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JUNE 1-30, 2009
"June 4, 2009"
Dublin Come back to Ireland. Far too long between visits!
North Carolina Love to see RT come back to Asheville, NC... any chance? I don't mind driving to the nearest town.. Nashville recently, but closer to home would be great. We have an extra bedroom, and a kegerator, so we'd love RT to stay here:) Thanks for all the years of great music, you have truly brought me incredible joy. Thank you for the humor too:)
"June 5, 2009"
Illinois You're never too old! The Mudman turned us on to Richard's music about a year ago--lyrics as good as any I've heard (and I've been around awhile, and his guitar playing--unbelievable--love Danny, too--can't get enough!
Inverness, Scotland Play more gigs in Scotland!
"June 7, 2009"
California First time I saw him live was yesterday at the Acoustic Music Festival in Santa Monica. SO INCREDIBLE!
"June 10, 2009"
Georgia I was in my office with my 5 year old when Waltzing's For Dreamers came on. We waltzed, I cried, she'll understand someday. Thanks.
"June 12, 2009"
Kent Saw the 1000yrs show in Canterbury in Feb.Epic stuff!Looking forward to seeing you with Fairport at Cropredy in Aug.
Alabama I'm a law student.
"June 13, 2009"
Kent heard RT in Melbourne in 1970......
Perth Please come and play in Perth!
"June 14, 2009"
Texas Just heard you for the first time at my neighbors house last night. Amazing & peaceful.
Ohio Dear Richard, We just saw you last night in Nelsonville. Thank you so much for coming to Ohio! We love you and your music so much! I have a question for you: If Elvis is "The King" and Aretha is "The Queen of Soul" and Nick Lowe is "The Jesus of Cool" then what is your official title? I've heard you refered to as "The British Bob Dylan" but I'm sure there is a more appropriate title for you. What are your thoughts on this matter? :)
Washington First heard Richard in the early 1970's on a Warner "Loss Leader" sampler. The track was from "Henry the Human Fly". I went out & bought the LP, then went backwards & "Discovered" Fairport. I have been a lifelong fan of Richard's since then.
"June 15, 2009"
Ohio Thanks so much for a great show at Stuart's Opera House in Nelsonville, Ohio on June 13.
Kentucky Saw Richard at the Nelsonville show. Great! Can't believe I've overlooked him all these years.
Pennsylvania I just read a terribly amusing comment on Amazon for Sonny Landreth, and they called Sonny 'the Cajun Richard Thompson' which was a way cool comment. In fact...LOVE to see them together. Peace…
"June 18, 2009"
Virginia I first heard RT on a progressive radio station, WRNR 103.1, Annapolis and I was instantly hooked. I felt that if I could sing, this was MY voice. It took me 3+ years to find out that it was RT. Bought "Rumor and Sigh" and was blown away. I saw "A Thousand Years of Popular Music" and even w/o a single RT track I was blown away again. RT is BY FAR the most charming and engaging musician/host/storyteller (never mind his brilliant musical talents) I have ever seen."Killing me softly with his song(S)." I wish I knew him as a friend.
"June 19, 2009"
Picardie Any chance of a concert in France? Richard has a sizeable ""cult following"" here as well you know. My daughter went into a record shop to buy Mirror Blue as a present for me and the vendor said: "That's the first good record anybody's asked for today!" adding that he was afraid he didn't have it in stock. So it just shows!
"June 21, 2009"
Manitoba Words fail me…
"June 26, 2009"
Georgia I suppose that despite the obvious Anglicization of my last name, I must be some remote descendant of someone from Scotland Herself. I adore your music and wish you many happy years to come!
"June 27, 2009"
New York Looking forward to Westhampton Beach. Miss seeing you at the Talkhouse.
Ohio Love your music. Always have, always will. Started with albums of Richard and Linda Thompson
"June 28, 2009"
Surrey Do come back to the Fairfield Halls sometime, i don't get to see you live very often, what i like about you is your consistency, i have every album of yours in my collection, and all the Fairport stuff too, sadly cant make Cropredy because of work commitments.
California Just saw Richard at the Rio last night in SC, and was moved, as always, to laughter (a lot this concert) and tears -- and sat with friends in a state of simple joy through it all as I always do when I go to an RT concert. Thank you, Richard, for the hug (how very un-English), for sticking around to meet us fans, for signing cd's .... je ne peux pas te parler en latin dans une robe de satin, mais je pourais le faire en francais, espanol, ou meme chinois .... et j'aimerais bien avoir la chance un grand jour!
"June 29, 2009"
Cambridge My partner and I are getting Married 12th Aug. We would both be very pleased if we could have a Dedication at Cropredy. (Had to use this, Can't get Outlook to work.) I didn't know if you do requests, I Proposed to Janice Trafalgar Square. Two bits of flattery, 1000 yrs in The Barbican was superb and Sweet Warrior best album yet.
"June 30, 2009"
New York Wonderful site, very entertaining, fun, and informative.