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June 1 - 30, 2013
"June 5, 2013"
North Carolina Just thank you for the joy and emotion you have shared. Please put Rag Mop on a cd somewhere.
"June 6, 2013"
California I love the poster I bought at your Electric trio show at the Ford Theater show in LA. It'll be framed and loved. The music was amazing, as usual, and the venue, wonderful. Michael Jerome was exceptional!
"June 9, 2013"
California RT is one of the few artists that we will go out of our way to travel to see. Tell us when he's in our area
"June 10, 2013"
Eerbeek All I want to say is thank you RT, for the good music and the inspiration you give me, when Iam listening to your music.
"June 12, 2013"
wirral, merseyside my guitar teacher introduced me to your music - and I am now hooked!
"June 14, 2013"
Minnesota Just saw RT and will see him in Duluth
"June 15, 2013"
Scotland I am looking for 2 copies of your 1991 CD Rumours and Sighs. Is it still available?
"June 28, 2013"
Alabama Richard, I'll be in Tuscaloosa next week to see you with Bob Dylan! Long may you run!!