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June 16-30, 2004
"June 16, 2004"
arkansas "Love the website and I'm looking forward-BIG TIME!-to the dvd!! Hope there's alot of rare footage...Thanks again....g.b."
Tennessee "Here's an addition for the song-o-matic covers section. I just came across a 1997 CD by Spencer Davis called ""Keep On Running"" (Riviere International Records) that includes a rockin' cover of Bright Lights."
New Jersey Enjoyed the 25th at Cropedy and looking forward to the 50th reunion.
"June 17, 2004"
Michigan We're part of your OLD Ann Arbor fan-base from your days at The Ark.
California "I've been listening to ""Action Packed"" for an hour and I'm a fan already. This music satisfies my soul."
Connecticut "The show at Toad's last night (June 16th) was out of this world. Everyone in the band seemed to be enjoying themselves so much. I was particularly thrilled to be able to stand ten feet away from Danny Thompson; with the lighting from above, he was like God, throwing massive bass notes down from the firmament. Yow!"
Pennsylvania I think Richard is the greatest!
Massachusetts "Last night's concert at Toad's Place was superlative! My first time seeing Richard and the band; I'm already looking forward to the next.Thanks, Richard and band!"
Pennsylvania "Please tour again with both Dannys soon! Your 1999 concert at the Birchmere in Madison, WI was the single best show my wife and I have ever seen (and favorite of the 10 or so of yours that we've been to). "
"June 18, 2004"
Texas "I was fortunate enough to see Mr. Thompson in Dallas, Tx. at a small venue called Poor David's Pub... and it was simply amazing... I now book concerts and try to do so in intimate places that have the musicians playing mainly solo... my inspiration for this were shows at Poor David's by Richard Thompson, Steve Earle, and Steve Forbert. Being a guitar player and songwriter myself, I have to say that being there for a Richard Thompson show and an Adrian Legg show was like being in guitar school. I've just listed some incredible shows, and Richard Thompson was the best... without a doubt...Guys if you are a fan and haven't seen the man live, do whatever it takes to see him...I'm a sixteen year fan and still feel like I discover something new and beautiful every time I listen to his music...thanks for the time you've given me."
Pennsylvania "keswick show 04, outstanding.took my wife, she loved it,first time she saw you. "
Pennsylvania "Wonderful show at the Keswick, Richard! I enjoyed saying salaam to you and Danny afterwards. Thank you for your beautiful music."
Arizona "Truly great concert in Philadelphia. Best RT show I've seen, and that's saying something! Loved The Israelites with Crawl Back."
Wisconsin My daughter just baked cookies for you all.........
Central Scotland """Dear Janet"" was hilarious, any chance of an odss and sods album with things like this and ""oops I did it again"", I couldn;t take that track seriously with Britney singing it but with Richard its a different matter"
Pennsylvania "I saw your band in New Haven ,CT. It's always a pleasure to discover great artists and enjoy new experiences. I only wish I listened to you prior to 2004. No regrets though, my grandfather survived to 80 yrs old living and learning every day. I have half of my life left to enjoy your band!"
"June 19, 2004"
Perth "Saw Richard in Fremantle WA, a few weeks ago, it was a great night out. Thanks mate."
"June 20, 2004"
Connecticut "I saw Richard and band at Toad's Place in New Haven a few nights ago. Very, very impressed. It's been a long time since I've seen musicians entertain by the strength of the craft rather than with gimmickry stage antics. I hope to see them again. Special kudos to Danny and Dave, superb brush work, and one of the best bass solo's I've heard live in quite some time. Cheers"
"June 21, 2004"
Ohio He is GREAT!
New Jersey "My husband and I had the pleasure of your company at the Irving Plaza in New York City this past Saturday night. Personally, I was completely and totally blown away by the fabulous performance of each performer in the ensemble. I have to say, you Richard Thompson are at the very very top of my list of best guitarists. Cheers to you and your partners. Oh, I almost forgot! Your son Ted is destined for greatness. I wish him GodSpeed."
STOKE N TRENT bUXTON WAS SIMPLY WONDERFUL AND rT IN OPERATIC MODE WAS AWESOME-so good took the family to Bridgwater side and they insisted on packing the ol kit bag and hitching to Derby-all 3 concerts were magical-come back soon
California "The show last May in Santa Cruz at the Coconut Grove was AMAZING!! Hope to make it to the Filmore show. If not, I'd love to buy a T-Shirt from your web page. Possible? Keep the unique style and rocking substance to your music coming!! Thanks!"
