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June 16 - 30, 2006
"June 16, 2006"
Indiana whoboy!
Near Nottingham Great site and the CDs I ordered arrived after four days in perfect condition. Thanks Richard and all concerned.
"June 17, 2006"
Essex RT is the Bees Knees
"June 18, 2006"
Tennessee he's a musical hero to me...i even saw fairport in NYC in 69 at the fillmore w/fleetwood mac and savoy brown
Ohio "I came upon an RT CD at the library & shared it with some of my musician friends. We then went to see him in Akron, OH and Cain Park, Cleveland, OH. One of my musician friends, who is also an English Professor, was blown away by his music and lyrics. Richard is amazing! He makes me laugh one moment, and brings me to tears the next."
"June 19, 2006"
New York Still looking for the definitive live DVD
"June 20, 2006"
California Having just seen Richard last night at Humphrey's in San Diego I just have to say that his artfullness is only exceeded by his entertaining and engaging stage personna. The songs were wonderfully played and with great relish and humor. There's nobody like him. What a treat it was to see/hear him in person!
New York "Simply The Best. How do I get ""Vincent 52"" Record?Any concert dates coming up?Thank you."
Oregon "My brother loaned me the RT Life and Music boxed set, which opened up a whole new appreciation for one of my favorite musicians. My only disappointment was that ""Al Bowlly"" got left off. YCHE ..."
Washington long time fan!!!!!
California "I have turned people on to Thompson's music and they have all thanked me... What a deeply haunting voice and beautiful, lone guitar riffs... Thanks - and Peace to all"
"June 21, 2006"
Pennsylvania "Have seen you three times in concert. Please, please come back to the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg, PA!"
Colorado "your show in boulder was amazing! your song writing and atristry at the guitar continue to be unmatched by anyone out there. i especially loved ""sunset song"" and your song about Iraq. Fantastic show!"
Colorado Thanks for a wonderful concert in Boulder tonight!
"June 22, 2006"
North Carolina I can't imagine life without your music. Thank you
Colorado "Just saw Richard in concert in Boulder last night -- phenomenal show! I loved ""Dad's Gonna Kill Me""."
Colorado "We saw Mr. T, as he is known in this household, twice in Colorado, first at the Botanic Gardens in Denver and the following night at Chatauqua in Boulder. He was extraordinarily at the top of his game at both venues, but the more appreciative audience in Boulder seemed to create a closed circuit of energy that made his performance and the crowd's response just build and build. It was the renewal of a close family relationship, from my point of view. Additionally, I had the opportunity to meet him, afterwards, and was struck by his friendliness, accessibility and height. I will be there next year, when he may have the band with him...."
"June 23, 2006"
Florida great website
New York "i had heard about richard for many years then one day someone posted a live recording from denmark (2000) on the internet. sorry richard, but i downloaded it and was awe struck by the performance. since then i've been exploring his music from fairport on. much gratitude, richard."
Colorado Great show at Botanic Gardens Denver - can't wait to see you in Denver again - I'll be there every time!
Queensland great thanks to richard
Vermont He's the best.
"June 24, 2006"
Alabama Your webpage is fantastic!
Colorado "I met you at a Fairport festival back in 1991, since then my wife and I have had the pleasure of hearing your music live many times, we hope to see you in denver again! Tell Peggy we said HI!"
Weymouth sure brilliance
Ile de France I've been a RT junkie for a few months and I need a bigger dose every day. So please send me every information that you can get.
"June 25, 2006"
Michigan always great to hear your work!
North Carolina "The Knoxville concert was great and well worth our trip over the mountains from Asheville. This was our third RT concert in three years, and you just keep getting better. The week after the concert I traded in my 17 year old car for a new hybrid, and the first song played in it was ""Watch Me Go"". You are a human cannonball indeed. And hopefully your trajectory will bring you back to the Asheville area again. Wishing you safe journeys and many happy dances with your muse. And thanks for Teddy too."
"June 26, 2006"
New York "First introduced to his music from other artists' covers, e.g. Bonnie Raitt"
Indiana "I recently acquired ""Action Packed"" and wanted to see if the other Thompsons on the recording were related to RT. Keep up the wonderful work!"
Arizona "I first saw RT in LA at the Troubador with Fairport (actually Linda Ronstdat sat in and sang ""Silver Threads"") I believe 1971? I have seen him numerous times since. I am a huge fan of his playing and writing. Having lived in LA for 32 years (70-2002) and being a muscian/songwriter( I am with Bug as is some of his music) I find him inspiring and of constant interest."
New York Come back to Rochester soon!
"June 27, 2006"
Washington Never give up!!
California "Linda Thompson is my favorite singer. Richard Thompson is my favorite Songwriter-Guitarist and Fairport Convention and the Kinks are my favorite groups. My favorite songs are Strange Affair, Tamlin,Miss Murray,Sunny Afternoon,Banks of the Clyde, and Heroin."
"June 28, 2006"
Cheshire "Saw Richard and Danny at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, earlier in the year. Fantastic evening. Thank you."
New Jersey "If I had to narrow my cd collection down to two musical entities, it would have to be you and The Beatles."
"June 29, 2006"
New York Would love to meet you. I'm a a singer/songwriter/guitar player.
North Carolina "I was looking at the current 2006 tour dates and noticed 26 OCT in Charlotte NC, 27 OCT in Greensboro NC, and 29 OCT in Roanoke VA. It seems like a 28 OCT date in Durham NC would be a perfect fit. Please? How often do you get a chance to play consecutive nights in two different ""Carolina"" Theatres?"
California "Big fan in Los Angeles. Seen RT over the years at the Roxy, Wiltern, McCabes, El Rey, and at a park in the valley where he dressed like a hippy. Nice website, by the way. Come to think of it, I may have signed this guestbook already."
"June 30, 2006"
Selangor The greatest
"Leeds, West Yorkshire" "Can't believe you weren't higher on the list of the Top 20! What are they looking for, exactly?"