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June 1 - 15, 2005
"June 1, 2005"
Texas Watching the Austin DVD!! Just Brilliant!!
Romney Marsh "Hi Richard. I was touring last year with Carl Verheyen and we had the great pleasure of seeing you at the Pump Festival where carl was also playing. I hadn't realised the influence your playing has had on Carl, and now me!!!!"
"June 2, 2005"
New Jersey "I'd love to hear more ancient instrument accompaniments. Fellow early music fan here!"
Stoke On trent "News from home!!!! I love it!!! but surely, it's made up innit?????Giving Arnie Elocution lessons???? "
Kent The best guitarist and the best songwriter - what a combo!
"June 3, 2005"
New York "A joy to listen to, especially live. Have seen him in NYC, Tarrytown, Washington, DC. Once drove to Harrisburg, PA to see him, but his bus broke down and he couldn't make it. That was disappointing. His concerts are, however, never disappointing, whether electric or acoustic."
USA Great to hear so much new and old - what a prolific couple of years!
Oxford "I'm doing this for my husband really (he can't sign on like this), altho' he has turned me into an enthusiastic listener too, tho' I haven't seen Richard live yet, but Roy Bailey's performances of Beeswing at Nettlebed are lovely! :-)"
"June 4, 2005"
Iowa "I'm a Brit living in the US and just saw Richard perform in Iowa City for the first time. He did a great job, especially considering that not everyone there was necessarily a fan. Good on you Richard!"
"June 5, 2005"
Iowa Thanks for a great show in Iowa City and talking with us afterwards. You put alot into your music. Come back soon. Best wishes from Claudette who had nothing for you to autograph.
Indiana "Just caught Richard @ Music Mill in Indianapolis, great show as was his last show in Indy @ Birdies. How about an electric tour stop in Indiana?"
California "I am your biggest fan. I felt privileged to have enjoyed your shows back east at the Tarrytown Music Hall, several years in a row, through Twin Cloud Productions. A beautiful wooden theater that only seat 4 or 500. Every seat in the house is perfect. Anyone who has ever been there knows what I'm talking about. I also saw The RT Band last summer in Seattle. Unfortunately there was a sound system problem and the show was delayed a while, but it was well worth the wait. I wish someday to witness what is scheduled for the Croppedy fest with a RT reunion with Fairport. Why dont you do a few numbers with them at the Tall Oaks fest in Santa Barbara? They will be there too. You have it listed as solo. I would so much enjoy to see you with the remaining Fairport members. Your music has been a faithful companion to me. RT you have been a strong influence on me. Thanks Man!"
Washington Great music!
"June 6, 2005"
Edinburgh Scotland First saw Richard at the Usher Hall about a year ago and would like to know when he is playing Scotland again. Fantastic concert and such a huge star. The audience loved him.
"June 7, 2005"
Nottinghamshire I play myself. Current band is doing a version of When the Spell has Broken. Always well recieved. Have previously also performed a version of Mascara Tears. 2 of the greatest songs written I think!
New Mexico Get me on this mailing list please.
"June 8, 2005"
Dunbar, Scotland Great website!
"June 10, 2005"
Staffordshire looking forward to new CD - can't decide which DVD to ask for my birthday!
Warwickshire "Great website, the Q&A bit is really interesting and the musings/ramblings from RT are superb."
New Jersey Clapton WAS god
California "I believe Richard and I were both at the great Mc Cabe's guitar shop in Santa Monica today. He seemed in a deep conversation in the corner of the guitar room in back, so I did not wish to intrude; however, I would like to mention that my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the ""Live in Providence"" DVD. We will have to pick up the Austin one as well. It's great to have a live version of ""Vincent Black Lighning."" In fact, it was at Mc Cabe's several years ago that we heard Dick Gaughan do a nice version - great story song. Thanks so much for the tunes."
Maryland "Patty Loveless' new single off of her upcoming August 2005 cd is Richard's Keep Your Distance. The great Albert Lee is all over it with his B-Bender Tele. This is the second Thompson song that Patty has recorded. In the 90's, she sold a lot of records with her cover of Tear Stained Letter."
"June 11, 2005"
north carolina truly awe-inspiring guitar work coupled with great stories - a modern day troubadour.
New York The Texas Live stuff recently recorded makes RT sound rather anguished. I certainly hope it all works out. I am sure it will.
"June 12, 2005"
Sussex Looking forward to the songbook!
"June 13, 2005"
"Glasgow, Scotland " Who is Arthur Murray and where can I get a DVD or a 78 of his most recent work?
"June 14, 2005"
Colorado howdy
"June 15, 2005"
Essex "By some distance,my favourite singer,songwriter and musician!"
Province of Cebu "He has been a idol since I first heard him,,with FC."
California "Looking forward to your upcoming Santa Cruz / Live Oak Festival shows. In the off-chance that you might take a song request from a long-time listener, would absolutely love to hear my favorite RT song, ""Devonside"". Thanks for continuing to amaze and inspire!"