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June 1 - 15, 2003
"Sun Jun 01, 2003"
"Hurrah for News From Home!!, the 9th installment being one of the more hilarious, to wit: ""I've never seen such blind panic, heard such screams of mortal terror, seen the arthritic, the lame, the profoundly large move so fast and in such confusion." " Now that's just fine writing. Go Spats, I say. But how surprising that RAIN of all things should spoil the festivities -- really, how very odd, and at an RT hosted event too....."
Massachusetts Good luck as an Indie. I look forward to many new CDs that you now have the freedom to release. Keep on keeping on.
"Mon Jun 02, 2003"
Indiana "Richard ,you must be a boy genius."
Tennessee heard a wonderful cut (antique italian) from 1000 years on the radio this morning!!! fantastic.. i want it!!!!
NSW "Thanks for TOKB - even friends are buying it which is great. Converts! Also picked up SDMT, thanks and getting More Gtr soon. I am liking this. See you back in Australia soon, we hope!! Don't leave the Strat behind."
New Jersey looking forward to his new cd. I just ordered it.…
Maine Nice website! Provides a wonderful alternative to actually working when days get long at the office.
Isle of Skye Many times I think I've grown out of RT but then a song will hit me out of the gloom and the profundity of stuff like Mystery Wind or the love in Bees Wings will rekindle the old flame. Chill on RT.
California Just Another Stunned Admirer
"Tue Jun 03, 2003"
Ontario "I was extremely disappointed that you felt unsafe to perform in Toronto at Hugh's room on May 28th. You must've been watching too much CNN. I do hope you will feel much safer by July to appear at the Toronto Bluesfest. I have already purchased tickets, so please don't cancel again, it's not as horrific as it may seem. Toronto is a safe city despite how the media has portrayed us in recent weeks. I have picked up Old Kit Bag and I'm enjoying it very much."
California "Thanks, Richard for a great show at the Fillmore. Hope you got over that cold quickly."
Texas Keep me posted when you'll be in Texas
Georgia "I loved the show at the Variety last month! The new material thrives, the older (but not old!!!) still cooks, and nothing beats blending it all together in one fine show. Maybe its me, but it seems RT's voice is getting better. This seemed especially so on ""A Love You Can't Survive."" And what a treat ""Can't Win"" was. Same song as on ""Watchingthe Dark"" and ""More Guitar"" and yet a completely different solo. How does he do that? Pleasecome back through Atlanta on the second leg. We want MORE GUITAR, et al."
Washington "Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the recent Seattle show, my third RT concert, but first with band. Keep it up--we love you!"
"Wed Jun 04, 2003"
Illinois "I am very impressed with the CD 'Industry', but the other CD's and records are great too. I just picked up 'The Old Kit Bag'."
Massachusetts Trying to figure out why I was 41 when I heard my first Richard Thompson. I must have been living under a log.
Sydney come back and play in Sydney again!
Kent keep up the great work you old goat!
Kansas 1000 Years of Popular Music CD is tremendous. Thanks for issuing it!
Pennsylvania Will see him in concert for 3rd time in Pittsburgh July 30. Can't wait!
New Jersey Some of Richard's songs really get you movin'. Thanks
Pennsylvania I can't get enough!
Kentucky "Richard is up there in the top 5 (if not #1) of my all-time favorite singer/songwriter/guitar players. His songs reache places in me that no one else does, so consequently, I play his music a lot. No one else, except Dylan, has that depth for me."
"Thu Jun 05, 2003"
NSW "HBTY, Beesweb ! May you all thrive and thrive. Obviously I have kept you bouyed because I have been buying all the merch. Trying to offload all those extra tees I got by mail from England - heh heh!"
New England "Happy Birthday to the website! ""Viewpoint"" is perfect for addicts like myself. TOKB is, of course, brilliant, been listening to my UK copy since release. Great band concert at Town Hall, NYC May 3. Regret that I'll miss the July UK dates by a few days. This always seems to happen: ""Why am I over here and [you're] over there"" and vice versa, but looking forward to Falcon Ridge when I return to US. (You and the Band should stay to contra dance after the Falcon Ridge concert; much more fun than bowling or mini-golf.) With continued thanks & all good wishes."
New York "First off, congratulations on the site's first anniversary. It's attractive (love the fish), has scads of accurate information, and it's kept meticulously up to date. Bravo! (or brava!, as the case may be). About twenty years or so ago, when I worked in a record store, we had a large wall poster promoting the Richard and Linda albums up through Shoot Out the Lights. The text of the poster was taken, I believe, from a magazine article, possibly in Rolling Stone, and of course it was a rave as well as being, as I remember it, a pretty thoughtful piece. Anyone know what that article might have been, and if it's archived anywhere? Thanks. Richard, I hope you'll play the Towne Crier again soon. Best wishes."
Bedford Hi there and Happy Birthday. Do you know that this is the ONLY non-porn site in my favourites folder. What higher praise could there be. Keep it up guys!
Earth (for a change) "Richard, we, the faithful, would be willing to purchase your bellybutton lint if you wish to sell it."
