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June 1 - 15, 2004
"June 1, 2004"
Newfoundland Richard is just amazing! I'd love to see him play here in Newfoundland! What are the chances???!
New York Wow! I can't understand how I missed RT all these years. He's brilliant. Why isn't he more famous than Bruce?
Chester Saw RT in Manchester - enjoyed every song and the brilliant playing ! Richard seems to improve from concert to concert - and his singing is absolutely great as well (I guess this was my 15th concert in ca. 30 years - so I was never disappointed !). Nevertheless I had my problems with the location - the hall is just too big and from my seat at the end of the gallery the sound was pretty unclear/full of reverb. My advice: Choose smaller theatres next time but keep on playing this great stuff !
California "Can't wait until September when you are in San Luis Obispo, our town."
Devon "Caught your show in Exeter on Sunday. FANTASTIC. A privaledge to meet you backstage Richard. Thank you and hurry back to the westcountry.
Pennsylvania Look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia.
"June 2, 2004"
Yorkshire It only seems like a few weeks ago that I hung around Fairport's early gigs in 67-69. Memorable days!
Wiltshire "Got back last night from Exeter and Salisbury, exhausted but happy. Every time we see Richard, we can't imagine him being able to equal, never mind surpass, the breath-taking quality of his performances but he always raises live music to levels which other, more celebrated, artists could only dream of. If people like Cliff Richard and Paul McCartney can be knighted for what they do, Richard should be made Lord Thompson of Cooksferry immediately."
Plymouth "Richard is a tunesmith and wordsmith who can rock out with the best of them, pivot a jazz chord sequence around a tone note, do a gentle folk ballad, compose, sing out a tune, master of many styles and not afraid to take risks on the night. Above all he has fun. Thanks Richard - first time I've seen you though I've listened to the music since Liege and Lief. You're on the way to becoming a national treasure (even though you do live in CA)"
Trowbridge "Last night's gig at Salisbury was wonderful, fantastic, seminal. Beeswing (at my request!) was so beautiful. Thank you, Richard. Please ask Richard to vary his pose so that those seated stage left can see his fingerwork! He always wears his Lowden on his right hip so you have to be on the left half of the audience to see the picking. And I wanna see that picking."
Brisbane "Saw you three times this last Oz tour. Wonderful as ever! But where was the merchandise. You could have sold many Tshirts, caps etc. Bring your band next time please."
Nottingham The Derby show was remarkable (& Jim Moray terrific). Look forward to your next tour - and I promise I won't trouble you again!"
Derbyshire "Nice to see Richard 'back on the Derby beat' last night. We went along with a friend and his Thai wife who has had a bit of an education in RT over the last few years. However, they have been to see various tribute bands recently, so when we were walking out of the hall it was amusing to hear her ask 'was that the real Richard Thompson?'
"June 3, 2004"
Illinois "Have just reacquainted myself w/RT's music after a 20 year hiatus (since Shoot out the lights). Love Kit Bag. You can thank Satellite Radio for my ""re-birth"" to Richard's music. Regular FM radio does not play his wonderful music. He is absolutely wonderful and leaves me smiling and happy!!!"
Ramsgate "Went to RT gig @ Tunbridge Wells- guitar-work as sublime as ever, vocals fantastic, especially on Persuasion. Beeswing was a treat:last year we got married to that song!!! Thankyou Richard."
Derbyshire "Last night I attended my first RT gig. I was sat in the middle of the front row so it really couldn't have been better. I was mightily impressed by Richard's voice - it was powerful and very clear. His recordings don't do it justice. Among many highlights, I'd like to particularly praise 'Beeswing' and 'Crawl Back (Under My Stone)'. My stammer prevented me from shouting out a request for 'How I Wanted To'. Now that really would have been something. Maybe next time (and there definitely will be a next time for me). Also, I purchased 'Semi-Detached Mock Tudor' from the merchandise stand and that's superb too. The 12 minute version of 'Hard On Me' is awesome. I'm a recovering heavy metal fan and I think even the majestic Ritchie Blackmore would struggle to better Richard's fretwork on that track. I look forward to my first RT Band gig."
Chester "is this how to get on tour comments site? Caught Richard in Manchester last week. Fantastic set, full of surprises. Personally I thought it was better for not including Tear Stained Letter and Al Bowlly. Is Richard planning any more 1000 years in the UK? especially outside London? "
"June 4, 2004"
Derbyshire Saw richard play Derby recently and thought he was the beesknees as well as the beeswing.
Cheshire "The gig at Buxton Opera House was superb. Great to hear the master performing solo... there is so much in such a magnificent couple of hours that a band is unnecessary. Someone's comment on the website that 'all we needed was to crank up the level', or some similar comment, certainly does not apply to my feelings, nor that of many others in the audience. More solo tours please!!! The magic was all there in fingers, voice, and deeply musical and moving songs."
Berwickshire Scotland Sorry I have been out of touch since your party. Much has happened.
"June 5, 2004"
Derbyshire "Derby - Best gig I have been to in years, great mix of old and new stuff.Best gig I have been to in years, great mix of old and new stuff."
"June 6, 2004"
England good BBC documentary.Any concert DVDs? Did my wife really see Mr T at Charing X station?
WEST LOTHIAN SCOTLAND keep up the good work
british columbia just keep on doing what you're doing!
"June 7, 2004"
Connecticut Please Play BEESWING in New Haven.....
WEST MIDLANDS more archive cds
Oklahoma Thanks for the great music and awesome guitar work!!!!
