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June 16 - 30, 2003
"Mon Jun 16, 2003 "
"I'm just so happy, because I just listened to this great new album of Richard's. yeah, this is fantastic"
"Tue Jun 17, 2003"
California Loved your show at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip. Sorry you were under the weather that night--it hardly showed. Old Kit Bag is a lovely record.
Newcastle upon Tyne He's bloody fantastic
"Wed Jun 18, 2003"
Virginia "Just heard a song by Eddie and Richard on the radio.....a wish come true. "
California "I first heard Liege and Lief on KSAN radio in San Francisco shortly after it came out. That was my introduction to Richard Thompson. First put a name on the musician when a college radio station in Lawrence Kansas started playing Richard & Linda Thompson. Missed the tour, though. First saw the Richard Thompson Band live at Wolfgang's, Bill Graham's small club in San Francisco. Haven't missed him any time he's been through the Bay Area since then. Oh, did I mention my husband is a ""Dickhead"" too? :-)"
Filippo Casaccia "Great site, astounding musician.
USA My wife and I would like him to come for dinner
Dublin I'm a fan since Fairport days.
UK "Love the songs, the singing and the guitar work!!"
"Croydon, Surrey" Looking forward to hearing from you. All the best.
saskatchewan "I'm listening to Richard's music (Borrowed Time is playing) while I mark exams and it occurred to me that I'd like to thank Richard for the pleasure he's brought to me over the years. Very few artists have gown and evolved as Richard has. I don't suppose he'll ever get to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada but I hope he gets somewhere close. Thanks!"
New York so happy this man/musician exists!!!!!
"Thu Jun 19, 2003 "
New York "I recently purchased ""More Guitars"" and ""1000 Years of Popular Music"" and both discs did not list when and where the shows were recorded.why?!"
Western Australia "At Womadelaide around 97 RT says to the crowd gathered around the stage mid afternoon ""This is the first time I've seen Australians in the daylight and your all a bit ugly""Anon punter replies""Well its the first time we've ever seen a Pom with any real talent!"""
Kent I first saw him live (Fairport Convention)at a festival on the moors near Halifax in Yorkshire in 1970 and have never stopped listening since!
"Fri Jun 20, 2003"
Pennsylvania "Why did it take nearly 40 years for me to buy and listen to these albums? I loved the show at the Keswick Theater in Philly. Please do come again."
Ohio "Saw you in Indianapolis at the Jazzfest in 2002. I got to shake your hand after the show and just missed by seconds being in the photo taken with you and the three ""crazy"" guys from Columbus. All I could say to you was ""it was beutiful"". I've become a fanatic to RT's music almost instantly when I first starting listening to you religiously two years ago. Crazy Dan bought me Action Packed for a trip out west and now I'm hooked. Beeswing has to be one of the most beutiful and truthful songs I've ever heard. With so much material out there, I have many years of exploring left to do in the musical world called RT. I'm looking forward to every depressing minute of it (haha). I'll be in Columbus on July 16th with the three ""crazy"" guys and we will be 2-3 rows back in the center. I'll be looking forward to seeing you again. See you soon!!!"
"Sat Jun 21, 2003"
connecticut "I am a little familiar with Fairport Convention and some of RT's music from the 70's-80's, but wouldn't call myself an avid listener. But I bought ""The Old Kit Bag"" last night and thus far have enjoyed it. The lyrics & vocals are capitvating and I like the mix of soft and edgy sounds.Good work"
"Sun Jun 22, 2003"
London hello!
"Tue Jun 24, 2003"
Cape Cod "Richard I do a late late night radio show here on Cape Cod and last week I dedicated the entire three hours to your music, featuring the new release--response was overwhelmingly positive--love the new stuff especially 'she said it was destiny"" off the new release--"
Bangkok "From FC to R&L Thomson albums to his lates solo. What a sound. Beautiful with so much depth. If we are talking original guitar sound. RT is the man!"
Illinois "Just thanks for ""One Door Opens."" Went through a situation recently and then played that song and it, well, fit. Not the first time that's happened with RT songs. Guess I'm glad that it still happens though. Reminds us that some relationships last."
" Wed Jun 25, 2003 "
Gent Great gig yesterday in Gent ! Respect!
Oost-Vlaanderen "Gent, Handelsbeurs, yesterday evening, fabulous concerts, great musicians, good craftmenship. Thanks for the autograph and for being among us !"
VA Please keep doing it as long as you enjoy it!
Limburg "Oops! He did it again. I'm once more a fair distance up in the clouds after yesterday's show in Gent. Thanks so much!"
" Thu Jun 26, 2003"
Victoria "You have fabulous looking hands. I have just noticed them in the photos of you sitting in that Morris chair."
Pennsylvania I shook RT's hand after a rain-swept concert in Pittsburgh which is as close as my guitar will get to genius
Bedfordshire "Currently in total awe of Shoot Out The Lights and getting very excited about seeing RT in Northampton on Monday. Appreciation of the man started at Guildford Folk and Blues festival, seven years or so ago. I didn't know any of his music at the time but RT and a fantastic band still got me dancing!"
Chicago "My favorite is ""Shoot Out The Lights."
Pennsylvania I'm especially liking The Old Kit Bag and his interview with David Dye on World Cafe.
"Fri Jun 27, 2003 "
Sydney NSW "Just received 'More Guitar' - took it out of the cover and as my fingers touched it I heard TSSST - 'ow, it's hot!!' Managed to get it into the player and when I pressed 'play' there were flames shooting out all over the room. I'll have to buy another copy as this one has ruined my stereo."
dayton, oh "glad we'll get to see ""Old Kit Bag"" tour in Columbus, OH in a few weeks"
Tilburg wonderful show last night (26 june) in 013 Tilburg
Utrecht The show in Tilburg was great!!
New Jersey Please keep playing Princeton!
peterborough nice touch - putting the 'kit-bag' on the web site! mine get interrupte as it plays though - ideas?
Victoria I'm not sure if RT's finger-style technique makes him a genius or circus side show ;-)
"Sat Jun 28, 2003 "
Pennsylvania "My teenage son turned me on to Richard & Linda first and we've seen his last two show here in Pittsburgh. And all I can keep thinking is What a smuck I've been, listening to Clapton all these years! HA!"
Florida why didnt i find him years ago????
Viroflay "Deep from my heart, thank you for making life more beautiful by your so wonderful music and voice! XXX"
California "My classroom may not be at a posh private girls' school, but if RT would ever care to come perform & chat w/ students, he'd be more than welcome (perhaps during our Olde English ballad unit)."
Amsterdam "Thank you for playing two great gigs in the Netherlands... please don't wait too long before you come back. In fact, how about next week?!"
IJmuiden I saw the concert in Tilburg the Netherlands. Brought a friend and got him into RT. It will enrichen hid life!
"Sun Jun 29, 2003 "
Coventry Quite simply an artist is only as good as his / her next record. In Richard Thompson's case history proves that he's about the best you can get; he just keeps on going! Great stuff! (I rank him alonside the other great innovator Joseph Haydn strange comparison I know but that's real music for you)
"Mon Jun 30, 2003"
Waalwijk Saw RT in 013 tilburg. Great show.