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May 16 - 31, 2005
"May 16, 2005"
New York "Richard, You continue to amaze me: your musicianship, compositions, and the richness your voice has gained over the years. At times, you even surprise the ""heck"" out of me: sing with Raymond & Elodia Kane (The Mele Kalikimaka Singers, years ago), or with your embracing of Islam (mabrouk!), which I only found out about recently. (I'm clearly not part of the ""in"" crowd. Just a HUGE fan!!!)I look forward to all that is to come from you...Much respect"
ohio Please return to Columbus or at least Ohio. Thank you in advance for your attention to this oversight.
California Please come back to the Fillmore soon! It's much better than Saratoga!
florida Regular listener of WNCW in Ashville NC. Caught some of your tunes yesterday on Celtic Winds.
"May 17, 2005"
Connecticut "Have attended many concerts in Tarrytown, NY and have always enjoyed every show, especially you solo gigs. Also have been playing acoustic & electric guitar for the last 40 years."
Colorado "RICHARD THOMPSON, WILL YOU PLEASE...Record or compile music suitable for children? I do a family radio show here in Greeley on Pirate 104.7 ( and I'm not trying to plug it--the station and the show absolutely suck, except sometimes my show has potential. I have a secret agenda: bring in the best for the children. So much kids' music is clumsy and forced and ""educational,"" but you and I know, and kids know, we need the best our culture has to offer. Can you make a CD for wise children? PLEASE. We are thirsty and starving for this."
New York "Nice to ""discover"" Richard later in life and be able to have a new obsession. I have front row center seats for IMAC in August. Yippee! I saw him there last time and that sealed it!!!! He's so great live!!!"
Kentucky "Dear Richard, I come out to see you every time you are in the area. I love and respect your music. I wish you many, many more years of health and happiness. Thank you for all the years of loving your stuff!"
Tennessee Looking forward to your Nashville visit!
New York You leave me speechless!
"May 18, 2005"
Indiana looking forward to seeing richard in indianapolis at the music mill may 24th (my first time seeing him live).
Alberta Your music is awesome keep up the good work!
Edinburgh Scotland Looking forward to the Queen's Hall in August!
Leicester Thompson is brilliant!! Also it's a bit like buses - you're waiting for a DVD and then two come along almost together - fantastic!!
"May 19, 2005"
ohio I just heard that he is going to be in Cincinnati and I am thrilled. I missed his on his last stop because it was Father's Day and my spouse (now ex) is not a fan.
ohio Love his music. Heard he will be in Cincinnati in June?
New York You never get tired of Richards music.
"May 20, 2005"
Maine "Richard and Danny played an amazing show in Portland, Maine on Thursday night, May 19th. Starting with two fine new songs from his forthcoming album, Richard once again proved that he is comfortable with virtually every musical genre: rock, folk, blues, celtic--even comedy music! A whimsical tribute to Alexander Graham Bell and another to bright women ""Hots For Smarts"" were humorous highlights.Of course, the sell-out crowd greatly enjoyed some of the older faves such as ""1952 Vincent Black Lightning,"" ""Beeswing"" and ""Wall of Death."" ""Persuasion"" was simply incredible. Goosebumps popping up all over.The second encore and the show came to a stunning conclusion with ""Ghosts In The Wind."" Danny Thompson proving once and for all that he is simply the best. What a tremendous show!"
California Please play San Diego county more often!
"May 21, 2005"
Maine We saw the RT/DT Duo perform in Portland 5/19. A rare treat. Superb music. Don't pass up this show. Danny Thompson is wonderful.
New Jersey musician and songwriter...simply the best
New Jersey "I've seen RT in concert 5 times now, starting with Fairport's last tour with Sandy. If he's not the best songwriter alive today, then who is? Play ""Genesis Hall"" for me!;) "
Maine "I want to make it with mabel on the periodic table.I have the hots for a girl with the smarts!!!!"
New Jersey "Just arrived home from Richard's concert in Mt. Tabor - out of this world, excellent.Truly, non-pareil!!! Thank you, Richard, for the inspiration. "
"May 23, 2005"
Maryland Want to thank RT for a great concert last night in Easton Maryland.
New York great I love the music
New Mexico "Richard, thank you SO for playing Al Bowlly in New Orleans! Rather than shout out desired songs like we did in Austin and New Orleans, I'd like to request the following songs for your upcoming Nashville show: From Galway to Graceland, Keep Your Distance, Bogie's Bonnie Belle, I Can't Wake Up to Save my Life. Thanks mucho!!"
Minnesota "stop by anytime, bring the fam, always welcome."
Maryland "Having schlepped about the country to hear RT over the last 20 years, I didn't know whether it was a good sign or a bad sign careerwise when I heard he'd be playing right here in tiny River City aka Easton, MD. Well I shouldn't have succumbed to such low demographic self-esteem, it was a very good thing: intimate venue packed to the gills, RT fans from all over pouring into town, an invigorting acoustic show and a surprise treat--Danny Thompson on bass. A twofer in our town tonight. Do come back--I could get accustomed to the convenience of housecalls. Hope you loved the Avalon. And P.S. -thanks for the musical conterpoint to Larry Summers' ""intrinsic aptitude"" theory with Hots for the Smart."