"June 8, 2004"
Washington You keep coming to Seattle when I am on vacation!!! I've missed you the last three years. Haven't seen you since you played the Cactus Cafe in Austin. TX in 1992. It's been too long!
New York "Snurf? Mabeeplex. With anchovies, please"
"Kwa-Zulu, Natal" "Like the rest of the world, here are a number of serious Thompson fanatics in South Africa.Like the World Cup for example, Africa has had to wait a long time for a number of things .It is my great hope that we will have an opportunity to see Richard perform one day in South Africa.2010 is not far off and there can be no reason why Richard will not attend the World Cup and perhaps attend to our needs at the same time."
Alabama "Richard, lease bring your band back to Birmingham. Alabama that is. Maybe It's not as nice as Birmingham,Hawaii. But It's much nicer than Birmingham,England. Anyway, we need you. Keep up the good work."
cardiff wales Come back to Cardiff!
"June 9, 2004"
dorset "When I met Richard on Shaftesbury High Street at Christmas, and thanked him for his music, he said that he was just doing his job. After seeing him again at Salisbury last week I have to say he keeps doing that job amazingly well. Thanks as ever."
California Richard's guitar playing knocks me out. We try to catch him somewhere at least once a year.
"Actually I think it is more than 30 years.Early Fairport gigs at Essex Uni. & in London when the much loved Sandy was probably at her peak. Loved The Old Kit Bag.Can you get a message to your mate Louden Wainwright, I just visited 2 web sites taken from the ""So Damn Happy"" C.D & they don't exist.. hence theSh*t Song Eh? Very best wishes"
Bristol " What a great concert at Salisbury! As superlative as one's come to expect - and Richard makes it look so effortless. I was thoroughly embarrassed by my wife's having written to RT requesting Push and Shove as a (56th) Birthday treat for me. Honest, Guv, I knew nothing about it! But just so's you know - it is a genuine favourite of mine, has been since I first heard it - and I'll keep on requesting its revival for aesthetic reasons, and not (as it might seem!) just to annoy the maestro.In fact, if Richard is planning more of his retrospective shows, maybe he could slot P&S into one of them and see what response it gets...PS Damned catchy, that Watch me go! And even if I didn't get my request, it was fantastic to hear an acoustic Sibella."
Dubai "RT once said that 'Henry the Human Fly' sold so poorly that he knew everyone who bought it personally. But you never called, you never wrote....maybe you should do a gig in Dubai to make up for it. Well, it's good enough for Roger Waters, Brian Ferry, Sting etc. and it's a nice place to visit in the winter, when it's cold and manky back home. Just a thought...."
"June 10, 2004"
Utah We LOVE RT is S.L.C. !!!!
Illinois "Mr. Thompson, As absurd as this sounds,and trust me it is, we have an otherwise perfectly sane dog who goes full-moon howling when, and only when, he hears ""She Steers By Lightening."" True, I swear. We have no idea if this is a compliment to you or evidence of a deranged hound. If I had a digital video camera, I would send you a file. (He does a fine backup vocal, and I'm not just saying that because he's my dog.) Regardless, I like the song, and will be in attendance at your Chicago House of Blues show on June 20-something. If you would like a command performance of Henry (Though not a fly, honest, that's his name.) singing ""She Steers by Lightening"" I'm sure he could accommodate your schedule during your stay in the area."
"June 11, 2004"
Arizona Thank you for having me as your guest. I had a lovely time.
Pennsylvania "Will RT be doing a meet and greet after the show at the Keswick on Thursday, June17? I would love to have a signed picture of him or take a picture of him. Please let me know. I will seated in the first row in the center. "
"June 13, 2004"
Lancashire Went to Manchester concert to see and listen to RTs music for the first time. Absolutely brilliant! Looking forward to the next concert.
"June 14, 2004"
Johannesburg "10-20 years is only technically correct. I've owned SOTL for years, then got bitten by a bad bug late last year. Suddenly I have 10 RT albums. I'm playing catch up here, I know, but I just wanted to say that you, Mr Thompson, are a right bastard for writing something as beautiful and as downright moving as Beeswing. How dare you, Sir? Men of my age are not supposed to get lumps in their throat anymore."
Missouri "had the opportunity of lifetime to catch rt in small venue in ames iowa. still kicking self for not seeing early show. three rows back and we were stunned by rt's performance. it was a masterpiece painting for our ears and soul. thank you sir."
"June 15, 2004"
Vermont "Vermont is great in the and Simon should come back through and make us all happy outside in a green field with a blue sky overhead....Just dreaming, I suppose. Do think about it!!!Ahh"
somerset Any UK tour this year?
arkansas "hi. i saw mr thompson in do a solo performance in tucson, then with his band in lawrence kansas. i liked him very much both times."
Yorkshire "When Are you next playing Cropredy, Richard??"
Lancashire Excellent site - and wonderful to have topical songs to download.
Arizona Intense. I am hooked. Dee had told me about you before. I wish I had checked the music sooner. Well I wont be missing out any longer. Take Care.
Kinross Scotland Thought the site was vv good. Can we get the chords for the songs now we've got the words right? See you in concert sometime. tout le mieux
Oregon "Thanks for putting the live ""Put it There Pal"" on iTunes. How about putting up your cover of I Ain't Marching in the MP3 area of the Website? Looking forward to the 7/6 show at the Aladdin."
arkansas "Just listened to ""Dear Janet Jackson"". LOL! :-D :-D :-D"