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June 16 - 30, 2005
"June 16, 2005"
Worcester Quite a late commer to RTs music. Seen him live about six times now; simply the best guitarist in the world
New York I've been listening to Richard Thompson my whole life without realizing it. Since hearing Vincent Black Lightening I've become a conscious fan.
Spain How can RT be SO POWERFUL?
"June 17, 2005"
Sydney "Thanks for the ACL DVD ! Really wonderful performances from the trio; the loveliest touch is the crunching second solo in SOTL after busting a string in the first solo - superb moment! Thanks for continuing to turn us on, RT. Look forward to Front Parlour Ballads."
California I love this guys music!!!!
Washington really wonderful site
north carolina Richard Thompson kicks ass! Come back to Chapel Hill/Durham NC so we can see you again!
Colorado Looking forward to seeing you and your entourage in Boulder on the Summer Solstice complete with a full moon at Chautauqua Auditorium!!! Should be extra pagan.
"June 18, 2005"
California Thanks so much for passing on the questions and the site is great looking and very well laid out.
California "Richard Thompson is one of my alltime favorite artists, and I am proud to part of his cult following."
"June 19, 2005"
florida missed the austin city limits show. Dammit!
north carolina Just can't get enough! Keep up the great work.
New York "I NEEEEED the Beeees newsletter!!! Thanx to my sis for "discovering" it :)"
England when are the Doom and Gloom tapes going to be transferred onto cd?
Rhode Island speechless
Utah Your website is great!
"June 20, 2005"
California "Love the band (danny, pete, jerome), love solo. Come to Santa Cruz more than 1x per year. It takes chutzpah to have Drunkards Row as a first sing-along at a show!"
Dublin Any chance of 1000 years of music show in Dublin sometime..Please!
Oxford "look forward to seeing you at the cricket match in July - Introduced to the fabulous, sexy, genius that is RT by a (once best) friend/lover. Needless to say I still love YOU Richard. Keep strumming old man! (PS Lied about my age again)"
Wisconsin saw him with fairport at the nyc fillmore at uwm in wisconsin among others
"June 21, 2005"
Massachusetts "Since Fairport's first US release...musicianly (bass player with the Retarded Triplets) interest and fandom. "Beeswing" makes t op 10 list of best songs of last 25 years, etc..."
Pennsylvania "Richard Thompson should sell more records than Britney Spears, NSync, and Slipknot combined. In a righteous world, he would!"
"June 22, 2005"
Cumbria Here's looking forward to Brampton Live 2005...
"June 23, 2005"
Mid Glamorgan "Clever marketing ploy that! Adding ""Persuasion"" from the Austin TX DVD to the bonus selection on ""Providence"". Now I'll have to rush out and get that too! ( although I would have done eventually anyway). Great DVD by the way."
Cheshire "Long life and good luck to you Richard. I've enjoyed listening to, and playing along with your records, since 1969. The Live in Providence and the Austin DVDs are great. Pete Zorn and Danny Thompson are magisterial! Is it really liquid paraffin in those two glasses carefully positioned on the chair to your right on stage in the Austin performance? If it is, what brand is it? All the best"
Maryland Would be great to see and hear him soon.
Texas "Thanks for releasing the live CDs. Great website, too."
Iowa "I saw Richard live in Iowa City June 4th. It was the best acoustic solo show I've ever seen, which includes Warren Zevon and Paul Westerberg. Not only was his guitar playing great, but he had the crowd transfixed. It was a fantastic show and I'd like to see Richard perform with a full band sometime. Thanks for coming to IC Richard, you were great and we appreciate it!"
"June 24, 2005"
Oregon "An adventure in good music! Most appreciative of RT's talent, diversity of art, and uncompromised style. Am attending my first RT concert on Saturday, 25 June 05 at Brit in Jacksonville, Oregon. "
florida would love richard to appear in my area
Colorado "As always, thank you for a powerful show and for the 4 new tunes! Thanks for bringing the torrential rain. My 22 yr old son joined me for the first time and loved it. Even though he has been listening to you his entire life, live was a real treat. For the 20-someth time, life would not be the same without you. The Flower Lady in Boulder"
"June 25, 2005"
New Jersey "Fourteen years ago, at the Iron Horse Cafe, we shared some amusing repartee. Hoping to do the same next Wednesday at Troutbeck!"
Sussex Doesn't do many concerts in Southern England would love to see him in Portsmouth
Aberdeenshire Scotland When will he play in Aberdeen?
"June 26, 2005"
Oregon "I've had the pleasure of spending a little time with RT and seeing him at work many times, the latest being last night! He always gets better...."
California "My wife and I saw you last night at the Britt (Oregon). Thank you. You are one of the very best musicians and performers of our age. Thanks again and you have two new loyal fans"
"June 27, 2005"
New Jersey click on above for a column on which song(s) of richard's will be remembered 500 years from now!
Vermont The samples of the Grizzlyman soundtrack are incredible. Any word on a release date?
"June 28, 2005"
New York Much thanks for returning to IMAC in Huntington Aug 5!
California "I just saw and heard you playing up close last night at the Kate Wolf Festival. Depth and humor of lyrics, guitar playing, I will own a CD [or two or three] of yours within a week. Made my Sunday. "
Pennsylvania I have a brother in Arkansas who gets his 20 or so RT fanatic friends together whenever RT is in the state and they make the scene whenever and whereever including the festival over the memorial weekend BB who? Please RT keep icing down that left elbow
California RT is a planetary musical treasure!
California "well yes,Last night in wavy gravy land I enjoyed your wildly, artistic ,masterful, poetic,sublimely intelligent performance at the Kate Wolf Festival. Please, Please, come back next year,because you are such a cool cutie pie.By god, we love you!"
California Saw him at Kate Wolf Sunday night for the first time - flawless! - I want the boxed set when it comes out
"June 29, 2005"
Auckland "I asked my son (age 30) what he'd like for his birthday this year ""Richard Thompson live in Austin Texas."Who?" "Richard Thompson. Been around for years." "What, that bloke who used to play with Fairport Convention?" "Yeah. Think so." "Blimey. Thought he'd succumbed to drink or drugs years ago." Off to the CD store I went and bought a copy for him. I thought "Hm. Used to love Fairport in the 60s. I'll have to have a look at it before I give it to him." I did, and he ended up with a Book Token for his birthday!!"
New York RT is THE most brilliant and the smartest songwriter/guitarist on the planet.
New York "Thank you for the wonderful show last night at the World Financial Center. We all enjoyed it. We appreciate your energy, which came through despite the heat of a humid sticky night. Thanks."
New Jersey "Saw another great RT concert last night in NYC at the Hudson River Fest. Almost had the pleasure of literally running into Mr. Thompson inside the World Financial Center. I arrived early for the show and bought a tea and was about to sit down when I noticed him being escorted by security to the green room. My manners kicked in, though, and rather than closing the 20' gap that separated us, I just sat down in the lobby. I would have liked to greet him in person; maybe the next time!"
Virginia Don't forget The Birchmere!
florida How do I get a copy of Miscellaneous Songs?
New York The show at WFC was super! great to see/hear RT live.
"June 30, 2005"
Pennsylvania Great stuff!
New York "Great show at World Financial Center Tuesday evening - I've had "Pharaoh" playing in my head the past three days (and if it persists much longer I'm going to need help). Thanks for a wonderful evening."
New York He is still the best!