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JUNE 1 - 15, 2007
"June 1, 2007"
British Columbia Hello RT, Aren't you due for a visit to Vancouver ?
Philadelphia Region Please let Richard know that I would like to invite him to join some friends and me for dinner while he is in town for the Keswick gig. He may recall me from the Philadelphia Folk, Princton and the Bridgeton Festivals, not to mentioned my unanswered letters.Thank you very much!
Kentucky Looking forward to the show on June 14th, very much!
"June 2, 2007"
Surrey Sweet Warrior, cracking disc! More electric RT please!
"June 3, 2007"
Cheshire I've been a Richard Thompson fan for many years and been to a number of concerts but this is my first visit to the web site having only recently becoming connected to the internet
New York See you in Brooklyn.
"June 4, 2007"
Illinois Might I request "Why Must I Plead" and "Turning of the Tide" for your next visit to Chicago later in June?
Pennsylvania just heard RT's music on WYEP in pittsburgh. I love it!
Washington I just noticed, though hesitate to admit knowledge of, another favourable review of Sweet Warrior in the latest AARP magazine.
"June 5, 2007"
Queensland I just got introduced to Richards music thru Michael( drummer) which I met last summer on tour. nice to meet ya all!!
Plymouth Fantastic new recording - 'Sweet Warrior' - quite commercial - what happened - how does it go? - 'age does not....'??!!
Scotland I have just got the new album, Sweet Warrior - a truly great addition to the Thompson catalogue. The album gets you from the start and then grows on you each time of listening. There isn't a weak song on the album but I think my favourites are "I'll never give it up" and "Johnny's Far Away." Thank you Richard. I am now eagerly awaiting the songbook and that long promised children's CD. All the best
Vermont I just got Sweet warrior and agree that it is a great album. So many reviews though leave out discussion of what for me is the highlight, "Take Care the Road You Choose." Throughout his career RT seems to write a sort of song that is stark and lovely and overpowering as a result. This one is right up there for me with Dimming of the Day, Heart Needs a Home, Galway to Graceland, I misunderstood etc. Gorgeous song.
Oregon Actually, I go back to the Fairport days & app. 37 yrs. I'm disappointed there are no tour dates upcoming in the Portland, OR area.
London i think i met you once at THE ROCKINGHAM ARMS, WENTWORTH, NEAR ROTHERHAM ?
Colorado I first heard Richard play Joni Mitchell's Black Crow at the tribute concert (one of my favorites from Joni's collection) and was so impressed! Then, I heard David Gilmour play The Dimming of the Day on his live DVD and I just had to look further into Richard's archives. The Live in Providence DVD got me hooked and now I simply must have more! I'll look forward to Richard's next tour of the US.
"June 6, 2007"
California the show at ameoba records was (typically) brilliant. besides my great respect for richard thompson's myriad gifts, i have a terrible crush on him. national treasures have that effect one supposes
"June 7, 2007"
Reykjavik I'm just a great fan, he's just a great musican.
Ontario richard, marlon brando, doris day, and I share a birthday
"June 8, 2007"
Sheffield It seems to me that 'Bad Monkey' is the best song that's ever been written in the history of time. Can you confirm this?
Bangkok when will he come to Bangkok?
Oregon Just heard "Needle and Thread" for Sweet Warrior on KPIG. WOW! Can't wait to heard the rest of the CD. I'll be going to pick it up after work tonight. Keep on Rockin'! RIP Laura Ellen Hopper from KPIG
California Hi Richard, I just got through watching the Grizzly man studio session and was blown away. I would so like to do something like that. I am also a guitarist. Do you have any suggestions how to get started? Thanks so much for the inspiration !!
"June 9, 2007"
Israel With every listening of Sweet Warrior, love you more. Fill like you my actual speech. Language of heart.
Maryland Would like to invite Richard to my mom's house when he is in Peesksill, NY on the 23rd of June. We are a little over 2 miles from the venue and my mom is a fabulous cook. We also have a lovely grand piano in our modest ranch dwelling. Come and visit and bring the band. Very low key. Bus will fit in driveway!