New York "RT is truly the guitar maestro. I recently saw him this year in NY in Tarrytown and the other day at Irving Plaza with the Band and I am always amazed, not only by RT but by Pete Zorn's multi instrumentalist talents, Danny Thompson's bass playing, and by DM's drumming. Solo it was a treat to hear ""Crazy Man Michael"", one of my favorite songs from ""Liege and Lief"". Lastly, one the most interesting songs of the night had Pete Zorn playing both Mandolin and Penny Whistle, It was a great tune sounding truly trad. jiggy-reel sort of thing...I loved it...title was unknown though...I know ""Pajamas"" were mentioned in the lyrics....Now I am rambling..sorry...All and All Thompson you are the man!"
New York sorry i missed to new york show this past weekend. any future dates to my area?
Pennsylvania Thank you for a fabulous performance at Three Rivers Art Festival in Pittsburgh! What a thrill to see you live!
"June 22, 2004"
England Many thanks for all the publicity for Swarb's benefit concert in Brum last Sunday. It was a fabulous night and a great time was had by all including the man himself. Cheers.
Massachusetts "Just had to say again how much I enjoy Richard's music. I saw the show at Toad's and in NYC on the 19th and I can't remember when I've had more fun. The band was so tight and obviously enjoying themselves. Richard's and Danny's playing especially took me to that ""other place"" again. Thanks for all the great music, It just keeps getting better and better! Amazing."
Pennsylvania "Wonderful show at The Keswick on June 17th. It just gets better and better! Thank you, Richard, for ""Crazy Man Michael."" I have loved this song for 35 years but this was the first time I heard you sing it! It brought tears to my eyes. Richard, you are my idol! Looking forward to seeing you again in Princeton in the fall!"
Washington "Come back to Eastern Washington, RT - we miss thee"
New York "my boys and I would love to jam with you. We are the Xcentrix-a great 60's bar band. And,what kind of guitar is that?"
Cambridge "As a guitar player I heard so much about Richard Thompson, but never heard any of his music ( how sad ! ). I saw him at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge on the 17th May 2004 and was absolutely amazed. A fantastic guitar player, an awesome singer and beautiful songwriter, I felt so privilleged to have been there. "
Pennsylvania "Ah, Richard... salaams... Sorry we missed you at the Keswick... "
New York "I'm a huge fan and have seen RT twenty or more times, most recently June 18th at Irving Plaza in NYC. What a show."
"June 23, 2004"
New York I was Richard last night. Wow!It was a night i'll not soon forget. Great job guys. Come back soon!!!!!!
New York I attended Richard's performance at the Tralf in Buffalo 3 years ago. It was one of the best shows I'd ever seen. Last night's Tralf show was even better.
Missouri "Well, the ""how long have I been listening"" response may be a bit misleading -- I've been enjoying one Fairport Convention album since 1989 or so. <g> ""What We Did On Our Holidays"" was recommended to me at the time by a friend, but only recently have I gotten into pursuing more recent music by Mr. Thompson. (Got interested by the interior blurb from the used CD I bought recently of the FC album. Did a Google search, listened to a 2002 NPR interview, and just heard about this site from Live Journal member. Gotta love the 'net for research!) Am delighted to see 1000 Years of Popular Music available on CD! Loved the impetus for it. <g>"
Pennsylvania Just saw RT in Buffalo last night. 1st time. WOW! Great Show. Hope he comes back soon.
Minnesota "Ab-fab. I love this guy! I was just reading my new copy if ""The Essential Bordertown"" (*snuggles* -everybody- should read this) and I saw this: ""Somebody added that angel last week?white swan wings, black leather jacket, straight from a Richard Thompson song,"" I just about had kittens. But, then again, Terri windling is -incredibly- British, so whaddo I know?"
"June 24, 2004"
Ontario My wife and I were at the Tralf in Buffalo last night the show was incredible.
Sydney "I like Mr Stupid but what?s happened to Mr Rebound? He?s been bounced! The acoustic version was fabulous, especially as a gig-opener a couple of years ago. Please include this one on the next studio (acoustic) album?"
New York " Richard, another great show at the Tralf. Love the new song, ""Johnny on the Rolling Sea."" Sorry we didn't have any old ladies at the show this time. You'll have to bring the Big Band back."
colorado "As always ""The Flower Lady""Boulder Co"
California "Yes. I'm a little frustrated by some of the riffs on ""Beating the retreat."" Tablature? Tips? I'm playing it with the E streing dropped down to D."
Illinois I love Richard Thompson!
"June 25, 2004"
Massachusetts when are you coming back to Boston?
