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May 16-31, 2004
"May 16, 2004"
New York Wow! I can't understand how I missed RT all these years. He's brilliant. Why isn't he more famous than Bruce?
London Excellent concert at Hackney Empire May 2004. Exceeded my expectations.
London Saw Richard last night at Hackney Empire. Loved it. Thanks.
Parma Sloth is one of my ten favourite song. Sorry for my english
"May 17, 2004"
alderley edge I'm taking my 10yr old sons to see you play Manchester - it would be fantastic if Vincent Black Lightning crept into the programme...
Washington DC He's got great legs!
welshman Enthralled as per usual with the gig at the Hackney Empire the other night. Can't wait for the full band on tour and a chance to crank up the volume! Great stuff.
"May 18, 2004"
british columbia Any chance of making it up to Vancouver B.C. after your Seattle show? We'd love to see you play!
New York "Looking forward to Irving Plaza. I hear that ""Sloth"" is back, if so we would love to hear it. "
Cambridge "saw you live at the cambridge corn exchange. Fantastic, bloody fantastic!! I have never known anyone or seen anyone play the guitar like that, it was pure genius. My girlfriend saw you as well and she said you were like an angel from folk heaven. We shall treasure this as a landmark in or lives forever. Many thanks for a very very fine evening of music and entertainment."
Bucks Knew of RT from Fairport days but reintroduced to him via a good friend in Minneapolis !!
Cambridge "Great night at Cambridge,thankyou!"
Cambridge "Thanks for a Great night at the corn exchange last night,only trouble is now I can't get that britney spears song out of my head , thanks alot!. Lovely to hear Crazy man michael."
"May 19, 2004"
New York "Will Richard's shows @ Irving Plaza and Toads Place be electric,w/ full band or more soft and acoustic-like. I need to know"
"May 20, 2004"
Washington "Please come to play on Orcas Island in San Juan Coounty Washington in the Puget sound.We will come hear you perform at the Seattle Show Case July 7th. my compliments to your fantastic website. I moved to the west coast now, however I used to attend your shows every year at the Tarrytown Music Hall in NY. I really miss those shows in such a great intimate wooden theater. So when we come to here you in Seattle, it will be like getting a fix or something!!! My wonderful life partner is so amused with you and your music too. She is a sweet lady and loves me to death! She went and got the tickets for me over the internet the other night. Yahoo!!!! I have been turning alot of people on to your music out here in the PNW Pacific Northwest. And please do remember....Alexander Graham Bell invented everything! Keep up the good work!
Fife Scotland "Excellent concert at the Usher Hall last night. Nice to hear a Fairport-era number and other favourites included I Feel So Good, Sibella, Gethsemane and From Galway to Graceland. And let's not forget Alexander Graham Bell!"
Livingston Scotland Fabulous show at The Usher Hall Edinburgh last night!!!!
colorado Hope to see you when your here in June.
Edinburgh Scotland Last night's performance at the Usher Hall was truly wonderful.A stunning combination of power emotion warmth and humour.Truly a heart warming experience.Looking forward to the next time !!
Suffolk great site for a brilliant artist.
hertfordshire "What a treat! A Canberra girl visiting home at Easter 2004 and whoa and behold who should be playing at Tilleys? A fantastic show at that wonderful venue, and now my baby sister is smitten too. Thanks for a lovely evening of gorgeous music"
Texas Are there songbooks and lyrics available?
"May 21, 2004"
East Sussex I am very much looking forward to seeing my first Richard Thompson concert at Tunbridge Wells this coming Monday (24th May)
antwerp just great music.
Aberdeen Scotland Thanks for latest Aberdeen concert- wonderful as usual.
"May 22, 2004"
California "Brilliant guitarist, articulate song writer, world class wit. Thanks for sharing"
Wiltshire "My better half and myself made the return trip to the Anvil, Basingstoke last night and were, as we expected, astounded again by what we saw. What can you get for £17 in Basingstoke? Half a tank of petrol, a take-away for two, a bus ticket to somewhere nice or two hours of bliss. How does he do it? Even the ladies who show you to your seats seemed to take notice. ""Smiffy's Glass Eye"" alone was worth ten times the price of admission. ""Ducknapped"" on the car stereo made the long journey home a pleasure, rather than an ordeal, and rouded off a beautiful evening. A thousand thanks to Richard and we can't wait for Exeter, Salisbury and Trowbridge."
Northland "I have just enjoyed listening to the interview Richard gave on the Tom Morton show on Radio Scotland. I was able to do this via 'listen again' on their website. Most excellent use of technology. Love to see RT back out in NZ sometime soon. Till then I'll just have to keep flying around the world each summer. Cheers"
"May 23, 2004"
Oregon See you in Portland Oregon soon! Have you ever thought to do the Britt festival in Jacksonville Oregon?
St.Neots "Great gig in Cambridge last week!!! As ever brilliant, esp vocals!!"
Hampshire First seen when dawn coming up at IOW Festival in 1968 (the one before Dylan) with Fairport playing Morning Glory. Now son comes to gigs with me. Basingstoke Anvil great. Say hello to Colin & Nigel at Salisbury.
California Great web site - my compliments to its creator!
Surrey "I saw Richard perform solo at the Anvil, Basingstoke, on Friday 21st May. I had seen him 'live' three times before, but I think this was the most impressive performance. Please release a CD / DVD of one of the performances of his latest tour. Thank you."
"May 24, 2004"
Melbourne Richard Thompson is the greatest songwriter and music magician.
North Carolina tis a very nice site and good to see Richard pop in and interact. The best way to maintain a fan base...