New Jersey Great show in Mt. Tabor Saturday night. The new songs were fantastic. Looking forward to the new CD.
"May 25, 2005"
England heard cold kisses on Bob harris. Marvellous. Where can i get the CD
Leeds Why do some store only sell the music under folk? Richard's Thompson's music is so eclectic I'm sure the folk label put many people off. Bought 3 albums so far and have not been disapointed.
Maryland "I thoroughly enjoyed Richard's concert this past Sunday evening (May 22, 2005) at the Avalon Theater in Easton, Maryland. Although I've been a fan for 25 years this was my first Richard Thompson concert. With me was my girlfriend, who's now a brand-new Richard Thompson fan. Thanks so much for all the music. Richard -- please come back to Maryland's Eastern Shore anytime."
Oregon "After thirty-five years,we enjoyed finally getting an opportunity to say a personal hello to Richard in the Parsippany, NJ Hilton lobby on 5/21/05. What a surprise for us!"
"May 26, 2005"
New York I stumbled upon the Austin City Limits DVD while browsing at a local record shop last week. What a great find! After almost 20 years of listening it's great to watch Richard in performance. I'll be returning to this one often. Thanks!
USA Keep going dude!! Your music is special.
Indiana "I HAVE to have the lyrics to ""Hots For The Smarts!""HELP! Thanks for playing Indy RT, the Music Mill is a wonderful venue and Danny was in fine form."
England just bought a Lowden and worked out Charlie Parker-no mean feat for moi THE worst guitarist in the UK!!!-Richard needs to know about James Trussart California guitar builder-RT and JT marriage made in heaven-please pass it on!!!-he can borrow mine for Cropredreddy and have a ball!!!!!!
"May 27, 2005"
Tennessee Send any news of Richard!
South Carolina "I wish he'd perform more in the South, especially South Carolina/North Carolina. I believe he's played The Handlebar in Greenville, SC, and that's a great venue to see someone of his caliber. I've never had the opportunity to see him with a band, but I have seen him several times over the years. Always a mezmerizing show."
Drogheda Hope you drop in to play in Ireland Richard when you are over this side of the world during the Summer!! Would be brillaint!!
ohio "finally got to see the man live in concert, saw the may 25th show at southgate house in newport,ky. it was everthing i thought it would be and better. rt is magical with his song writing ability and guitar playing. it's too bad mainstream america has no clue what good music is. hope to catch some show close to ohio in the fall."
Oslo "Are you soon visiting Bergen, Norway again. It`s been a long time waiting...."
Victoria Just lit up hearing a new track on the ABC music show and came on line to check the tour dates. Can't see any for Oz
"May 28, 2005"
Maine Discovered your music during a very painful marital breakup. Several songs became the ones that pulled me through.
ohio "Just saw RT @ the Southgate in No. KY/Cincinnati. Incredible show. Lot's of people ""get it"" around here. Can't wait for a return engagement with full band!"
ohio Richard Thompson is amazing! I just saw him live for the first time at Southgate House. Tore the place down!!
New York just saw richard at the tabernacle in jersey --supoib!
Manitoba "Richard's music helps me connect to my Manatobian heritage. One must remember that Manatoba by French cortes (alas, I befoul the French langauge for I cannot type an accent!) de boiler. Because, as we all know, electric guitar was the favorite instrument of French (oh my native land, how I weep for you!) trappers."
"May 29, 2005"
Missouri "We came down to the Riverfest thing in Little Rock and I thought it was really good, I enjoyed seeing just you and Danny. I really enjoyed the song selection and the musicianship."
surrey "great guitarist,songwriter and perfomer,what more can i say."
USA "How can you keep a medium so ""old world"" accessable and musically modern? "
Tennessee RT is the greatest! My friend turned me on 6 or 7 years ago and my life has never been the same!
"May 30, 2005"
Kent This is an excellent website
Sussex "I saw Christy Moore at Brighton Dome in May, and he performed Beeswing quite admirably - nearly as good as your good self. It was a surprise, albeit a very pleasant one !"
"Llanelli , Wales" When are you coming back to Wales? - should be a song in there somewhere......
Pennsylvania "Fan since 1980-ish when I heard ""Shoot Out the Lights"". I've seen Richard in concert three times."
Minnesota "Hello, I am a 16 year old guitar player, and my dad recommended your music to me. I started listening to it and fell in love so to say. The guitar playing is great and I've learned ""Turning Of The Tide"", ""Waltzing's For Dreamers"", ""I Misunderstood"", and also ""Keep Your Distance"". I am hoping to get my band to play ""Keep Your Distance"". Anyways I was wondering also if there is a possibility of a Minnesota tour date near the Twin Cities, I would really love to see you live."