"Fri Jun 06, 2003"
New York fabulous - keep on strumming
Yorkshire "Any chance of another Sheffield gig soon. Acoustic, electric or both. Will you be a Cropredy 2003? your set was excellent last year, would like to know how you can can play at that level for that long. Cheers"
Cumbria "Try ""since 1968"" for the ""How long .... ?"" question. I'm impressed with the leap into the 21st Century. If you're ever passing by in the Lake District, drop in for a drop of home-brew cider!"
Leceister "I've met Pearly Jim. Ex Para, lots of pensioners lost there life savings . Trophy wife number 3 now. He has a terrifying Prince Albert, flogs boats in Marbella now. The song brought it all flooding back, couldn't sleep, thanks"
California "Richard -- It was a thrill to play guitar with you at Steve's party - how often does one get a chance to meet one of their biggest influences, let alone play with them? I was truly honored. Thanks again, and best wishes for a great tour! (Really enjoying TOKB, by the way!)"
Texas "New album is fantastic, can't wait to hear some live versions."
Cannock "Playing ""Persuasion"" as I write.My God it is beautiful..."
"Sat Jun 07, 2003"
New York "The Site has been a great resource for us BIG fans. Somehow, there is an element of normalcy that stems from the music and injected into my humdrum life of long commutes to NYC and grinding world of Big Business."
London "Please keep it coming, it just gets better."
"Sun Jun 08, 2003"
Pennsylvania Thanks for being there. I feel that Richard is the Mozart of our age.
New Hampshire "This black print against a dark green background is bloody hard to read. I also bought "Henry the Human Fly" so judging from the comments, that makes at least five of us. "The Poor Ditching Boy" is a favorite RT song; played it last night, as a matter of fact. Before I auger in for the final time, would you play it in concert?"
west virginia "Do you believe you'll ever have a "farewell tour?" I mean, they say old rock'n rollers never retire, they just keep flangin' away until they drop. How about you? At 54 have you already got your retirement figured out?"
"Mon Jun 09, 2003"
Nova Scotia "Richard, your music is my spiritual laxative."
Texas "saw review in local rag, bought your CD old kit and really enjoying the sounds. Coming to Dallas soon?"
New York Greetings to The Master.
New York I enjoy visiting your website - it's well presented and maintained. I plan to get Richard's new CD today and look forward to seeing his concert in Rochester in July. He is top of my list of favorite songwriters/performers.
Stoke-on-Trent "Incredible Guitar player, Incredible song writer,"
"Tue Jun 10, 2003"
South Australia "Read an interview on Fiddlestix site in OZ. Look forward to getting news of Richard Thompson and related stuff, thanks."
"Thu Jun 12, 2003"
Illinois "It's great to see Richard's own web site! Any possibilities of a deeper insight into Richard's songs? Musically, maybe chords or tablature? I'll keep watching & listening! Thanks!"
Pennsylvania "Saw Richard in concert in Harrisburg PA two years ago - what a treat. Powerful music touches deep."
"Fri Jun 13, 2003"
California Because of work I've missed all his electric concerts. Please send Northern Cal. concert dates. I would also like to get one of Mr. Thompson's CD's I own autographed. I think is a gifted artist in the truest sense. Thank You.
Dagenham Been Listening for 10 years - since I was 15. He's the only signer thats stayed with me. Cant get enough.
Kippen Scotland "Just seen an re-showing of the ""Whistle Test"" and saw RT. Brilliant! I'm going to find an album and have a listen."
North Carolina "Old Kit Bag is terrific! Finally a love song to equal ""Dimming of the Day"" with ""Word Unspoken.."" My favorite ""solo"" album..more bowed basslines by Danny Thompson please!! And Judith Owens vocals are the perfect foil/match to RT's singing voice. What a pleasure. Thanks so much..First Amy Rigby's cd, Till the Wheels fall off and now Old Kit Bag..Already a great year in music."
"Sat Jun 14, 2003"
New York "I desperately need to see Richard perform live, before either of us dies. Although the alternative could be interesting."
Goinia - Gois when you turn back in Brazil? I love saw you in Porto Alegre on the Jethro Tull gig in 90's
Wellington "I heard ""When the spell is broken"" around the time I was in primary school or thereabouts. I loved the song but being about 11 years old didn't look any further for Richard Thompson's music. I've heard a few of his older CDs in the last few months and enjoyed them but last week my dad lent me ""The Old Kit Bag"" and I adore it. It really struck a cord with me and I've played it over and over - I love it more each time. Each time around I hear something new. I'll certainly be giving his other CDs a closer listen. What a great musician and songwriter. I'd also like to give this website the big ""thumbs up"". It's great to see a website that's updated regularly and is interesting and informative. It's easy to navigate and well laid out. I look forward to new Richard Thompson material and ""discovering"" his older CDs."
"Sun Jun 15, 2003"
NSW Can you still get albums by Linda and Richard thompson? Thanks
Washington "Richard, when you do record your mooted "Islamic" or "Sufi" album, please drag Ian Whiteman into the mix, OK? Apart from the Fairports and you, I'm an old Action & Mighty Baby fan and got to spend the night at Ian's home in June 2000, talking faith and philosophy and then listening to his unreleased tapes. Ian's keyboards, flute and horns would be such a complementary addition to your instrumental album."