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JUNE 1-15, 2008
"June 1 , 2008"
Glasgow, Scotland please re-release Celtschmerz- i was too young to buy it at the time and am dying to hear it!
Massachusetts Be sure to play Vincent motorcycle at the Boarding House park show in Lowell on June 28, please
"June 2 , 2008"
Massachusetts Put me on the email list.
New York Dear Richard, I thought you might be interested in an interesting explanation why sad songs are fun to write and play (or why minor triads don't have to be experienced as dismal or at least pensive!) The book "The Spiritual Basis of Musical Harmony" by Graham Jackson (summary on his website) describes how the minor triad is part of the "undertone" series (who knew?) which is the polar opposite of the overtone series which our ears are accustomed to because of our modern materialist bent. But that the undertone series can be experienced as satisfying, even triumphant.. I've been playing around with it (hard to do on guitar but a fretless instrument works) and it's pretty cool stuff. All the best!"
NSW Hello RT and friends. Best news for ages is that we may have a band tour to the Antipodes. We're jumping all over the place with glee, despite the fact that you haven't heard it in the press. Safe travelling to all.
"June 3 , 2008"
Texas I know it might be weird, but I only found out about Richard when I began to pursue who was behind the music on Grizzly Man. I am 51 and have been listening to all kinds of music for 40 years and playing guitar for 35 years. How did I miss Richard? - and I did not grow up in a basement either. Anyway, once in a while, I discover a musician - usually a guitar player - that mesmorizes me and re-fires the guitar creativity and experimentation brain cells, but no one, and I mean no one, has ever affected me the way Richard and his music have. I am only sorry for the decades of enjoyment and musical growth I have missed out on.
"June 5 , 2008"
Surrey Keep going Richard!!
Hessen I think RT is one of the greatest musicians of our time.
"June 9 , 2008"
Oregon I love your site design, the one song my station plays, now I can find more! Thanks!
California I just discovered RT thanks to NPR. I'm kicking myself for three lost decades. My 12 year old says I've become obsessed and he might be right.
"June 10 , 2008"
Connecticut We (my man is Richard as well) saw Mr. Thompson at the Falcon Ridge Festival in the USA state of New York a few years ago. I had heard his music before that and I was very curious about it. I think my favourite thing about Richard's music is his passion and his lyrical honesty. That requires courage and I applaud that. Hope to see him again soon! Best regards and a big hug
"June 12 , 2008"
Spain i love all music, and richard´s music is very interesting
London I am embarrassed to admit (as a man who has worked in London for years, and lived in the UK for 20 years) that I had to be introduced to Richard's music by my brothers from Nashville and Indianapolis who convinced me to go to Richard's set when we were at the Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans last month (we were in the penned in section in the front for people willing to be heavily fleeced for tickets, and one of the main reasons my brothers wanted to pay over the odds was so they could see Richard's set from 20 feet away). I was stunned by the music, and as a life-long music fan I am not sure how I missed out for so long. Well, better late than never - keep up the fantastic tunes, Richard, I have a lot of great CDs to go through now.
"June 15 , 2008"
Kent In May I saw Richard with his amazing band in Belgium followed by his solo concert at the RFH in London. Both gigs were totally amazing, he just gets better and better. Long may it continue!