my visit here."
California "Thank you SO much for the show in Eureka, California. Fabulous as always! RT is the only performer I will drive long distances to see, and in past years I've done just that. This time around health woes weren't going to allow that. Even though I've seen RT in this remote stretch of the redwoods twice before, I couldn't imagine he'd really come back. I was drowning in self pity and depressed at the thought of not getting to see RT at all on this new tour... and then--My God! He's coming to Eureka! And a fabulous show at that. I can't express how much so many of us appreciate it that you come here. Thank you. (PS Sad not to see Danny, greatest bass player of all, but pure bliss to get to see Pete again. Not only is Richard the best, but the people who support him and play with him are beyond comparison as well. The current other band members were fabulous, too.)"
New York "I always thought the writing and playing were first rate, but It took me a long time to acquire a taste for Mr. Thompson's voice. Then, one fine day, it happened. Since then: musical bliss... Thanks."
Swindon Fan since Fairport played at Swindon College Rag week late sixties.
California Saw the Santa Cruz CA show last night at Cocoanut Grove with guest Henry Kaiser-HOT!!!Stood right up front and could hardly take my eyes off your smokin' fretboard…
Cleveland "Please put out tab and music books,so we lesser guitarists know where we go wrong"
Michigan "The Old Kit Bag is FAB-U-LOUS!The music, the lyrics and the voice really knocked me out like the first time I heard RT. More ... More…"
Worcestershire "Great site, Great music. Please could you play 'Read about love' at glastonbury? one of my all time faves! thanks!!"
Massachusetts Release that DVD video from The Barrymore or whatever...
"Mon May 26, 2003"
Derbyshire Thanks for all of the music
Ontario I first listened to RT with Fairport Convention and then about 4 years ago he re-appeared.What a guitarist/singer/songwriter
Michigan Nope.
Wisconsin "I love to see RT every time he is in Madison, WI."
Niedersachsen Having recently moved to Germany thereby losing the convenience of seeing RT as frequently as I would like I must insist he visits Germany more often.
New Jersey I bought the Crossing Jorden CD and loved Season of the witch....I just had to find Richards web site… An all around great CD...
"Tue May 27, 2003"
Massachusetts "Please keep the releases of live shows coming! Thanks "
California Just heard RT @ Strawberry. One of the finest shows ever! Thanks
California "caught you in the final act at Strawberry festival. My compliments, you guys are in top form. I'm looking for your new release now. Send a special ""attaboy"" to the rhythm section - the bass/drums were incredible last night! Keep up the good work you guys."
Texas "Love and gratitude to you, RT, from one faithful and unknown"
California "I love the new album. Thanks for adding the Santa Cruz show; otherwise I could not have seen a show this tour. (We live 3 hours away-we listened to the new album on the way there and to ""1000 years of popular music"" on the way back.) It was a great end to a hard week, thanks!"
Queensland absolutely tops richard is an addictive drug which i highly recommend
Queensland whens richard coming to aussie? we're dying here.
California "I saw his show in Santa Cruz on May 24. I was very impressed with his voice, guitar playing, songwriting, and he had a great band."
Ontario "Hi Richard (if you get to read this) I just heard that you aren't playing Hugh's Room tomorrow night. That's really too bad -- for you and us! Please, please, please do a make up date there at your earliest convenience. The people at Hugh's are great -- they're heartbroken, as are we."
UK Enjoyed Richard's timely version of 'I Ain't Marching Anymore' on the recent tour...any chance we'll be able to get our hands on a recording sometime?
"Wed May 28, 2003"
California "just saw him in Eureka CA what an incredible show, tight band, his are the best shows I have seen in years, such a balladeer/songwriter. He cuts right to the heart of me, brutally honest lyrics. I won't ever miss one of his shows when he is up in northern california, thanks guys, awesome doesn't even touch your talent!!!"
Michigan "I've just purchased your new album,very,very nice. possibly your best work to date. Peace."
Kentucky didnt take long to realize there's nothing better
Illinois "I am a long time fan, since Fairport Covention days, really enjoy listening to Richard's music , he plays brilliantly.But the thing I really like is that he comes across as a regular guy.There are way to many prima donas out there."
Nevada Just saw Richard at the Strawberry Music Festival. All I can say is...WOW! You have a fan for life. Thank you.
California "Thank you for rocking the Strawberry Music Festival! I love all that acoustic music but it was sure good to hear that electric guitar put through it's paces! Of all the many RT shows I've seen, this one was one of my favorites! What a way to end a phenomenal festival. Thank you!"
Pennsylvania "he / his music are perfection, grace, anger, wit and total hysteria"
UK What an amazing well designed informative website!