Maine "My husband and I were fortunate enough to be in the center of the third row at Irving Plaza on Saturday night. I?ve described our experience to numerous friends since we got back to Maine. Reactions have ranged from quiet awe to squealing and requests to touch the hem of my garment. The common thread has been a universal lament that Richard hasn?t made it to Maine in some time. Can anything be done about this? Can we bribe him with lobster? Wild blueberries? A cuddly pet moose? The people of Maine stand at the ready to provide Mr. Thompson with whatever inducements are necessary to hasten his return. p.s. I?ve already begged the forgiveness of my neighbors in the audience for inadvertently bellowing with delight during the beginning of ?Wall of Death? last Saturday. I?d like to extend my apologies to Mr. Thompson and the rest of the band, as well. I'm really sorry! I hope I didn?t distract anyone. Musical rapture is no excuse for boorish conduct. I am genuinely contrite and will do my best to ensure that such behavior will not be repeated in future."
England Just saw the man in Buxton; wonderful!!
"June 26, 2004"
Illinois "You're absolutely the best!! Just saw you last night in Chicago; only the second time. I basically will see you any time, anywhere because there is no better. THANK YOU SO MUCH for playing ""I Misunderstood""--what a joy! I'm still happy!! --Beth :)"
Missouri "Caught the 6/25/04 concert, I'd be hard pressed to find better guitar playing anywhere. RT's better than I remembered. What a great concert. "
Illinois lovely show as always last week at Chicago house o blues..thanks
"June 27, 2004"
Indiana "The show at the HOB Chicago was like watching a group of close friends at a private party having the time of their lives. The playing was terrific and atmosphere between bandmates and audience was twofold. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. We drove four plus hours and although my wife is not normally a fan of ""guitar wankery"" she also enjoyed it immensely."
New York "The RT Band show at the Tralf the other night was beyond good. As an RT evangelist, I'd brought along a friend who'd never heard of RT - count a new convert! Thank you for such an exhilarating evening with the BEST RT Band. "
Indiana "Come back to Indiana soon, the solo show at Birdy's in Indianapolis was world class and a high point of my musical life."
Missouri "Just got back from R-T Band's St. Louis show. This has to be the definitive band lineup. Great to see Danny back and on top form. Dave Mattacks is, along with Jim Keltner, my favourite R-T drummer, so what a pleasure to see him here. A great evening of music, with some very strong new nautical material (or at least new to me!) featuring sublime interplay between Richard and the outrageously talented Pete Zorn on penny whistle. Considering the concrete cattle barn acoustic, Simon did a great job with the sound, although it certainly helped to know many of the words. Great, show and, as always, Richard just gets better and better...his playing is always full of surprises, going so far beyond the realms of the normal that it defies definition. Many thanks, Richard!"
New York "Could you please make a white Richard Thompson t-shirt for sale, instead of black? Love the music. "
Massachusetts "Hope we Bostonians haven't been forsaken this tour around... From Middle Earth in London back up to Berkeley in Boston.... and now just a rehearsal at JamSpot.....hmmmmm...A bribe, maybe? Some East India tea from a party a long time ago, or possibly a Tropic Monty for those warmer nights... how about a vacation on ol' Cape Cod.... whatever happened to being bi-coastal...So in the tortured words of one, "" poleeese come to Boston in the falltime"
"June 28, 2004"
Wisconsin "It was worth sitting in the rain on my b-day at Miwlaukee's Summerfest. Great show! (as always)"
"June 29, 2004"
California I'm 52 and have been listening to Richard for about 34 years
Wisconsin I'm always awaiting news of new material from Richard.
Aalborg Come to Denmark again -please!
Pennsylvania "Hey everyone, FYI, Richard will be performing at this year's Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA. Come out for a great time on Tuesday, Aug. 10 at 7 p.m. For more information, visit See you all there!"
Minnesota Attended the Minneapolis show last night. Absolutely scorching! Great set list and the band's never been better. Thanks very much. Next time in town could you play Little Blue Number?
Pennsylvania "My uncle turned me on to Richard several years ago, I've been hooked since! Was blown away by Richard's show at the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg, PA this past Fall."
Delaware Thanks for being you and sharing it with us!
"June 30, 2004"
England I busk Walking on a Wire and Wall of Death and am about to start doing Dimming of the Day. It's difficult sometimes to sing Richard's songs as they are so moving. I love it
Connecticut "I saw the recent show at Toad's in New Haven CT. June 16, 2004. Great band, great concert. Come back soon Richard!"
California "Looking forward to your upcoming West Coast shows. As many times as I've seen you live, both solo and with the band, I have never seen you perform my favorite song, ""Devonside"". I hear you still play it occasionally on request. Just a hopeful suggestion."