Colorado I just discovered Fairport Convention and richard thompson. My life is now changed.
"June 10, 2007"
Colorado Richard Thompson at Chautauqua Park in Boulder, like coffee outside the Pantheon, like browsing Ralph Steadman on Charing Cross Rd., reading Dylan Thomas at the White Horse Saloon, and listening to Hank Williams on the jukebox at Tootsie's, one of my favorite things. "Ting a ling, the devil leans on your bell."
"June 11, 2007"
New York I've been listening since 1974, when I bought "Live...More or Less"
I play guitar, and you are an inspiration!"
New Jersey As a guitarist I am most entertained by your improvisation at your concerts. Your compositions are a godsend in a bleak musical landscape. Good health and sanity to you!
Coulsdon Should have signed up before. Excellent site, naturally. Any chance of more solo dates in uk - Fairfield Halls would be especially good!
New York Yes. Thank you.
"June 12, 2007"
Maryland Excellent mix of music last night with both new and classics. The band sounds amazing and Michael Jerome is an amazing drummer. Although it was a Monday, I always leave inspired from your shows. The lyrics and music releases that pent up artist in me. Thanks again Richard and please come back soon. Your grateful red molly.
Minnesota Great show last night at the Fitz, guys. Come back soon!
Ohio I can't wait for the show here on Sunday night!
Utah I saw Richard in concert in Salt Lake City UT!!
"June 13, 2007"
Iowa 6/12/07 show in Iowa City was a peak musical experience....thank you so wishes
Okinawa I just missed you in Pittsburgh. Who else can make a 6-string sound like a 12? Regards!
"June 14, 2007"
Worms Thank you for the new album. I love it. Looking forward to seeing you in N├╝rnberg and Cropredy. Cheers
Illinois Saw last night's show at the Park West. This is the first time I've experienced the whole band. I've seen Richard and Danny together. but add Mr's Zorn and Jerome into the mix and WOW!! I stood amazed at the back of the room. The new work is tight. I can't get Sweet Warrior out of my CD player!! Thanks again for, as usual, a wonderful show. Wish I were going to Cropredy this year!
Connecticut Love the music, keep it coming!!!
Illinois Like so many people, my first RT record was "Shoot out the Lights", and I've been picking up others for a few years now. Saw my first RT show at Park West last night, FANTASTIC! Bought ""Sweet Warrior"" today, also terrific! ""Sunset Song"" is my new favorite RT song. You just blew my wife and I away (I was the very tall guy in the Hawaiian shirt right in front of RT, sorry if I blocked your view)and we will definitely see him every Chicago appearance from now on! So much fun, such killer licks! Come back and do the "1000 Years" show again, please!
Tennessee When I was in high school and my brother in college we both exposed each other to a lot of different music. For my part I showed him the Velvet Underground, John Cale, Sun Ra and various punk outfits, and he, for his part, introduced me to Frank Zappa and Richard Thompson. There are three artists of whom it could be said that I have ""dozens and dozens"" of their albums: RT is one; the other two are Sun Ra and King Crimson. So long as Richard is making music I will be buying and listening. Best wishes.
New Jersey can't wait to catch the upcoming show at the Keswick in Glenside, PA. New record is fantastic. I know Richard loves when fans shout requests (see the wink) so keep an ear open for 'Guns are the Tongues' what a fantastic song that is - please play it on this tour!
Gamlitz Still one of my big favorites all over the decades,from fairport over human fly to 1000 years of pop music which is great fun!
"June 15, 2007"
Swansea, Wales Amazing at St Davids Cardiff last Year with Danny... Looking forward to the Solo at The Point in Cardiff.
Alken I'm so glad you're coming to Brussels in October. I'll be there enjoying the show. Also love your new Album and the work you did on ""Strange Weirdos"" by Loudon very much. Thx a lot.
Germany Im so glad that RT comes to play in Nuremberg on 29th of July. I've delayed my holidays to see him with my 2 daughters. Best regards
California Shoot out the lights!