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June 1 - 15, 2006
"June 1, 2006"
Arkansas I have a question regarding Farewell, Farewell, where does it come from and mean, the term "cut the cloth"
Louisiana Totally blown away... now it's the beginning of a fascinating new day. Thank you RT!!! Thank you!!!
London Have just been admitted into the circle through the Grizzly man soundtrack...Ya know....the film has just been released here in UK & EU...what an absolute knockout...Tim Treadwell (Posthumously) is without rival as the new Tom Hanks or Cruise....Your music is inspirational in this respect....many regards.
Calgary, Alberta "Richard, I just wanted to say how happy my husband and I are that you will be playing at the Knox Church in Calgary. We have purchased our tickets on a pre-sale promotion and have great seats in the 7th row... I hope you enjoy your stay in Calgary and if you haven't played in this unique venue before I am sure you are going to love it! Excited and can't wait..."
New York Richard Thompson is the bestest! Great guitar playing plus a fanastic haunting voice to match.
"June 2, 2006"
South Carolina "Richard Thopson is the best guitarist and has the best voice in the history of Rock and Roll. Not even close in my book! He is also one of the best songwriters, ever. I went to see him in Durham with my fiance in 2003. She had been his biggest fan for many years and had seen him many times. I ran into him waiting for th elevator at the hotel, and he was extremely personable and played right along with my astonishment at running into him at the hotel! We saw him again in Asheville in 2004. He was really gracious with his time after the show talking with the fans. I went to Newport and Greenville to see him in 2005. It just doesn't get any better than Richard Thompson!"
Missouri "Richard is a rare gem as a musician, song writer, and singer. He's not bad looking either, lol."
Massachusetts Hard to believe it's been almost 20 years since I heard the first French Frith Kaiser Thompson album. I haven't looked back since!
"June 3, 2006"
New York "town hall, electric this time! Although saving a buck and going solo is also nice."
Ohio still lovin you richard!!
England I need information on Fairport.
"June 4, 2006"
Maine Richard has brought me a great deal of joy through his music. Please never stop.
Northamptonshire keep going as long as you can!
"June 5, 2006"
New Jersey "Love you, please come play in Manhattan soon."
New Jersey "Just saw you 6/3/06 at Appel farm in New Jersey. I had never even heard of you before. Just want to say that you captured me with ""Crawl Back"". I do understand that song; it spoke directly to me, capturing a similar pain I experienced twenty-five years ago. Anyway, thank you for an absolutely wonderful show. I promise to explore your music further."
Waterford "Just a great big thanks to Richard for his outstanding talent that has given me so much pleasure over the years, looking forward to seeing him in Cork in July"
Virginia Come tour Virginia Beach! We'll distract Pat Robertson with a man in pink.
"Denbighshire, Wales" "Wow, Yes, the best, but I have just discovered your gorgeous son. Good luck to your talented,offspring. From a poor, but very attractive Art student at Alsager College, Crewe. mobile number on request... "
Kentucky Listening since 1974; come visit Louisville again!
Massachusetts I don'k know how I could possibly have missed your music and poetry until now... Glad I heard you on NPR
"June 6, 2006"
Colorado great web site
"June 7, 2006"
Ohio My husband and I had our first date at one of your shows here in Columbus. About thrity five years ago we were both present at several Fairport Convention Shows but didn't know one another. Now we're middle aged and on our second marriages. isn't life grand.
Arkansas "We had Richard at a concert in Little Rock at the Arcajin House in May/1989 which later turned into the Little Rock Folk Club which is still up and running. All the best. This is a great website for RT fans!!"
Kentucky There's a rave review from the local newspaper of RT's show last night in Lexington Kentucky --I was there and it was every bit as good as described.
Manitoba "I can't wait to see richard at the Winnipeg folk Festival this year. Please please please sing Vincent Black lightning at the main stage show. It is one of my all time favorite songs ever! Love your music. "
Connecticut "I can't believe I'm just discovering your music. Thanks to Rhapsody I've been listening to your music nonstop for the past few days, and WOW, I'm blown away. I feel sad I didn't get to hear it sooner, but so excited about the hundreds of hours of great music that awaits me. You are awesome Richard!!!!"
