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MAY 16 - 31, 2007
"May 16, 2007"
Roma He's great! What can I say more?
Florida BIG-TIME FAN and long time promoter of RT to anyone who will listen. Please return to central Florida sometime. Thanks.
Somerset Heard your music on the Radio 2 Mike Harding Show
Maryland Best concert I ever went to, solo, Tarrytown,NY, circa 1990, let's do it again.
mansi beautiful thompson
"May 17, 2007"
New York Richard is an amazing performer and incredibly exciting to see in person.
Ontario Shock and dismay! No Canadian (or more specifically - Toronto) dates on the band tour this year! Oh Richard - how we'll miss ye.
Israel Your Sweet Warrior pure Soma.Sweetness Itself. Thank You.
Massachusetts Love your site, the archive and the song-o-matic features. Any reason why some songs (e.g. Now That I am Dead) does not have the lyrics written out?
"May 18, 2007"
New York Thanks for coming to Celebrate Brooklyn!
"May 19, 2007"
Alaska i opened for richard in salisbury england at the college in 73 or 74 - we played in the cafeteria - we were terrible - he was great - would love to know the exact dates for that - we were a duo - let me know if you have any info on that
Illinois Can't wait to get the new CD. See you at the Park West in June.
Pennsylvania Excellent lyricist and guitarist
Hampshire Truly inspirational. Genius. Thank you.
New York Richard: Love you, as ever! I'm very excited about the new album, as well as about your awards (BBC & Ivor Novello). Also, thanks so much for posting those new downloads! I'm brokenhearted not to be able to see/hear you on June 21, 2007 at Celebrate Brooklyn, which is my favorite NYC outdoor concert venue. (I'll be out of town...sniff!) Happy trails and much success & happiness!
Worestershire I just cannot get enough of RTs music and look forward to Cropredy every year
"May 20, 2007"
Cheshire A national treasure!
Colorado love him! Does he need "in-house" counsel (I am a lawyer and adore him!)? What's under the beret?
New Mexico Richard Thompson - Great Stuff!
New York there is no better artist alive than RT. He gets better and better!
Victoria great
"May 21, 2007"
Michigan Richard, I first saw you at the Great American Music Hall in the early '90's and had already been listening to your music for many years. I remember you played my favorite song, ""A Heart Needs a Home"" for Neil Finn, who was in the audience. I felt that I was in the right place at the right time - that I was meant to be there (Neil Finn is also someone who I admire very much.) It brought tears to my eyes. I've seen you a couple times since then and I must say, your ideas never seem to wear thin. Thanks so much for making the world a happier place. Cheers, a little artist
Leicestershire His music is totally absorbing,with good variation and most importantly he has moved with the times. i.e. Not still playing Matty Groves!
Anglesey, Wales how come we oldies get my whole life! it is 33 years and I still remember the first time I heard him. It was Liege and Lief. Come back to Anglesey some day!! But Llandudno will do too! But I expect it will have to be Manchester! There is nothing better than an RT solo gig for me. The rest have just not kept pace with him, he gets better and better!!
"May 23, 2007"
Iowa Richard was a favorite of mine until I saw him live in Iowa City, solo, and decided he was the best solo performer I'd ever seen! I immediately spoke with the organizers of the Iowa City Arts Fest, at which he performed (for free!) and told them we needed to get RT at the Englert. I am looking forward to a great show there June 12.
"May 24, 2007"
Colorado come back to the Botanic Gardens as the Headliner or just come play here PLEASE!
Manchester look forward to seeing you in Manchester in October, take care.
Essex Always loved your work.. All the best.
"May 25, 2007"
Indiana i dig it
"May 26, 2007"
Victoria Just bought the new album. Richard, you've created another winner. Please tour Australia again with a band. Solo stuff is great, but a lot of folks here would love to hear the new tunes and some classics played in band mode.
"May 27, 2007"
Preston heard dads gonna kill you today on word radio great track !!! and so ive found you here i really like your music
Staffordshire Moorlands Went to see Phil Beer recently who were supported by a young band called Isambarde who did a pretty good version of Farewell Farewell. Thought was a Richard Thompson so just at to check. Nice to kow they appreciate good music.
"May 28, 2007"
New Mexico I bought a Lowden guitar 8 years ago because of your sound. I love it to this day.
Oxford where have I been all these years? This music is brilliant.. Off to buy everything else richard did until I have it all.
Tennessee Thank you for the music
Massachusetts love the guy!! And when he was with Linda too!!!
NSW RT is fantastic and I always love hearing his new music and seeing him live!
"May 29, 2007"
Ontario I've played the Live at Austin DVD so many times I'm driving my wife f***ing nuts. Keep on rockin' Richard, u're the best.
Oslo Just love Sweet Warrior. I will see RT performing at Conkers, Tewksbury and Cardiff in July. I am looking forward to that
Ohio Love you
Pennsylvania Would love to see a live performance.
"May 30, 2007"
Nottinghamshire I've seen Richard many times, he's always brilliant, and my favourite is 1,000 Years of Pop.
Nevada Thank you very much for the gift that is your new album. "Take Care the Road You Choose" alone is worth many times the price of the entire work; it is stunningly beautiful. Please, please, please come somewhere close to Las Vegas.
New Jersey can't wait to hear the band at Peekskill, NY!!!!I LOVE THE FREE REED BOX SET!!!
tutbury - staffs Not heard a lot of his solo stuff, mainly early fairport albums,seen him at Cropredy
Arkansas Just got "Sweet Warrior" yesterday and all I have to say is this:another brilliant record!!! Thanks!
California Received my autographed copy of your new album in the mail today. Thanks for such a great promotion. I can't wait to sit down and listen it! Also, really looking forward to my first trip to Cropredy this year. It should be an incredible time. Keep up the amazing work!
England I'm only here for the newswletter!!!
Liverpool I have my tickets for RT in the Philharmonic, it will be my second time to see ya live and my gosh i'm excited, hope you out and about in liverpool cos i'll be looking out for ya!
"May 31, 2007"
Alubijid Misamis Oriental nice and full of lesson
Hessen Dear Richard,Thanks so much for signing my Sweet Warior cd booklet. I do hope, though, that the endless booklet signing hasn't kept you from getting volume 1 of your long awaited songbook completed. Priorities, man, priorities.
Connecticut OMG! I heard Teddy on WFUV and started doing research on this great kid and discovered his father, Richard. I don't know where I've been all these years having never heard Richard before, although some of his songs sound so familiar. I listen and watch him on You Tube almost every day! I've ordered several CD's from Amazon this past month. I can't believe I discovered him just a few months ago. I'd heard of Fairport Convention when I was a kid in high school. I'm telling everyone I know about Richard and what a musical genius he is. I'm hoping to see him perform sometime soon! His son, Teddy, is fabulous, too! All the best!
New York Keep on rockin' Richard!! You never cease to amaze me!