Aberdeen Scotland Just been converted at the live gig in Aberdeen. Wonderful musicianship. Got there through Fairport. Now I've got lots of CD's to find and enjoy!
"May 25, 2004"
NSW Saw my 5th RT concert in Sydney on 17 April. Just keeps getting better. Didn't want it to end.Friend who had never heard the music was a good way. Ever going to tour Oz with a band?
Kent RT is showing great promise.
Ashford Kent "Saw RT last night in Tumbridge Wells, sound was excellent, superb performance, from one of the countries national treasures, the greater populous should be force fed regular doses of the wonderful performer, thanks foe a great show Richard."
Reading "Have recently rediscovered Richard (must have seen and heard him in the 70's). Solo at Basingstoke last week was amazing, thank you. "
"May 26, 2004"
Kent "We were lucky enough to see Richard Live last Monday at Tunbridge Wells, I still haven't recoverered, what a great performance. Thank You."
Fife Scotland No words for how unbelievably brilliant Richard Thompson is.
staffs "At buxton tonight he jokingly self deprecated that he was a rock dinosaur..........having seen /listened to such talent and perfect craft , tell him ' no dinosaur ,because he evolves too fast and stays ahead of the rest ....and will continue to do so because he always has the fire and sensitivity in his blood that makes him unique and timeless .' Thank you for the was such a priviledge to witness and enjoy. "
"May 27, 2004"
Oxford Pity you're not playing at Cropredy this summer
Florida "Saw RT live at the Hackney Empire back in 1987 when I lived in England, cool!!!!!"
Tonbridge Bowled over in T
"May 28, 2004"
Washington Just a simple thank you for years of wonder and awe.
New Jersey I will be at your show on June 18th in NYC.
Yorkshire "Fantastic gig at the Royal Opera House in York last night, even up in the 'gods' with no leg room. Is 'Persuation an RT or a Tim Finn song?"
Maine "Any chance of fitting in a tour date in Massachusetts or Maine between the Vienna VA and New Haven CT one? I would love to see a live performance (and may yet make the four hour drive to CT if there isn't a closer one!) I'm an expat Brit, living in Maine with an American husband."
New York "Truly enjoyed the recent Ridgefield, CT concert."
New York Never stop!
Yorkshire "Saw you at york opera house last night. Awesome, no other words for it. Cheers."
Warrington "Let me be the first! Just come from the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester. Awesome, Richard. So good to see you playing alone for the first time since Celtschmertz. My only complaint - there were so many tunes you didn't play, but where was 'Tear Stained Letter'? Thanks for a fabulous evening."
"May 29, 2004"
Manchester "Thanks for a superb set at Manchesters Bridgewater Hall last night, your guitar playing was spellbinding. Looking forward to seeing you play again in the NW again soon. Kind Regards "
staffs slept in a shop doorway after missing train from Manchester in 1967 after Fairport-returned again to see RT 37years on-he gets better-but how I miss Sandy
Sheffield "What can I say? The gig at Buxton Opera House was the best one of yours I've ever seen, and I've seen some great ones. A wonderful evening - I'm still tinglng three days later. We should have bowed to you, not vice-versa. Thank you."
Yorkshire "I went to see Richard Thompson in York on Thursday and then last night in Manchester (I can't keep away), i thought both perfromances were absolutely brilliant by both Richard Thompson and Jim Moray. I'd just like to say thank you for playing beeswing and i feel so good - my two all time favourites. No 'my daddy is a mummy' though!"
"May 30, 2004"
Hawai'I keep rippin'!
Texas "i heard there is to be a new SACD release from Richard soon and I am looking for info on that item,"
Manchester "Fantastic gig as usual at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester 28th May. RT, you really are like a fine red wine, you get better and better with time. God knows how many times I have had the good fortune to come and watch you now but I feel honoured and priveleged to have done so. Thank you for the joy and happiness that you and your music have brought to my life. By the way, what happened during ""Devonside"", have you ever forgotten the words before?"
Cornwall "My wife and I are going to the Exeter gig tonight. This will be our first RT gig, do really looking forard to it. I will leave a review of the gig as soon as i can. Thanks for the great music."
England "just seen Richard at bridgewater hall ,took my 13 year old son , he was amazed how one man and a guitar can sound like that"
new hampshire "Great site, great music, keep up the great work."
wallasey "manchester 28th may, stunning performance richard, right down to 'substitute'. loved the vibe you created for us. thanks."
Devon saw Richard tonight in Exeter and was amazed to see how many souls one person can fill with the magic of music/song... fantastic and a really warm thank you!
"May 31, 2004"
Plymouth Have been listening to Richard sinceI first caught Fairport Convention in 1968.
Devon Thanks for a brilliant concert in Exeter last night. Truly superb.
Cornwall "I went to my first RT gig last night at the Riverside Exeter and it was awesome. RT played most of the classics, including my favourites, 1952 Vinncent,Cooksferry Queen, and a very powerful Crawl Back. There was also a tribute to the Fairport days with Crazy Man Michael. Mr T's guitar playing is phenomenal and it was a privilige to witness it in person.Thanks for a fantastic night out. I'm now looking forward to watching the BBC 4 programme on Friday 4th June."
Devon I have seen Richard live many times.I saw him last night in Exeter. He has always been a genius but he just keeps on getting better and his voice is as impressive now as his often transcendental guitar playing.I love his sense of humour.
Devon Just seen RT in concert last night. It was brilliant to see a master at work!
Durham "I saw the York Gig in the UK. RT was well up to form, nice to see some of the older material getting an airing and set me thinking how RT has not yet got the recognition he deserves as a songwriter. Was it ever the same! How can he play a bass line and the melody at the same time on such fast tunes, I've never worked that one out since Fairports early days."