"June 8, 2006"
Tennessee "Just (last night) saw the Knoxville performance (WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC, EXCEPTIONAL) with my 42 year old son (who is a long-time fan). Thanks for a wonderful evening!"
Tennessee "Saw Richard in Knoxville last night and was mesmerized. I've seen him every other time he's been to town, but this was my first solo/acoustic only concert. Magnificent...the erectile disfunction song was positivly Byronic, with its clever rhymes."
Ohio "thanks for coming to the Southgate House again, eager for tonights's show"
Tennessee It just keeps getting better. Carry on!
New Mexico "Richard, when are you touring in the US? The southwest is lovely, and I need to hear you live again!"
Virginia wish I had discovered this 30 years ago!
"June 9, 2006"
Ohio "Love your songs and guitar playing. You put out a lot of music with one guitar in your solo performances. Where is a good source (if any) for other guitarists like myself to see how you play some of the songs? Do you use open tunings? In any case, love what you do."
Ohio "Thanks for wonderful June 8 performance at Southgate House, Newport/Cincinnati. ""Crazy Man Michael"" was such a special treat!"
Colorado Denver Botanic Gardens YEAH!!
Kentucky We truly enjoyed the concert at Southgate House. Kudos.
Kansas "The songs Coyotes is unbelievable, thankyou."
"June 10, 2006"
New Jersey "Saw you with Joan Baez in Newark, NJ NJPAC theatre and you were great!"
"June 11, 2006"
"Takaka, So. Island" "I saw Richard's lovely daughter accompanying Bonnie Prince Billy at the Mussel Inn, in NZ this year. I enjoyed her vocal style. I bought ""I wanna see the bright lights"" and ""Mirror Blue"" this year and really enjoy these albums. I feel quite influenced by this music. Thanks!"
Michigan "Saw his performance yesterday at the Detroit Festival of the Arts and was amazed. Truly a tremendous show by a tremendous artist and performer"
Ohio RT is brilliant!!!!!
Ohio "Richard, Thank you soooo much for coming to Ohio! Just saw you this Friday in Nelsonville. Only wished you would have sang ""King of Bohemia"" and ""Keep Your Distance"" but I'm not complaining! It was a joy to see you! Please come back again soon!!"
Michigan We greatly enjoyed your show in Detroit. A surprising number of my favorite songs are yours. Thank you.
Michigan u r too cool!!!
"June 12, 2006"
Ireland does richard remember playing the great lisdoonvarna festival in 1983? It was my first ever gig and apparently i watched richard play while sitting on my dad's shoulders! thank you for the music
Tennessee "Outstanding show in Newport, KY, on June 8th. I love the new songs, but I was particularly struck by ""Dad's Gonna Kill Me"". Please, please, please make a copy of this great new tune available as an MP3 download!"
"June 13, 2006"
Texas I continue to be amazed! Richard is a musical treasure.
Illinois "The Detroit show was great. Thanks for doing Valerie and ""I want to see the bright lights."" We missed the first 20 minutes, so hopefully that was the rap portion of the show. Also, thanks for all the Rumor and Sigh, that's the album that got us hooked on your music. Lastly, we believe that, while the berets are showing up on more and more fans and may be a viable signature for fans, we suggest a signature similar to that of other semi-cultic musical types, i.e., like deadhead, physhhead, or parrothead: I am dead serious, I think this would be a great marketing gimmic. Instead of "dead" or "physh" or "parrot," it would be the short/nick version of RT's first name, if you catch my drift. We have already used it to great effect. RT rules."
England Please could you e-mail me Richard's agent's contact address. Many thanks.
"June 14, 2006"
North Carolina Been listening to the new RT box set. Truly remarkable. I love all of his music.
Montana Thanks for the great music and irony and humor.
"June 15, 2006"
Somerset Please could I be notified when the song book is available.
Utah "Your music has integrity, which can be defined as the quality of integration, so that at any given time, or with any given track, you can discern the essential quality. Thanks for a lifetime of dedication. "