Rhode Island "elated to see that richard and the band are coming back to lupo's in providence!!!!! i saw them in northampton, ma and can't wait for the providence show."
"Clitheroe, Lanc's" "Jury out on latest album, doesn't sound like he's breaking new ground anymore. Maybe more listening needed."
Ohio He's the best!
Ontario "East-West in Toronto! to assuage your disappointed Hugh's Room fans, and since you're playing a blues festival, why don't you dust off Butterfield's East-West in July. Your band would have fun, and so would the audience (which alas won't include me since I'll be out of town)."
Maine "Actually, I've been listening to Richard's music for 30+ years, since they earliest US Fairport recordings -- but you didn't allow that option."
California Loved your show at Strawberry last week. Thanks. Who is that excellent sideman that played everything...berry well?
Pennsylvania RT is an inspiration. A true original. Just saw him at the Keswick Theater and plan to see him at the Kimmel Center in July.
connecticut Saw RT at the recent concert at Town Hall in NYC. Great craic.
Michigan "Just saw Richard in Ann Arbor, Michigan last month. He was great, as usual. I have seen him many times (did a little mini tour,myself, during the Mirror Blue tour:Cinci, Columbus, Detroit.) I look forward to any info on Richard!"
"Thu May 29, 2003"
Alberta "If he ever comes to Calgary, he can stay at my place FREE OF CHARGE! Plus, he won't have to play for his keep!"
Cambridge "What a wonderful web site this is. Many thanks for keeping it up and running. Can we expect a CD release for the ""Doom and Gloom from the Tomb"" tapes as was put forward some time ago?"
Michigan Great site!
California "A long time fan of turned me on to Richard at the last (Solo) gig at the Fillmore and I couldn't pass up seeing him again. Outstanding guitar playing, and one of the nicest posters I have in my collection."
California "Saw you at the HOB's on Sunset. Great show. Love 1000 years of music. PLEASE put the other songs you recorded into 1000 years part 2. Thanks for all the years of GREAT music."
Georgia I live in Atlanta and I was wondering if I'll ever get to see Mr. Thompson play live. I've been playing guitar for 38 years and marvel at his style and technique. My greatest joy is sitting down and working out his guitar parts. Simply amazing! All the best
Maryland Saw you live at the Birchmere after release of Mock Tudor.
Virginia Great stuff!
Illinois "The show at HOB-Chicago was wonderful! I stood for 4 solid hours, but it was WELL worth it. Thanks!"
Queensland "When you come to Australia next, could you please bring Danny Thompson ? Love Old Kit Bag !"
Washington "Just discovered 'Gethsemane'--wow, what a beautiful song. Thank you!"
New York "I just got rumor and sigh, I REALLY like it."
"Fri May 30, 2003"
Moscow Richard is one of the my favourite composers and performers. His unique style is beautiful.
New Hampshire "looking forward to seeing you in Portland, Maine!"
Pennsylvania "i've been listening consciously for about 10 years not realizing that I had known Richard's music since i was a boy.Thanks Richard"
Manchester will the 1000 years of pop and more guitar be available at the upcoming uk gigs?
Ontario "Please, please come back to Toronto and play your 1000 Years show. In fact, play for a 1,000 years PERIOD. Many hours of enjoyment through the years - thanks Richard."
North Carolina "I first saw Richard with Fairport Convention at the Fillmore East around 1969 or the early 1970's. I can't quite recall.I have been a fan ever since. I saw his first concert at Toads Place in New Haven. It was also a great treat to see him at the Cats Cradle a few years back in North Carolina. I brought some kids with me, and now they are listening to him on their own. The concerts with Pete Zorn, Danny and Dave Mattacks are my favorites. This C.D. was unexpected and I'm glad to hear his great voice/guitar again. I read somewhere that Richard was raised in Muswell Hill. That is in the same neighborhood of another quirky songwriter who once wrote a line in ""Arthur"" that went""...pack up your ambition in an old kit bag and you'll be happy with a packet of fags..."" That was running through my head after I bought ""The Old Kit Bag."" But its not anymore...Its good to see someone from the old neighborhood is still writing songs with this much quality after thirty years. Belated thanks from an early American Fan who still has his first vinyl copy of ""Henry The Human Fly."""
Washington "Greetings from the ""Marc Ellington"" fan from Nancy's 1990 - 92 tour groups!"
Virginia My favorite guitar hero - bar none!
New Hampshire "Buy up every RT CD you can find at your more enlightened shops, avoid those stinky, sweaty shopping malls. One CD is audio nirvana, especially compared to those highly promoted mind numbingly vacant corporate platforms we call radio stations. In the new world it will be illegal to own Richard Thompson recordings of any kind."
"Sat May 31, 2003"
holbÊk I hope you will be coming to Denmark soon. much love