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MAY 16-31, 2008
"May 16 , 2008"
London I was listening to Fairport on record almost from the start, but did not get to see Richard (& Linda) live until the mid seventies at The Tramshed Woolwich (I still have the 'photo to prove it!). It was like a blaze of light in the musical doldrums of that era. I've been hooked ever since.
"May 17 , 2008"
California I recently became a fan of Richard Thompson when I saw him perform on Austin City Limits a few months ago. I will be 52 this year and had known of his work for many years. For reasons which I am now heartily kicking myself in the keister for I never really checked him out. Hearing and seeing him on PBS has changed me musically, has moved me and changed me in other ways as well. Thank you Richard for what you have given me and all your fans. It is already a debt that I could never be able to repay.
Inis, Co. an Chláir. an outstanding guitarist and songwriter. Met him in 1995, 2005 and 2006.
"May 18 , 2008"
New Mexico saw richard twice in taos NM once at taos solar fest in 2006 (I think) once in taos at solar center in 2007. took my sister in 2007 to see richard. she is now a BIG fan.
"May 19 , 2008"
Worms Thank you for a great night in Frankfurt. You should play in Germany more often.
England I've missed so much, but I'm catching up fast!
NorthRhine- Westfalia Saw R.T. yesterday in Frankfurt, Sinkkasten.What's his secret to such a powerful performance? Like to Know.Such an outstanding experience. Thank your, R.T.
Indiana Please come to Indianapolis!
"May 21 , 2008"
Oslo I'm really looking forward to your concert in Oslo! See you there!
"May 22 , 2008"
Pennsylvania You're the best!
"May 25 , 2008"
Oxford I have just seen Richard live at the Royal Festival Hall (24 May) and want to record my appreciation and thanks for a wonderful evening. It's prompted what I believe is my first ever piece of fan mail! I first saw Richard (and Linda) live at Birmingham (England) Town Hall in the 70's (at the time of Hokey Pokey release) and have been a fan since. After that first gig I rushed out the next day and bought 'Bright Lights' and it still sits, on a shelf in the living room very scratched and worn out).
"May 26 , 2008"
Halifax My seven year old daughter loves walking on the wire and insists that I put the cd on repeat in the car!
St. Albans Really enjoyed RFH gig on Saturday - time just flew by - loved your daughter's guest spot too - could go back tomorrow and repeat the experience - you are in great nick, man. By the way, I'm one of the Smarts (I wish).
"May 27 , 2008"
Alberta When I see Richard in concert I have a feeling of privilege just being in the presence of a remarkable human being.
Amersfoort hope he will visit Netherlands soon!
"May 28 , 2008"
Norway I'm eagerly awaiting the songbooks! When can we expect them to be available?
"May 29 , 2008"
Stockholm want to salute you for coming to sweden this summer. I will bring my wife to meet you in Uppsala. I have made cd of the hard to get Strict tempo to share with my friends. It's easy to make friends with people when sharing this cd.
"May 30 , 2008"
Devon Looking forward to the "Green Man" and the sunshine it will bring!!!!