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JUNE 1-30, 2010
"June 1, 2010"
North Carolina Saw Rich & Loud @ the Variety in Atlanta Ga recently. Awesome!!
NSW Know him from Womadelaide only 2001 and want to hear more
Somerset A fan since "what we did on our holidays"
"June 6, 2010"
Oregon Following Richard since I was a lad in Dundee, Scotland. As a boy I liked Fairport convention and really enjoyed their music. I hate to say it, but I didn't think much of Richard Thompson's guitar playing at the time, it sounded to me like he needed to practice more... time passed, I moved to the Netherlands and my wife bought us tickets to see Richard at the Gigant in Apeldoorn, this would have been late 1980s. I was blown away by him there - he was fantastic (he had obviously been practicing more :)), for one man on his own to command the crowd and play and sing his heart out the way he did... wow, he was phenominal. I bought all his CDs and listened to them like there was no other person I wanted to hear. As a scotsman I loved what he did on strict tempo - I've been in parties where the sentiment in "dont sit on my Jimmy Shands" would be well understood. I now live in Portland in Oregon and saw Richard and the band this year when he visited and played in the Aladdin Theatre - they were incredibly tight and recorded there. It was a pleasure to be there! Richard - the practice paid off!
"June 7, 2010"
California Can't really say enough about the music in this space. Fabulous, astounding, etc. I did, however, order the RT Songbook a while ago, and it has not arrived, I will email the connextion.
"June 8, 2010"
California Okay, not my whole life, just ever since the first Fairport album…
"June 9, 2010"
Ohio Saw RT in concert in Pittsburg, Pa. in 2003. My one day husband and his friend took me. Very different venue for me but I enjoyed it very much.
"June 12, 2010"
England I have known Richard since the days of the Albion Country Band and am still a member of Albion Morris who used to dance with the band !!!!
Ontario Doesn't matter what the polls say, he is the best guitarist in the world.
"June 13, 2010"
Kent Does anyone have the set list for last nights Celebration of Kate McGarrigle Meltdown Concert at the Royal Festival Hall in London? All info appreciated. Thanks
"June 14, 2010"
Calvados Looking forward to seeing you again at Glastonbury!I have loved your music since the Fairport days - you are my desert island musician.
New Mexico Hi
"June 15, 2010"
California Keep it coming and I'd love more full band tours
Michigan How can I contact someone regarding photos taken at his Ann Arbor concert with Loudon Wainwright III?
"June 16, 2010"
Gelderland I love all his music.
Minnesota Love your stuff.
Loire Atlantique Play the Zenith in Nantes!!!
"June 18, 2010"
Michigan My brother introduced me to RT. I love it. Now my son, age 21, is a big fan. GREAT STUFF! Thanks.
"June 19, 2010"
Texas We just finished watching your creatiion of the score for Grizzly Man. How awesome. What album of yours would you suggest we start with? We love your music!
Washington I finally saw you live, in Seattle, so I know you don't intimidate me. Which means the only person left in the world who might intimidate me is Mr. Dylan.
"June 20, 2010"
England I have just attended the 1000 years of popular music concert and had a lovely afternoon. I would have liked to have attended more but didn't hear about Meltdown until most concerts had sold out.
Yorkshire "Hi, I will be coming to listen to your show at Glastonbury, I adore your song about the motorbike, the 'Vincent Black Lightening'. Will you please please sing it at Glasto? Pretty pretty pretty please : )) Much love xx "
Texas Please come back to Austin soon!!
"June 21, 2010"
Maryland Saw you twice at the SENATOR THEATER...Got me HOOKED! All the Best
England Loved Meltdown!!!
"June 23, 2010"
Tennessee "Have the pleasure of meeting RT many times, have toured with him and had dinner had a mexican place w/ RT and Simon! Good Times
Surrey The meltdown 10 days were the best days music ever and the happiest days of my life. Meeting Richard on the final day made the whole experience perfect. Thank you
"June 25, 2010"
Queensland Richard should visit Mt Tamborine!!!!!.
Massachussetts Looking forward to seeing the band in Boston later this year.
"June 26, 2010"
New York Dallas, London, Cropredy,Edinburg, Heusden,NY,SF and I'm not even a stalker!
Dorset "First saw RT at Cropredy in '86. Was there really a little guy swinging from the stage rigging throughout, or did I dream it - weird"
"June 27, 2010"
Canberra ACT Simply love your music Richard thank you.
South Carolina I'm a big fan.... "Bee's Wing" definetely in my top 25 folk ballad songs. Like many great artists, his music gets better the longer you listen to it.
New York Just figured-out the music to Devonside. I always thought that's one of the coolest intros to a verse I've ever heard. Modulating down into the verse key is perfect to the text. RT rules.
California I attended Richard and Loudon Wainwright III's concert in London last week. I thought Richard would be amused by an article I wrote (I'm a journalist) for the Sacramento Bee about an accident I had in London just before his show. Here's a link to my story:
"June 28, 2010"
New Jersey Richard Thompson is the complete package - blow you away musician, gifted songwriter, artistic arranger, exploding energy on stage performer and connects with his audience with intelligence and humor - nothing is missing here!!!
"June 30, 2010"
Tennessee Looking forward to your music in Maine and New Hampshire in August! Do you have plans for a Tennessee concert in the works? Thanks for all your incredible music and works!
North Carolina I'd like to know what was your inspiration for How Will I Ever Be Simple Again? Such a beautiful melancholy song, which sums up how I feel much of the time. "Teach me to see through your innocent eyes, love" is beautiful.
Heerlen Thanks for the great concert tonight at Deurne. I've loved every minute of it. Well, not the last minute, but all the rest was great! I hope you'll return soon (with enough Cd's to sell then)